Audified Linda IronVerb: algorithmic reverb plug-in with metallic nuances

IronVerbDeveloper Audified collaborated with producer Martin Linda once more to deliver a new plug-in. IronVerb is an algorithmic reverb with a distinct metallic character, 6 reverb modes, and a unique Ironize effect among all else. Let’s dig in…

Linda IronVerb

Above all, IronVerb is an algorithmic reverb like they always made ’em. It does nearly all sorts of ambiance, going from subtle all the way to blast-off into the ether. But there’s also a nifty trick called Ironize – a type of modulation contributing an ‘iron-like sound’ (smooth, glossy) to reverb tails. That’s one way of freshening up familiar reverb sounds.

The reverb itself offers 6 different modes – Flutter (periodic warbling), Plate (vintage plate), Slapback (echo-like), Dense (narrow, sharp), Steel 1 (steel barrel), Steel 2 (same, slower attack).

The available parameters include Predelay, Size, Feedback, Width, a Normal / Long switch, Dampening amount, Dampening frequency, Resonance, and Hi-pass. That’s lots of tweaking potential right there, and below is the Ironize section with the Ironize (Clean to Full Iron), Mod Amp (Clean to Wicked), and Mod Speed (Slow to Fast) parameters. The control set is complete by Dry and Wet mix faders.

IronVerb GUI

The IronVerb GUI

I’d say IronVerb offers a pleasant, satisfying amount of control over what’s likely a pretty complex reverb engine. I love it when you can dial in an interesting sound in a straightforward, but not limited fashion. I think this is what Audified set out to accomplish, and the result is an interesting reverb plug-in with a special twist.

Linda IronVerb – Price and availability

Linda IronVerb is priced USD 49 at the moment, down from the regular price of USD 99. You can download a free trial version before purchase. The plug-in is available in AAX, AU, and VST3 formats for Windows 7+ (32 & 64-bit) and macOS 10.11+ (64-bit).

More information

Linda IronVerb – Video

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