Acon Digital releases DeVerberate 3: reverb reduction with deep learning

Acon Digital DeVerberate 3DeVerberate 3 by Acon Digital is a rare kind of plug-in with the aim of removing unwanted reverberation. This can be very helpful, especially for voice recordings with prominent, unwanted ambience. Other areas of application are post-processing recordings made on a film set, or editing interviews and podcasts. Even with recorded instruments, you can minimize unwanted reverb. To do that, artificial intelligence – more specifically, a neural network – is used.

Acon Digital DeVerberate 3

The underlying neural network present in version 3 is trained with thousands of voice recordings and reverbs from a variety of spatial environments. As a result, DeVerberate 3 can distinguish between speech and reverberation in a different way from regular DSP. For post-processing of musical content, the plug-in continues to rely on the same algorithm that was introduced with version 2. Both approaches work on the same principle. The incoming audio signal is split into direct sound and reverb components. These can be freely combined again at the output stage. DeVerberate 3 also uses an early reflection filter that works in combination with reverb tail suppression. Acon Digital is really pushing the envelope with this one. Tools like DeVerberate are a viable alternative to complex spectral editing software for users that are more casual or budget-oriented. I think the developer is really onto something with this and the rest of its plug-ins!

Acon Digital Deverberate 3

Acon Digital Deverberate 3

Price and availability

Acon Digital DeVerberate 3 works in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats under macOS (10.9 or newer) and Windows (7, 8, 10). The plug-in runs natively on Apple Silicon processors.

Until October 14 2021, you will pay EUR 79.90. The upgrade from previous versions costs EUR 29.90 through this period. The regular price will be EUR 99, and the upgrade from previous versions will cost EUR 49.90. The upgrade to DeVerberate 3 is free for customers who purchased DeVerberate 2 after June 25 2021, and for owners of the Acoustica Post Production Suite.

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