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In January 2018, I decided to offer all my music for which I own the copyrights* for free, now and in the future. “Free” means all music I have on my own label (L2 Music) can be downloaded for as low as zero (all currencies, smiles preferred) or for whatever amount you think is right, in the best possible quality! There are no hooks, eyelets or hidden conditions. There is just music.

You can either stream my music for free via Spotify or stream and/or download at Bandcamp.


*Digital downloads, not physical products, of course. I have no influence on the price of my music that I have signed with other labels, hence I can not offer this for free. But all of my albums are on my own label, and most of my non-dance-music productions.

Of course, I will still do paid remixes (and receive royalties for those), and sign my music to other labels, mostly dance music productions. But music on my own label (my albums etc.) will be free from now on.

Why am I doing this?

It’s simple, really. There is no point in asking you to pay for the download of music files anymore when you can stream it for free already. Those who like to listen to music in top quality (the audiophiles among you), there are the free or pay-what-you-want downloads at Bandcamp.

Nevertheless, I would like to ask each one of you to support me by becoming my patron:

Become a Patron!


Thank you, no matter if you’re just a listener or paying subscriber/downloader. You’re all equally valuable to me.

If you don’t feel like supporting me on a regular (but one-time) basis, it would be nice if you’d…


Note: The music featured on this page is not my complete work, but the most important and recent.

Latest releases

Bagabond - Restless Warrior EP
“Bagabond is a very prolific electronic music producer who presents the EP ‘Restless Warrior’ on Pro B Tech. The intriguing title honors the content of the entire album. A ruthless warrior on a rousing adventure that takes place on faded melody lines that help you dance your way through this journey. This record contains three tracks and one of them is a vibrant remix by Ingo Vogelmann.”


“X” (2016)


“The Great Escape” (2014)

What some other people say about the album:


“GOD” (2006 / 2016 10 Years Special Remastered Edition)





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