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  • For licensing/external uses of my music, please scroll a bit down on this page.

For personal messages to me, to say hello or tell me a story, you can use the form below.

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My music is available for licencing and many types of external uses.


If you wish to use my music on a compilation then please send details which state:

  • some details about the compilation,
  • the track-list,
  • marketing synopsis,
  • the amount of copies you expect to sell and/or number of streams you expect,
  • the territories and
  • the proposed advance fee.

If you wish to use my music in a computer game, film, online video clip, TV show or other usage (a “sync”), then please send details of:

  • the usage and background synopsis,
  • the territories,
  • any details about the company / station / personnel / director involved,
  • the amount of people you expect to view the usage and
  • the proposed fee.

If you wish to play my music an event, concert, exhibition, gallery, gathering then please send details of:

  • the event details and date(s)
  • the usage and background synopsis,
  • details about the event organizers,
  • the amount of people you expect to attend the event and
  • the proposed fee.

Please note, I get a lot of requests asking to use my music for free or very little cost. This is most probably not going to happen. My sincere apologies in advance. I firmly believe in getting compensated for my efforts, both artistically and administratively. Licensing is often not a simple task.

To make things much easier for you, here’s a nifty tool to send me all details:

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