NEW ALBUM “Until We’re Gone” available for pre-order!

Is it an ambient album? Electronica? Music for elevators, shopping malls or – sorry Brian Eno – airports? Boring frippery? Music to fall asleep? Any electronic music that does not fit in any drawer? A stroke of genius? Psychoactive music with more chord changes than in Bach’s most popular pieces?

It’s all that, depending on the listener.

In the past few years, Ingo Vogelmann has studied the influence of music on the human psyche, working with frequencies, chords and timbres and with hypnotists and “commissioned music” for therapists who have successfully treated clients with this music. A certain part of this material can be found in this album.

None of the songs claim to have a classical song structure, or even a conventional duration. They are extremely long, because that can serve a purpose if the listener allows themselves to get involved. Each song has constantly changing chord progressions, but they are always harmonious and often reminiscent of classical works by the great composers of yesteryear.

“Until We’re Gone” is not a work in which Ingo wants to prove technical finesse. There are other pieces for that. The focus of this album is on the composition and the ability of the music to put the listener in a special state.

This music picks up seekers who are willing to get involved in something new.

Preorder: December 6, 2019
Release date (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, TikTok, Google Play/YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Saavn, Anghami, KKBox, MediaNet, Instagram/Facebook): December 18, 2019

Sitala Drum Sampler Updated – New Features And 808 Drum Kit

Sitala (beta 2) by Decomposer

Decomposer has released the beta 2 version of the Sitala drum sampler VST/AU plugin for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac (also standalone). Sitala is a super-streamlined drum sampler plugin with a fast workflow. It features sixteen sample slots, each with a set of six control knobs. The tone, shape, compression amount, tuning, volume, […]

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I’ll be working with a new distribution partner, and what that means for you (as a fan)

First things first

In the next few days/weeks you might experience something unusual when you stream or download my music from the countless stores and streaming services out there. It could happen that my releases appear as double entries, and it’s possible that you recognize missing songs and changed song order of album releases.


That’s all because of the transition between 2 distribution companies. I transfer all my music from one to another, and they do not work in sync. One is faster then the other — with taking down and upping content — which is only one reason why I change partners. I’m quite unhappy with my former distributor, and the new setting is also better for you, as a fan.

Not everything changes

All my releases on Bandcamp remain as they are, and all of them remain on a “pay what you want” basis, even if that means ZERO.


That’s it. Nothing that should concern you at all, I just wanted to let you know, just in case something seems odd to you. I’m pretty confident that things are much better for you and me after the transition has been done.

Enjoy my music everywhere as always, everything will be accessible all the time. Thanks for your ongoing support!

Free E-mu SP-12 Vintage Sampler VST Plugin By Analog Obsession

SPre by Analog Obsession

Analog Obsession has released SPre, a freeware VST/VST3/AU plugin effect that emulates the tonal character of the E-mu SP-12 vintage sampler. SPre is a multi-effect plugin that emulates the preamp circuit and the filter of the E-mu SP-12 hardware sampler. E-mu SP-12 is one of the most sought-after vintage samplers and has a legendary status […]

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FBVC Free Vocoder VST Plugin Released By Full Bucket Music

FBVC Free Vocoder VST Plugin Released By Full Bucket Music

Full Bucket Music has introduced FBVC, a freeware vocoder effect in VST and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstation software on PC and Mac. FBVC is a free vocoder plugin based on the vintage Korg VC-10 analog vocoder. The hardware unit was launched in 1978 and became one of the most popular vocoders on […]

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Waves Audio Cyber Monday Special – Get 3 Plugins For $49.99!

Waves Audio Cyber Monday Special - Get 3 Plugins For $49.99!

Waves Audio is running a special Cyber Monday deal, offering the brand new Abbey Road Saturator ($199 value) and MDMX Distortion ($99 value) for only $49 when purchased together. Customers will also receive a Waves Audio plugin of their choice as a free bonus. In addition to offering the OneKnob Wetter as a Cyber Monday […]

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[Past Perfect] Volume 2 – A journey through the past

So what is that?

Anyone born in the early ’70’s ​​(or earlier) has experienced this era when House and Techno established themselves on the worldwide charts and became one of the biggest and most successful music movements in history. Computer technology and synthesizers made it possible to create a hitherto unknown music, which at the time was still pressed onto records (or acetate), so that you could mix this music as a DJ in clubs, at a time when the CD was the most important musical medium of the time.

I have fully experienced this time, both as a clubber and as a DJ. For me, this incredible and crazy journey started in 1992, and shortly afterwards I also put on the first records myself. Now more 25 years have passed — a quarter of a century — and for me the music of that time has not lost its strength at all. Of course, many memories are linked to it, some of which I think back with sparkling eyes. We were young, we were free (at least we had that impression), and the drugs were excellent, I’ve been told…*

*I do not want to promote drug use. Please handle drugs carefully! Best not to start it. But if, then be careful.

I have been able to make countless friendships in the scene over the last 25 years, and I know some of my closest friends from that time. My own career as a musician grew out of the tender beginnings of this music. I grew up with rock music and always wanted to be a rock star before, suddenly I discovered a completely new music that I initially did not like. Electronically produced music was not my thing, I only liked handmade music, that was the “real deal” for me. But it didn’t take long before this music cast a spell over me.

What did I do here?

In the last few months, I have picked out records that I consider the most important and best of that time. Here and there I had to ask friends if they could provide me with digital recordings from vinyl, because I did not own much of the material myself anymore. After I had everything digitally available, I carefully (re)mastered each track, always staying close to the original, I didn’t want destroy that special “feeling” of that time. Not that it’s much important to you, probably, but I also pitch-corrected tracks that were slightly “off key”, partly because of unstable vinyl recordings or issues with the production itself. Back then not everything was 100%, especially not when producers used analog synths.

After improving the music, I made a DJ mix out of it in my studio. And the result is now available to you, as a lossless FLAC file. You have never heard that music in a better sound quality!

That’s why I call this mix series “Past Perfect”, because that’s what it is for me. Talking about “series”… this is the second and final installment. Here is the first one.


  1. GusGus – Purple [Rough Trade Germany 4AD]
  2. Planisphere – Deep Blue Dream [Music Worx]
  3. Exit EEE – Epidemic [No Respect Records]
  4. Bedrock – Heaven Scent [Bedrock Records Pioneer Records]
  5. AMbassador – The Fade (Oliver Lieb Remix) [Kickin Records]
  6. Thomas P. Heckmann & Marc Romboy – Ultra Vixens [Le Petit Prince]
  7. Rank 1 – Airwave [Urban Kontor Records]
  8. At The Villa People – Open Your Eyes [La Musique Fait La Force]
  9. Paul Van Dyk – For An Angel (PvD’s E-Werk Club Mix) [Polystar]
  10. Sunday Club – Healing Dream (Paul Van Dyk’s Inner Mind Mix) [Stress Records]
  11. UNKLE – In A State [Global Underground]
  12. Albion – Air [Platipus]
  13. Deep Cover – Breakthrough [Hope Recordings]
  14. Gouryella – Gouryella [Black Hole Recordings]
  15. Paganini Traxx – Zoe (Timo Maas Mix) [INCtraxx]
  16. Planisphere – So Many Ways (Force Mass Motion Remix) [Music Worx]
  17. DJ Misjah & DJ Groovehead – Acid Energy (Special Acid Edition) [Vision Soundcarriers]
  18. Pete Lazonby – Sacred Cycles [Metronome Container Records Hamburg]
  19. DJ Gogo – Anjuna [Cyber Records]
  20. DJ Quicksilver – Bingo Bongo (Club Mix) [Club Tools]
  21. Art Of Trance – Madagascar (Ferry Corsten Remix) [Platipus]
  22. Niels Van Gogh – Pulverturm [Kosmo Records]
  23. Johan Cyber – Crash (Funk Function Groove Mix) [Bonzai Records]
  24. Meat Katie – Next Life [Kingsize]
  25. Natious – Amber (Silk Remix) [Amato International]
  26. Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp (Raumgleiter) [Kontor Records]
  27. Underworld – Dark And Long (Dark Train) [UnderworldLive]
  28. Smith & Selway – Move [Intec Records]
  29. Armin Van Buuren – Blue Fear [Nebula]
  30. BT – Mercury And Solace (Dub Mix) [ZYX Music]
  31. B.B.E. – Seven Days And One Week (Club Mix) [Urban]
  32. Paul Van Dyk – Out There And Back [Urban]
  33. Energy 52 – Café Del Mar (Nalin & Kane Remix) [Edelpitch]
  34. Emmanuel Top – Acid Phase [Sub Terranean]
  35. AWeX – It’s Our Future [Plastic City]
  36. Breeder – Tyrantanic (Slacker’s Kingdom Come Mix) [Songbird]
  37. Tilt – I Dream (Tilt’s Resurrection Mix) [Lost Language]
  38. Z2 – I Want You [Platipus]
  39. Space Frog – X-Ray (Follow Me) [Energized Records]
  40. Space Frog Feat. The Grim Reaper – I Feel Ur Pain [Energized Records]
  41. Taucher – Waters [Dogondke Media]
  42. Ramirez – Sueño Latino [DFC]
  43. Ayla – Ayla (Taucher Remix) [Club Tunes]
  44. Space Frog – Lost In Space ’98 [Energized Records]
  45. Mikerobenics – Julika (Pascal F.E.O.S. Remix) [Pull The Strings]
  46. Transa – Enervate [Perfecto]
  47. Incisions – Beyond Motion [Vicious Circle Recordings]
  48. Junk Project – Miralaca [Boxed (3)]
  49. System F – Out Of The Blue [Avex Trax]
  50. Jam & Spoon – Follow Me! [La Musique Fait La Force]

Also, check this Spotify playlist that contains a lot of the music above:

Waves OneKnob Wetter Is FREE This Cyber Monday

Waves Audio have announced that the OneKnob Wetter reverb VST plugin is available for free download on Cyber Monday 2019. OneKnob Wetter is an easy-to-use reverb effect. It is part of the OneKnob product lineup which consists of single-control audio effect plugins. It has a 4.5 star rating on the Waves Audio website. Normally priced […]

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Cluster Sound Releases Free Multiman Synth Pack For Ableton Live

Cluster Sound Releases Free Multiman Synth Pack For Ableton Live

Cluster Sound has introduced Multiman, a freely downloadable Crumar Multiman-S vintage synthesizer sound library for Ableton Live. The Multiman expansion pack for Ableton Live includes six multi-sampled sets and 26 sound presets. Cluster Sound recorded one sample per note for a total of 332 audio samples and 110 MB of sample data. The library is […]

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Waves Berzerk Distorion VST Plugin Is FREE This Black Friday!

Waves Releases Berzerk FREE Distorion VST Plugin (Black Friday 2019)

Waves Audio has released Berzerk ($99 value), a creative distortion plugin that is free to download only on Black Friday 2019. Berzerk is a creative distortion effect for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. It was released today for the price of $99 but you can download it for free only on Black Friday […]

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