Genki Instruments Wavefront can now bring Bluetooth MIDI into your modular

Genki Instruments Wavefront with BluetoothThe Wavefront Eurorack module is designed to work with the Wave ring for converting gestures into CV but now it can accept MIDI over Bluetooth from any device giving you a wireless MIDI route into your Eurorack.

Wavefront Bluetooth

This is an update for the existing Wavefront because the technology is already inside. Bluetooth is what runs the connection between the Wave ring and the Wavefront and so repurposing that connection to a broader range of devices is both brilliant and obvious – of course, why didn’t we think of this before?

In case you’re not aware Wavefront is a 4HP Eurorack module that acts as a receiver for positional data from the Wave ring. You move your hands, twist, tap and turn and that movement is translated into control voltage that emerges out of the 4 CV outputs and 2 gate/trigger outputs. It’s a very cool device that adds a bit of performance to your modulations. Now, you can send it MIDI over Bluetooth.

What this means is that I can connect my iPad or iPhone directly to my Eurorack and make use of some of the fabulous MIDI control apps. Along with the firmware Genki is also providing a template for TouchOSC to make things as simple as possible. Potentially any computer or device that can connect via Bluetooth could potentially be used as a controller for your Eurorack. So, how about using a ROLI Seaboard? And this is MIDI-based so you don’t need to use CV Tools in Ableton Live or the Bitwig Hardware devices you can use any MIDI controls and automation.

Wavefront can only handle one Bluetooth device at a time but it’s not difficult to switch devices.

This is really great functionality that could make some interesting wireless connections between your rack and your other devices especially if you’re a little shy of all the hand waving modulation offered by the Wave ring. It’s a free update and is available to download right now. If you’re interested in getting hold of one you can buy the Wavefront on its own for $199 or with the Wave ring for $399. You can also just buy the Wave ring for $199 (so you get a whole dollar off for the bundle).

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