Big Fish Audio Aura: 4 sound engines, endless soundscapes

Big Fish Audio Aura featuredNo wonder modern music can sound so unique in that “what the heck did I just heard” kind of way. Today, there are such elaborate and creative sound design tools that would have seemed like science fiction a decade or two ago. One like this is Aura, a new release by developer Big Fish Audio.

Aura piggybacks on Native Instruments’ free Kontakt 6 Player plug-in and takes advantage of its vast sampling and audio engines to deliver a very interesting sound design tool. Here’s more about Aura…

Big Fish Audio Aura

Aura consists of four separate sound engines, each with a dedicated X/Y pad for parameter morphing. These are complemented by a collection of 23+ audio effects, 10 of which can be modulated using LFOs and step sequencers. Aura lets you import your own samples to remix and process, so the included 100+ factory presets are merely 1/4 of the fun!

In addition to the 4 X/Y pads, a central X/Y pad enables you to morph between the 4 audio engines’ playback. It’s a given that said pad can be automated in your DAW for really swift and moving audio effects. The results typically gravitate towards ambiences, drones, pads, and soundscapes. Though with this much sound design power in your hands, I believe you can squeeze pretty much anything you’re after out of Aura.

Big Fish Audio Aura - Edit page

Big Fish Audio Aura – Edit page

As a Kontakt-based instrument, Aura also supports the NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) integration with NI’s Komplete Kontrol S-series and Maschine controllers. The instrument comes pre-mapped for these, letting you jump in and start twisting knobs immediately.

All in all, Aura seems to be one of those sound design tools that offer near-limited creative potential. As long as your computer is able to run it, you are in for a career’s worth of fun! Now let’s talk about the price…

Price and availability

Normaly a somewhat steep USD 199, Aura is on an introductory sale of USD 150. So now is as good of a time as any to make an investment. The offer is good until November 6.

Aura requires the free Kontakt 6 Player plug-in from Native Instruments, or a full Kontakt 6 copy. It eats up a hearty 12GB of disk space to install, which gets reduced to 6GB post-install. Kontakt 6 itself runs under macOS 10.12 and later or Windows 7 and later on 32-bit (Windows) and 64-bit computers.

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