SynthFest UK 2020 goes virtual with a 48 hour online event

SynthFest 2020The UK’s largest synthesizer show SynthFest has announced that they are planning a 48 hour weekend of content and happenings from the 10th to the 12th of October.

SynthFest UK

SynthFest is usually held at the Sheffield Octagon Centre for a day in October and pulls in manufacturers, modular makers, retail stores and of course loads of synthesizer enthusiasts. They usually also run a series of seminars and and performances throughout the day. It’s an awesome day of synthiness and is certainly an annual pilgrimage for me. This year, of course, it can’t be done.

However, don’t despair, Sound On Sound (the people behind SynthFest) has decided to throw something together online to give us a taste of what it might have been to go along. SFUK will set itself up as a portal for a kind of self-service event. The idea is that manufacturers and content makers can send in demonstrations, articles and videos about their latest releases and it will all be available to watch over the weekend. Retailers are invited to offer up some special deals and promotions for the event. They also hope that the synth community will generate some Fringe Events in terms of performances, discussions and live streams to tie in with SynthFest and get featured on the site.

If you want to get involved in any capacity then you need to get in touch by the 1st October.

The event is completely free because it’s essentially a hub for other people’s content. Hopefully, if manufacturers and the community jumps on board then it could be a great weekend of new and interesting products to see and content to enjoy in one convenient place.

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