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Ingo offers sample packs, patches and other music production related downloads here.


This collection of room-reflecting FX is what Ingo uses in his daily production business. It’s not a huge bunch of patches but it’s all you REALLY need for top productions with REASON.

Please, mind that the RV7000 is a near to perfect emulation of the legendary Lexicon 480L which you could buy for 40,000€ in the 80’s. Even today you don’t get it under 3,000 €.

The patches are freeware, do with it whatever you want.


(10 KB)

ROOMS 1.5 scaled


  • 1st & 2nd Delay
  • 3rd & 6th Delay
  • 3rd Reversed Delay
  • 4th Delay
  • 5th Delay
  • 6th Delay
  • 8th Delay
  • Light Vox Verb
  • PreDelayed SuperVerb
  • PreDelayed Tail Verb
  • SuperSoft Verb
  • The Animal Gated Drums Verb
  • The Big Blue Verb
  • Verb 5 (seconds tail)
  • Verb 10 (seconds tail)
  • Verb 15 (seconds tail)

Just for your information, this is what Ingo’s FX array looks like in REASON:

2019 11 26 22 27 29 start.reason Rack

He gave all of them an own mix channel and combined them in one FX bus. That means, you could put one of the effects over the other, or a phaser or flanger behind it, etc. … endless variety and possibilities!

2019 11 26 22 28 05 Window 2019 11 26 22 28 54 start.reason

Vintage Drum Machines

Huge sample pack containing samples from the best drum machines ever build. Scroll down for a list of sampled drum machines.

  • WAV format
  • Bit rate: 44.1khz
  • Sample resolution: 16bit
  • Stereo and Mono samples (depending on the machine)

This is the most complete collection imaginable.

What seems to be double is double, actually (like “Roland DR-110” and “Boss DR-110”), but from different sources (machines). Remember, in the analog world no two machines sound the same. You may find the samples slightly different.

icon-129-cloud-download@2x(193 MB)

Vintage Drum Machines


Ace Tone Rhythm Ace
AJK Percussion Synth
Akai XR-10
Akai Linn Drum
Akai MPC-60
Akai XE8
Akai XR10
Alesis DM5
Alesis HR-16
Alesis HR16
Alesis HR16B
Alesis SR-16
Alesis SR15
Alesis SR16
Boss DR-110
Boss DR-202
Boss DR-220
Boss DR-220a
Boss DR-220e
Boss DR-55
Boss DR-550
Boss DR-660
Casio RZ-1
Casio RZ1
Casio SK-1
Casio SK1
Casio VL-1
Casio VL-Tone
Cheetah MD16
Doepfer MS-404
Emu Drumulator
Emu Modular
Emu SP12
Fricke MFB512
Kawai K3
Kawai R50
Kawai R50e
Kawai SX240
Kawai XD5
Korg DDM110
Korg DDM220
Korg KPR-77
Korg KPR77
Korg KR-55
Korg KRZ
Korg M1
Korg Minipops
Korg Poly-800
Korg T3
Linn 9000
Linn LinnDrum
Linn LM1
Moog Concertmate MG-1
MXR 185
Novation Drumstation
Oberheim DMX
Oberheim DX
Quasimidi 309
Rhodes Polaris
Rhythm 33
Rhythm 77
Roland CompuRhythm 1000
Roland CompuRhythm 8000
Roland CompuRhythm-78
Roland CR-78
Roland CR-8000
Roland D-110
Roland D-70
Roland Digital Drum Brain DDR-30
Roland JD-990
Roland JD800
Roland JD800 Dance Card
Roland MC-202
Roland MC-303
Roland MC09
Roland MT-32
Roland R-5
Roland R-8
Roland R8
Roland S50
Roland SH-09
Roland System-100
Roland TR-505
Roland TR-606
Roland TR-626
Roland TR-707
Roland TR-727
Roland TR-808
Roland TR-909
Sakata DPM-48
Sequential Circuits Drumtraks
Sequential Circuits TOM
Sequential Drumtacks
Sequential Drumtrax
Sequential Tom
Sequential TOM1
Serge Modular
SH09 Drum sounds
Simmons SDS-400
Simmons SDS-5
Simmons SDS5
Simmons SDSV
Sound Master
Sound Master, Memory Rhythm SR-88
Univox Microrhythmer-12
Visco SpaceDrum
X Drum LM8953
Yamaha CS6
Yamaha EX5
Yamaha MR10
Yamaha RM 50
Yamaha RX-21
Yamaha RX-5
Yamaha RX11
Yamaha RX21
Yamaha RX21L
Yamaha RX5
Yamaha RY-30
Yamaha RY30
Yamaha TG-33