PSP Audioware InfiniStrip: An affordable virtual rack with 22 modules

PSP Audioware InfiniStripPSP Audioware has released its long-awaited InfiniStrip virtual rack. Initially presented at NAMM 2020, InfiniStrip is now available for testing and purchase. Here’s what this virtual rack is all about:

PSP Audioware InfiniStrip

InfiniStrip contains 22 modules which you can arrange as you like and combine them into bespoke effect chains. The modules are divided into eight different types: preamps, filters, compressors, equalizers, limiters, dynamics (expanders, duckers, gates), control modules, and special modules. The virtual rack has seven available slots, in addition to two insert FX slots. You can insert one module from each type in each slot.

Parameter matching

Parameter matching is a helpful bit of functionality which lets you quickly try out different modules of a particular type. Compressor settings, for example, are retained between different compressor modules. This way, you can find the desired sound character faster. Additionally, each module has its own sidechain input and, depending on the track you are working on, mono & stereo versions of each module are available.

Low latency

PSP audio promises InfiniStrip works at imperceptible “zero latency”, which is a very good thing when it comes to recording or broadcasting! The GUI enables three different views (full, resizable, mini view), so you should always keep an overview on every screen. Of course, you also get presets, 150 of which are included. They are done by some well-known engineers and sound designers. They provide a solid starting point for further tweaking.

A complete virtual rack as it is, InfiniStrip will be expanded with more modules in the future – hence the name. An exciting development, indeed!

InfiniStrip price and availability

PSP Audioware InfiniStrip works as AU , VST, VST3, RTAS and AAX on macOS (from 10.8 and newer) and Windows 7 or higher. A free iLok account is required for registration. Instructions and a demo version can be found on the manufacturer’s website. The introductory price is USD 129 until April 14, after which you have to pay USD 150 (until May 10) or USD 199 (regular price). I think that’s excellent value for money!

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