Deal: Get 60% off UJAM Finisher FLUXX and a free channel strip

UJAM Finisher FLUXXUJAM is spreading summer vibes with an awesome deal. For a limited time, you can save 60% on the Finisher FLUXX multi-effect plug-in when you buy it from Plugin Boutique. And that’s not all: You’ll also receive Plugin Boutique’s monthly freebie, which happens to be the fantastic Fat Channel XT channel strip from PreSonus. What a great way to save on two very useful plug-ins!

Get 60% off UJAM Finisher FLUXX for Make Music Day

In celebration of Make Music Day, Plugin Boutique is offering a 60% discount on the UJAM Finisher FLUXX plug-in. Finisher FLUXX is a creative multi-effect that transforms your audio tracks in a mad scientist kind of way. It’s focused on modulating, swirling motion effects that range from granular beat cutting to step-sequenced distortion. And, best of all, it’s extremely easy to use.

Like all plug-ins in the UJAM Finisher series, Finisher FLUXX consists of complex effect combinations, which are easily controllable with just a handful of macro knobs and the large Finisher dial in the center. If you like creative experimentation without having to deal with a long chain of individual effects, you’re going to love Finisher FLUXX. Check out the videos below to get a glimpse of what it can do.

Buy UJAM Finisher FLUXX and get PreSonus Fat Channel XT for free

UJAM Finisher FLUXX is currently on sale at Plugin Boutique* for USD 39. That’s 60 bucks off the regular price! And while you’re there, be sure to grab Plugin Boutique’s free offer, as well. Currently, that’s the PreSonus Fat Channel XT channel strip, which normally costs USD 59.

This offer is valid until June 27, 2021. UJAM Finisher FLUXX runs on macOS 10.11 or higher and Windows 7 or higher in VST, AAX and AU formats (64 bit).

More information about UJAM

Videos about UJAM Finisher FLUXX

(*affiliate links)

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Say hello to Yum Audio and download a free plug-in

Yum Audio plug-insNever heard of Yum Audio? That’s about to change. The new plug-in developer is hitting the scene with four new audio tools, and you can now download one of them for free! Yum Audio’s first four plug-ins are called LoFi – Playtime, LoFi – Pitch Dropout, Spread and Spread Light, and they look like awesome additions to any sound designer’s plug-in folder.

Yum Audio plug-ins

Although Yum Audio’s website has a very Japanese feel to it, the new plug-in developer appears to be based in Germany. And they’re introducing themselves with the release of four exciting new plug-ins designed to help you bring your audio tracks to life. With a 30% launch discount, now is a great time to check out these new tools.

LoFi – Playtime is a “time twister” that lets you experiment with time and pitch. It gives you two virtual tape machines with independent controls for playback speed, direction, age and ‘shine’. There’s also a freeze button for creating interesting loops and a delay for warbling textures. I really dig the playful GUI of this one.

Yum Audio LoFi - Playtime

LoFi – Playtime

LoFi – Pitch Dropout is another effect designed to add tasteful imperfections to your signal. It offers six modes based on old playback systems and their characteristic dropout behaviors. You can of course adjust the amount and probability, and even trigger dropouts manually.

Yum Audio LoFi - Pitch Dropout

LoFi – Pitch Dropout

As the name suggests, Spread is a stereo spreader, albeit a very interesting one. It divides your audio signal into four adjustable frequency bands. Each band offers independent panning and width controls and can be used in M/S or Haas mode. There’s a global intensity slider which lets you make quick adjustments to the overall effect.

Yum Audio Spread


And then there’s Spread Light, which is currently available for free as part of Yum Audio’s special launch offer. Spread Light gives you a single Spread band, with width and pan controls and M/S and Haas modes.

Yum Audio Spread Light

Spread Light

Yum Audio plug-ins: prices and data

The Yum Audio LoFi – Playtime and Spread plug-ins are now available for €69, down from €89. LoFi – Pitch Dropout is on sale for €49 (regular price: €69). Spread Light is currently free.

If you opt for the bundle, you can get all four plug-ins for €99.

The plug-ins run on macOS 10.11 or higher or Windows 10 or higher in AU, VST3 and AAX formats (64 bit). A 14-day free trial is available.

More information about Yum Audio


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Elektron Digitakt OS 1.30 Update: Filters, 2nd LFO and more

Digitakt UpdateDigitakt owners rejoice! Elektron has a bunch of goodies for your sampling drum machine including another LFO, external signal mixing and new filters.

Digitakt OS 1.30

It’s always great to see new features added to hardware products and Elektron always seem to bring a lot to the table with every update.


First up is the second LFO which seems the same as the original but of course, doubles your modulation possibilities. It can also modulate the first LFO which could get interesting. The update extends to the display with LFO waveshape and phase now represented in the window.


The multimode filter has been expanded to include an EQ mode and a new envelope delay which is ideal for processing transients.

Elektron has introduced the bass-width filter from the Digitone that allows you to process bass sounds with high low and bandpass filtering independently from the main filter.

Elektron Digitakt

Elektron Digitakt


The sampling inputs can now be used for mixing external signals. You can use it as a stereo source or split it into two mono signals which is perfect for running in a couple of synths. You can then process them through the reverb, delay effects and master compressor.

Other bits

The pitch range has been increased to a whole 3 octaves down. They’ve introduced multitrack step recording and resampling of individual tracks.

In order to use the Elektron Digitakt OS 1.30 with Overbridge, Overbridge must be updated to version 2.0.58, which has also just been released.


The Elektron Digitakt OS 1.30 update can be downloaded free of charge from the Elektron website for all Digitakt owners.

  • Full details of the update can be found here.
  • Articles about Elektron.


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June 2021 Deals & Freebies For Music Producers

June 2021 Deals & Freebies For Music Producers

The summer officially begins in one week, but the Summer Sales are already here! And here’s our round-up of the best music production software and soundware deals and freebies for June 2021. As always, the article is organized into three categories: Software Deals, Soundware Deals, and freebies. The best deals are highlighted in red and […]

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IK Multimedia T-RackS Classic Clipper Is FREE For A Limited Time

IK Multimedia T-RackS Classic Clipper FREE

IK Multimedia offers the T-RackS Classic Clipper (€49.99 value) plugin as a FREE download to all new and existing email subscribers. T-RackS Classic Clipper typically costs €49.99, but IK Multimedia lets everyone interested claim a free license until June 29th, 2021. Unlike a compressor or a limiter, a clipper uses soft clipping to tame the […]

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Warmy EP1A Tube EQ Is A FREE Plugin By Kiive Audio

Warmy EP1A Tube EQ by Kiive Audio

Kiive Audio offers the Warmy EP1A Tube EQ program tube equalizer plugin as a free download. Immediately, the EP1A Tube EQ looks familiar because it’s based on an old classic. It’s based on the classic Pultec EQ, which is, unfortunately, far from free. There are already lots of tributes and clones of the famous Pultec […]

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GIVEAWAY: iZotope’s Community Appreciation Bundle (5 FREE Copies 🥰)

GIVEAWAY: iZotope's Community Appreciation Bundle (5 FREE Copies)

Bedroom Producers Blog offers 5 FREE COPIES of the iZotope Community Appreciation Bundle ($49), kindly provided by our friends at iZotope. The iZotope Community Appreciation Bundle costs $49 and contains eleven popular iZotope plugins. The combined value of the included products is $1,659 (tax excluded). Read more about the bundle below and scroll to the […]

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Nembrini Audio MRH159: Marshall Super Lead 1959 Amp for 39 euros!

Nembrini Audio MRH159: Marshall Super Lead 1959 Amp for 39 eurosNembrini Audio presents the new MRH159, a software emulation of the popular Marshall Super Lead 1959 Amp. It has that typical vintage character we all love as guitarists, and that Van Halen Brown Sound that we all chase.

Nembrini Audio MRH159

This emulation can generate clean tones, but really, what we are after are those overdrive tones. The sound of a Marshall Super Lead 1959 with 4 x 12 cabs in a plugin format is exactly what the doctor ordered. Regardless of your playing style. And right now you can get it for a great introductory price. The virtual version is available as a plug-in for macOS, Windows, and even as an iOS app, for just 39 Euros!

Brown Sound

It means you can now get the Marshall Super Lead 1959 Amps straight into your DAW. And due to the company’s proven track record for making great-sounding virtual amps, expect a useful tool for your virtual rig. It also emulates that famous “Brown Sound“, something Eddie Van Halen stumbled upon in the ’70s and is now sought after by many guitar players.

Nembrini Audio MRH159: Marshall Super Lead 1959 Amp

Nembrini Audio MRH159: a virtual Marshall Super Lead 1959 Amp

Tweaked to perfection

You get two channels to imitate the sound and layout of the original Marshal amp: Channel 1 is responsible for the high frequencies and Channel 2 for the “normal” sound. There’s also a Variac Variable Transformer to get you that Brown Sound by starving the circuit of voltage, a 6CA7 Fat Bottle tube (instead of EL34 power valve ), a change in resistance and a Fat cap 25uF for the tube. All this helps to refine the overdrive and get you those classic rock gain tones you hear on records.

Free Klon?

Whilst you are checking out this new amp simulation, you may as well download Nembrini Audio’s free Clon Minotaur Transparent Overdrive based on the legendary Klon pedal, which we wrote about back in May. It can be a lot of fun to throw an overdrive at the front end of a Marshall amp, and get some extra tones with this virtual pedal.

Nembrini Audio's Minotaur Transparent Overdrive is modeled on The Klon Centaur

Nembrini Audio’s Minotaur Transparent Overdrive is modeled on The Klon Centaur

Prices and Specifications

Nembrini Audio MRH159 is currently available for an introductory price of $39, instead of $137, until 04 July 2021 on the manufacturer’s website. The plug-in runs on macOS 10.9 or later and Windows 7 or later and supports VST3, AAX, AU and VST in 64-bit. For authorization, you need a free iLok account (or dongle). A demo version and a PDF user manual are also available for download on the company’s website. A selection of presets is included with the package.

The emulation is also available as an iOS app in the Apple App Store for the price of 10.99 euros. It requires iOS/iPadOS 9.3 or later and is compatible with an iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. In addition, it runs as AUv3 and standalone on an Apple Mac with M1 CPU.

More Information about Nembrini Audio MRH159


Nembrini Audio MRH159 Demo Video

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GDoubler Is A FREE Stereo Width Effect By SNFK Music

GDoubler by SNFK Music

SNFK Music has released GDoubler, a freeware stereo width effect in the VST3 plugin format for Windows. Apple users shouldn’t be too put off because a Mac version is already in the works and will hopefully be available soon. GDoubler is a lightweight plugin that won’t strain your CPU too much. The easy-to-use GUI has […]

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Superbooth 21: Tickets on sale now

Superbooth 21The most important synthesizer show of the year is back for a real-life, in-person Superbooth in September provided you have a negative Covid-19 test or vaccination passport.

Superbooth 21

After a year of virtual shows and interactive Zooms the prospect of actually going to an event, seeing gear with our own eyes and potentially touching it, seems almost too good to be true. It’s been a near-impossible task for event organisers to navigate the moods of the pandemic and find a way of putting on an event that puts no one at risk and would still be fun to attend. Superbooth is stepping up and giving it a go.

They’ve been floating the idea for a little while of a “Superbooth in the park” where rather than having exhibitors tightly packed into halls it would involve cabins and tents spread out over the FEZ-Berlin grounds. There will be a one-way system in operation, social distancing will be in place. There will be an outside performance venue on the Seaside Stage as usual along with the food tents and a place to sensibly socialise. Face masks are mandatory (no medical exemptions) in all inside spaces and where social distancing of 1.5m cannot be maintained, for instance, at a performance or when speaking to an exhibitor.

They originally planned to run the show during May as normal (as stated in the video below) but this was bumped to the 15th – 18th of September giving it a much higher chance of working around pandemic restrictions.

Limited Tickets and testing

The ticketing system has changed and it’s very important to understand how it works. There are no 3-day tickets this year. 1-day tickets give you access to the outside areas from 10am to 10pm however, access to indoor areas is restricted to either 10am to 2pm or 3pm to 7pm.

Your ticket will be personalised, is only available in advance, and you must present an official photo ID on the day. You’ll also need one of the following proofs:

  • A complete and EU-approved Covid-19 vaccination at least 2 weeks before the respective event day.
  • A medical certificate of a recovered Covid-19 infection within the last six months before the respective event day.
  • An officially recognized negative rapid test taken on the day of the event.

It doesn’t say whether rapid tests will be made available at the event so I’m not sure how that would work. I’ve had both vaccines but I don’t really have any proof of that other than a hand-written card and an “I’ve had my vaccination” sticker. Apparently, Europeans have vaccination passports and QR codes – phew, good job we dodged that bureaucracy, hooray for Brexit! My colleagues at tell me that there are official test centres in Berlin where you can get a free test. I wonder whether these will still be around in September?

Anyway, it seems that coming to the show from the UK is not without its challenges and the fact that you can’t make a weekend of it may put many people off.

Superbooth has done an amazing amount of work to put on an event that’s going to be safe for both exhibitors and visitors. I hope that it’s as magnificent and successful as it deserves to be.

More information on Superbooth

  • Get your tickets here.

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