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Ingo has been releasing music since the early 1990’s, so there is a lot of material. There are 4 recommendable providers to stream or buy Ingo’s music:

Apple Music

Of course, you can stream or buy Ingo’s music in countless of other places, but those 4 above are the best.

Note: For streaming Apple Music is best for artists as they pay double the fee of Spotify (although it’s the same questionable concept of ripping artists off). Also, if you’re an Apple Music user you have the best streaming audio quality. If you want to buy Ingo’s music, Bandcamp is perfect. Highest audio quality and most of the revenue goes to Ingo directly. Beatport is — basically — for DJs, there you’ll find all of Ingo’s electronic dance music that isn’t necessarily everywhere else.

Release Schedule 2023

Ingo Vogelmann As Bove So Below Cover
As Above, So Below

Title As Above, So Below
3 February





Ingo Vogelmann Weightless Cover

Title Weightless
Date 31 March
Type Mini Album
Status Released





Elegy for the Living - Cover
Elegy for the Living

Title Elegy for the Living
Date 2 June
Type Mini Album
Status Released





Ingo Vogelmann Bereft

Title Bereft
Date 3 November
Type Album
Status Scheduled

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