Sonible smart: limit – intelligent limiting and loudness monitoring

sonible smart: limitsmart: limit is more than just a limiter plug-in, says forward-thinking developer Sonible. That’s because it helps you keep an eye on the dynamics and choose the appropriate loudness for publishing on different media.

Sonible smart: limit

As always, where when is “smart” in a Sonible product name, it means artificial intelligence is at its heart. The motto is “Set – Check – Publish” which describes what Sonible is going for quite succinctly. The smart: limit feature set starts with monitoring tools for loudness and dynamics. There, the so-called Instant Impact Prediction functionality means you don’t have to restart the loudness measurements every time you change a parameter. Rather, the changes will be reflected in real-time without having to repeatedly play back the entire input signal.

There is also what Sonible calls “intelligent limiter logic”. The feature uses genre-based profiles to identify the correct limiting approach, and you get to dial in the desired amount of limiting. You can also select different limiter characteristics and import a reference track to serve as the blueprint. Further along, the integrated quality check tools offer interactive tips about which limiter parameters should be optimized before publishing the track.

An additional four tools let you fine-tune the sound even more. The Style parameter determines how aggressively the plug-in handles audio. Saturation increases the loudness and density of the signal without changing its peak level. Balance improves the spectral balance and the frequency-selective bass control optimizes the low end of the frequency spectrum.

Sonible smart: limit features

  • Automatic limiter parameter adjustment
  • Comprehensive loudness monitoring
  • Visually guided loudness and dynamics optimization for streaming services, loudness standards, genres, and reference tracks
  • Four sound processing tools for fine-tuning and creative limiting
  • Instant Impact Prediction streamlines workflow
  • Quality check with targeted tips
  • Distortion monitoring and auto-release

Price and availability

Until January 10 2022, you will pay EUR 89 instead of the regular price which is EUR 129. Sonible smart: limit works in 64-bit VST, VST 3, AU and AAX plug-in formats under macOS 10.9+ and Windows 10. You need a free iLok account (or paid USB dongle) for authorization. A free demo version and a detailed PDF user manual can be found on the product page.

More information about Sonible smart: limit

Sonible smart:limiter video

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