As mentioned on Facebook earlier there are “special” places I’d really love to play DJ gigs. Sometimes I’m wondering when certain folks experience something like a really good night out listening to advanced electronic dance music, just have fun and forget about the daily stuff they’re confronted with. This is a shout out to the people in this cities/countries to let them know I’d play there for no fee, just paid flights and hotel (and maybe one or the other security measure). And here are the places, with some comments here and there:

  • Teheran — I know the statistics, there are lots of people who love my music. And I know that the MOST people in Iran are not happy about “things”. I want to make people happy. Oh, and please, US and Israel forces, wait until I’m done in Iran, or better: cancel your plans for good.
  • Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Haifa — Same here. The problem in Israel often is to get an event going. Authorities mostly don’t allow events like this. Maybe you can make it happen anyway. What a dream place to play, ISRAEL!
  • Islamabad, Karachi or Lahore — I know there’s an underground scene in Pakistan that loves this kind of music. Of course, Pakistan is a difficult country to do something like this. That’s why I’d love to do it.
  • Delhi — Clash of religions and cultures, lots going on in Delhi. I want to play for the people there.
  • Pjongjang — Okay, I’m kidding here. That’s impossible, of course. But I’d REALLY love to. Maybe my no. 1 destination.
  • Damaskus — That’s where I’d really need some decent security (at the moment), I guess. Music is a universal language of peace, love and unity. Now that would be a message, wouldn’t it? Maybe someone should spread some funny pills there as well, imagine people embracing and loving each other for one night … just kidding. 😉
  • Yerewan — 95 years after the genocide (Aghet) Armenia has never been treated with the respect and the concession it deserves. I just want to shed a little light here.
  • Kiev — Great country (Ukraine), great people, few justice, few KICK-ASS MUSIC! Haha … no, seriously. I’d really love to do this.
  • Beirut — There is a strong scene in Lebanon already, and some really nice venues. This shouldn’t be too complicated. Let’s do this!

If anyone feels neglected then let me know. Maybe I just forgot some certain places here.

Promoters, people with or without influence, venue owners, rebels and music lovers: this is a serious matter, I really mean what I say. Talk to me here or via email and let’s make this happen! Share this blog post with your friends, family, partners, co-workers, colleagues, cats, dogs and the birds in the sky!

I could also imagine showing up with another DJ friend, I’d guess someone of my friends would appreciate my idea and play with me. This could become EPIC!

Peace 🙂


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