A Little Touring In 2015

There are some dates flying in for 2015 already, and I wanted to let you (hello promoters!) know early, so maybe you’re interested in having me, once I’m in the proximity.

Right now it looks like this, half of it is confirmed, I will announce officially — incl. venues — when 100% confirmed:

Date Country City
January Spain Malaga
April /May USA Various
June 10-12 Russia St. Petersburg
June 18-21 Denmark Horsens
July Germany Berlin
August Norway Møre og Romsdal

Let me know here, so we can work something out.

Edward Snowden: The Untold Story

Edward Snowden: The Untold Story | Threat Level | WIRED.

He began to consider becoming a whistle-blower, but with Obama about to be elected, he held off. “I think even Obama’s critics were impressed and optimistic about the values that he represented,” he says. “He said that we’re not going to sacrifice our rights. We’re not going to change who we are just to catch some small percentage more terrorists.” But Snowden grew disappointed as, in his view, Obama didn’t follow through on his lofty rhetoric. “Not only did they not fulfill those promises, but they entirely repudiated them,” he says. “They went in the other direction. What does that mean for a society, for a democracy, when the people that you elect on the basis of promises can basically suborn the will of the electorate?”

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