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Ingo offers sample packs, patches and other music production related downloads here.


This collection of room-reflecting FX is what Ingo uses in his daily production business. It’s not a huge bunch of patches but it’s all you REALLY need for top productions with REASON.

Please, mind that the RV7000 is a near to perfect emulation of the legendary Lexicon 480L which you could buy for 40,000€ in the 80’s. Even today you don’t get it under 3,000 €.

The patches are freeware, do with it whatever you want.


(10 KB)


  • 1st & 2nd Delay
  • 3rd & 6th Delay
  • 3rd Reversed Delay
  • 4th Delay
  • 5th Delay
  • 6th Delay
  • 8th Delay
  • Light Vox Verb
  • PreDelayed SuperVerb
  • PreDelayed Tail Verb
  • SuperSoft Verb
  • The Animal Gated Drums Verb
  • The Big Blue Verb
  • Verb 5 (seconds tail)
  • Verb 10 (seconds tail)
  • Verb 15 (seconds tail)

Just for your information, this is what Ingo’s FX array looks like in REASON:

He gave all of them an own mix channel and combined them in one FX bus. That means, you could put one of the effects over the other, or a phaser or flanger behind it, etc. … endless variety and possibilities!

Vintage Drum Machines

Huge sample pack containing samples from the best drum machines ever build. Scroll down for a list of sampled drum machines.

  • WAV format
  • Bit rate: 44.1khz
  • Sample resolution: 16bit
  • Stereo and Mono samples (depending on the machine)

This is the most complete collection imaginable.

What seems to be double is double, actually (like “Roland DR-110” and “Boss DR-110”), but from different sources (machines). Remember, in the analog world no two machines sound the same. You may find the samples slightly different.

icon-129-cloud-download@2x(193 MB)

Vintage Drum Machines


Ace Tone Rhythm Ace
AJK Percussion Synth
Akai XR-10
Akai Linn Drum
Akai MPC-60
Akai XE8
Akai XR10
Alesis DM5
Alesis HR-16
Alesis HR16
Alesis HR16B
Alesis SR-16
Alesis SR15
Alesis SR16
Boss DR-110
Boss DR-202
Boss DR-220
Boss DR-220a
Boss DR-220e
Boss DR-55
Boss DR-550
Boss DR-660
Casio RZ-1
Casio RZ1
Casio SK-1
Casio SK1
Casio VL-1
Casio VL-Tone
Cheetah MD16
Doepfer MS-404
Emu Drumulator
Emu Modular
Emu SP12
Fricke MFB512
Kawai K3
Kawai R50
Kawai R50e
Kawai SX240
Kawai XD5
Korg DDM110
Korg DDM220
Korg KPR-77
Korg KPR77
Korg KR-55
Korg KRZ
Korg M1
Korg Minipops
Korg Poly-800
Korg T3
Linn 9000
Linn LinnDrum
Linn LM1
Moog Concertmate MG-1
MXR 185
Novation Drumstation
Oberheim DMX
Oberheim DX
Quasimidi 309
Rhodes Polaris
Rhythm 33
Rhythm 77
Roland CompuRhythm 1000
Roland CompuRhythm 8000
Roland CompuRhythm-78
Roland CR-78
Roland CR-8000
Roland D-110
Roland D-70
Roland Digital Drum Brain DDR-30
Roland JD-990
Roland JD800
Roland JD800 Dance Card
Roland MC-202
Roland MC-303
Roland MC09
Roland MT-32
Roland R-5
Roland R-8
Roland R8
Roland S50
Roland SH-09
Roland System-100
Roland TR-505
Roland TR-606
Roland TR-626
Roland TR-707
Roland TR-727
Roland TR-808
Roland TR-909
Sakata DPM-48
Sequential Circuits Drumtraks
Sequential Circuits TOM
Sequential Drumtacks
Sequential Drumtrax
Sequential Tom
Sequential TOM1
Serge Modular
SH09 Drum sounds
Simmons SDS-400
Simmons SDS-5
Simmons SDS5
Simmons SDSV
Sound Master
Sound Master, Memory Rhythm SR-88
Univox Microrhythmer-12
Visco SpaceDrum
X Drum LM8953
Yamaha CS6
Yamaha EX5
Yamaha MR10
Yamaha RM 50
Yamaha RX-21
Yamaha RX-5
Yamaha RX11
Yamaha RX21
Yamaha RX21L
Yamaha RX5
Yamaha RY-30
Yamaha RY30
Yamaha TG-33