SoundCloud: LIGHTWORKS – Mountain Tales VI…

This time it’s all rolled into one: winter mood, lockdown therapy, the longing for normalcy, maybe a long club night, seeing sweaty bodies again, being crazy.

Powerful and emotionally charged, nothing for quiet hours, rather energetic. Still melancholic and a bit dreamy here and there.

Enjoy 5 1/2 hours in the icy mountains. 😉

SoundCloud: LIGHTWORKS – Mountain Tales V…

I’ve been thinking some time about how to create this episode. A year-end mix in such a year? Am I referring to it?

No. I decided to make the mood of the mix exactly the same as always: how I feel.

As always, I’ve picked out the best tracks that I currently know and made a mix of them, as if carved from a single piece of noble wood. I consider this my best mix of the year, but I let you be the judge, of course.

I did everything as usual. I won’t let a virus tell me how to create music.

Enjoy listening.

SoundCloud: LIGHTWORKS – Mountain Tales IV

A lot has happened this year. I’ve had a very difficult time with music in the last few months. Music usually heals, but: emptiness, pain, nothing.

Then, one day, it was a few tracks, the music itself, that made the flame in me blaze again.

I kept you waiting a long time, I know. Here are 6 new hours of music for you guys.

Spotify has taken my “LIGHTS OUT Podcast” down

For your information:



We have found your podcast content to be in violation of our content policies, and we have removed it. You can read more about our podcast content policies in our Spotify for Podcasters Terms & Conditions.


LIGHTS OUT Podcast –


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What has been a real issue on SoundCloud is now an issue on Spotify. I know that all the producers and labels are happy when I showcase their music on my shows. This system is broken and dysfunctional. Music that gets promoted via podcasts and radio shows gets blocked by a flawed copyright monitoring system. It’s not humans that make those individual decisions, it’s algorithms.

Worry not, the podcast and its individual shows is still available on SoundCloud, MIXCLOUD and via RSS feed:


Dear Spotify, if you read this: the entire fucking point of a DJ mix is the DJ playing records of other people. That promotes the record, the artist and the label. This is how underground electronic music works. I can’t believe I have to explain this to the world’s biggest music streaming company. You wanted podcasts, you get podcasts. Now, you kick the podcasts of DJs like me. This is ridiculous.

P.S.: The system is very slow. It took them around 2 months to find out that I promote other people’s music on my podcast, which is the entire point of playing and recording DJ sets and making them available as podcasts.

TIME OUT – Forest Tales III

WARNING: This music has a very strong, psychoactive effect. It is extremely deep, sad and melancholic. If you are not feeling mentally well right now, I seriously advise against listening to this music! If you are thinking about ending your life, I urge you to talk to someone who can help you. You are important and needed! I’ve been through this, and today I’m happy I’m still around.

For everyone feeling well, this music may have a beautiful, soothing, relaxing or even uplifting effect. I hope it comforts you on the path through lockdown. Stay healthy and strong!

Here is the podcast on Spotify:

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