Cloud Maintenance Notice for Clients & Partners

Dear friends,

I use an own cloud system for sharing data with clients and partners. This morning my cloud installation decided to not work properly anymore and also to not update itself (in order to work properly afterwards). That’s why I had to manually wipe the entire installation from the server and install everything from scratch.

That means that…

  • the fancy short URLs I haven given you in order to access your data do not work right now (but later again).
  • all not so fancy shared links from cloud content I have given you definitely don’t work anymore, and never will again.
  • on the bright side, the new cloud version is much much better, i.e. contains a nifty audio player to pre-listen to your music within the browser etc. (without the need to download it).
  • I have to upload ca. 80GB of data again, Please, give me 24 hours to have everything working as usual (and better than ever).

Thanks for your potential patience and understanding, and sorry for any inconvenience caused. You know you can always contact me directly in case you need something urgently.

While we’re at it: please, do let me know if you need anything with regards to cloud access. I want the exchange of data between you and me to be as flawless and smooth as possible. Thanks!

Spotify will now let indie artists upload their own music

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Free Charango Sound Pack For LABS Released By Spitfire Audio

Free Charango Sound Pack For LABS Released By Spitfire Audio

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Beat DRMR Drum Rompler VST/AU Plugin Relased (KVRDC2018)

Beat DRMR Drum Rompler VST/AU Plugin Relased (KVRDC2018)

Beat Magazine has released Beat DRMR, a freeware drum rompler virtual instrument in VST plugin and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstation applications on PC and Mac. Beat DRMR is a drum rompler, meaning that it contains pre-loaded drum sounds which can’t be substituted with external samples. However, the good news it that Beat Magazine […]

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