AIAIAI TMA-2 DJ / Studio Wireless +: Wireless with radio and Bluetooth

AIAIAI TMA-2 DJ Wireless +Is freedom of movement during production and live performance what you seek? Denmark-based manufacturer AIAIAI presents two models of headphones – TMA-2 DJ Wireless + and TMA-2 Studio Wireless +. More specifically, these are ready-to-order configurations comprised from the manufacturer’s modular “build your own headphone” system. While both comfortably handle wireless operation over 2.4GHz radio and Bluetooth, there’s also the third option – use a cable, the old-fashioned way. I’m not terribly fond of wireless earphones, at least the more budget ones. But they are a necessity sometimes, so I find the option of going back to prehistoric wired times exhilarating…

AIAIAI TMA-2 DJ Wireless + und TMA-2 Studio Wireless +

At the heart of the headphones is the newly developed X01 Wireless + Transmitter which transmits the audio signal in lossless quality using 2.4 GHz radio technology. According to AIAIAI, it all happens without dropouts and at an acceptable latency (16 ms). The range should be up to 12 meters and playing time is up to 15 hours. Also new is the H10 Wireless + headband which acts as the receiver.

It also contains a Bluetooth module which allows for over 80 hours of playtime and pairs with mobile devices. The built-in microphone enables calls on the go and the included connection cable (C02) lets you enjoy the simple, tangly wired experience.

The S05 MKII loudspeaker unit is part of the TMA-2 Studio Wireless +. It has a bio-cellulose membrane that’s stiffer and lighter than conventional PET membranes. This results in a balanced, distortion-free sound and the experience is further enhanced by the E08 Alcantara over-ear cushions that promise good external insulation and wearing comfort. The TMA-2 DJ Wireless + works with the revised S02 MKII loudspeaker unit and also has a bio-cellulose membrane.


AIAIAI H10 headband and X01 wireless transmitter

The modular headphones concept is fantastic and AIAIAI is giving it a solid push with products that showcase its advantages and appeal. While the TMA-2 Studio Wireless + is the model for producers to watch out, the DJ model can win the crowd. Owing to the modular design, you can also upgrade your current AIAIAI headphones with the individually sold H10 Wireless + headband and X01 Wireless + transmitter. That’s one way of building a strong product through customer empowerment.

Availability and prices

The AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio Wireless + costs EUR 349. The TMA-2 DJ Wireless + is available for EUR 319. For the H10 Wireless + headband, you will pay EUR 120. The X01 Wireless + transmitter costs EUR 60. Deliveries will start in November 2021.

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