This is my discography, sorted from newest to oldest. I’m releasing music for almost 20 years, so there’s a lot of material. I put quite some effort into putting it all together, and I think it’s (almost) complete. The first thing I’d like to ask you is to follow me on Spotify. Spotify has become the major music industry player, and having a good following there is crucial for independent artists like me. Thank you in advance!

Generally, there are 3 good ways to listen to or buy my music, and I would recommend them to you:

Spotify ⫽ Bandcamp ⫽ Beatport

Of course, you can listen to or buy my music in hundreds of other places, but I would recommend these 3 to everyone. Below you find a lot of alternatives that may be more suitable for you.



Menkee – Electro Smoka (Ingo Vogelmann Remix)


Gleanings (Remix Album)

Bandcamp (high quality lossless file download)


Bandcamp exclusive release, no other stores or platforms.

Gleanings is a remix album containing rare gems of the past that shall not be forgotten. All tracks have been re-mastered by Ingo. Of course there are many more, but either the master recordings are no longer available or no license could be obtained. Or both.

Long Stories

Bandcamp (high quality lossless file download)


I thought it would be cool if my really long pieces would be remastered and offered together as a collection for those who like these long stories and like to be taken on a trip. Of course, mastering technology, for example, was not the same in 2006 as it is today. That’s why I made it all new, and of course everything sounds better than ever.

Long Road to Self (including Addliss Remix)

Bandcamp (high quality lossless file download)


“Long Road to Self” is Ingo’s most successful single, ever. To celebrate this, Ingo and Jakob (Addliss) have sat together and remastered the original and the remix. Both sound better now than ever before.


Until We’re Gone

Bandcamp (high quality lossless file download)


Is it an ambient album? Electronica? Music for elevators, shopping malls or – sorry Brian Eno – airports? Boring frippery? Music to fall asleep? Any electronic music that does not fit in any drawer? A stroke of genius? Psychoactive music with more chord changes than in Bach’s most popular pieces?

It’s all that, depending on the listener.

In the past few years, Ingo Vogelmann has studied the influence of music on the human psyche, working with frequencies, chords and timbres and with hypnotists and “commissioned music” for therapists who have successfully treated clients with this music. A certain part of this material can be found in this album.

None of the songs claim to have a classical song structure, or even a conventional duration. They are extremely long, because that can serve a purpose if the listener allows themselves to get involved. Each song has constantly changing chord progressions, but they are always harmonious and often reminiscent of classical works by the great composers of yesteryear.

“Until We’re Gone” is not a work in which Ingo wants to prove technical finesse. There are other pieces for that. The focus of this album is on the composition and the ability of the music to put the listener in a special state.

This music picks up seekers who are willing to get involved in something new.

Note: This discography is paginated, because it’s rather comprehensive and contains a lot of embedded modules. Please, use the buttons below to browse more.

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