New generation Korg Volca Sample with more memory, USB and more

Korg Volca SampleKorg has updated their popular Volca Sample box of sample sequencing with a load more memory, new sounds, better connectivity and a few workflow tweaks.

Volca Sample evolved

It’s always been a fun box but Korg has decided that it needed a bit of a boost and they’ve filled it out in all the right places. They’ve doubled the memory space giving it 200 slots for samples and filled it with 150 new sounds leaving you 50 slots for your own samples. To make the sample management and transfer easier they’ve added a micro-USB socket which can also be used for USB MIDI. The sequencer now has 16 memory slots for your patterns and a new Pattern Chain function with two different Step Jump modes.

All the other original features are still present including the “Analogue Isolator” dual filter, digital reverb, swing function, motion sequencer, sample manipulation and 8-voice polyphony.

Here’s an example of the Volca Sample in action from Moe Shop who is also offering a free sample pack. Sounds pretty phenomenal.

The original is currently listed for £122 and you’d imagine this would be a direct replacement but I understand the price will go back up to the retail price of £159. It’s pleasing to see Korg continue to develop and improve their cool range of Volcas. Being able to load and manage samples over USB rather than via an iOS app is definitely something it needed.

Korg Volca Sample with librarian editor

Korg Volca Sample with librarian editor

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Another sample pack is available from Toriena:


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