Seven Days Of FREE Field Recordings @ Free To Use Sounds

Seven Days Of FREE Field Recordings @ Free To Use Sounds

Free To Use Sounds will be releasing a freely downloadable (pay what you want) sound library every day until October 12th, 2020. Two libraries are already available for free download from the Free To Use Sounds page on Bandcamp. You can enter zero as the amount to download for free or enter any other value […]

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Audiority Releases Free Overdrive Guitar Pedal VST/AU Plugin

Dr Drive by Audiority

Audiority has released Dr Drive, a freeware modern overdrive guitar pedal effect in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for compatible DAW applications on PC and Mac. Dr Drive is an analog-modeled overdrive pedal plugin developed by Audiority. It is released in celebration of Audiority’s 10th anniversary. The plugin’s design and features are inspired […]

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From: Bedroom Producers Blog | A free online TR-808 and TB-303 machine? That’s the rest of your day gone.

Roland is a web-based music creation platform built on the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer and TB-303 Bassline developed by Yuri Suzuki and Roland. It’s an 808 and a 303 – now go and play!

Well, this is totally brilliant. It’s an authentically emulated TR-808 and TB-303 side-by-side on a webpage. The look is different but instantly engaging and you find yourself very quickly lost in pattern creation in the best possible way. They’ve even sampled the button clicks which is completely genius. They sound awesome, just like you’d expect them to although they are missing all the individual editing and tweaking possibilities. But let’s not moan about not being able to tune the kick drum on a fabulously free online techno machine.

Want to know how to use it? Well, let a Guy Called Gerald talk you through it.

The TR-808 has no controls over the sounds. You get a Fill pattern and an “AI Variation” which, I think, scatters some steps about for you. Other than that you have Shuffle and Tempo knobs. The TB-303 gives you a choice of waveform, the filter section, Decay and Accent which is all manual and not automated per step for anything fancy like that. The Random button is very helpful.

Hit Record

The idea is that you make your tune and then share it to your socials. It has a “REC” button at the top and it will capture your performance and have it all ready to send to the internet – nice!

This reminds me so much of the joy of Rebirth RB-338 from Propellerhead. It’s there, it’s free, accessible from anything – go make your tunes.

More information

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Deal: get 4 Glitchmachines plug-ins for under EUR 5 each!

Glitchmachines deals

Glitchmachines plug-ins are some of the most top-notch sound design powerhouses in the industry. They’re a personal favourite of mine, thanks to the seriously advanced distortion and multi-effects processors, with more options than you can shake a stick at. It helps that they also ship with sizeable presets collections and a huge amount of samples. This way, you can immediately start mangling some really cool-sounding audio from the get go.

Glitchmachines deals at Plugin Boutique

If you wanted to grab yourself some great Glitchmachines plug-ins, now is a really good time. Plugin Boutique is selling Subvert, Cryogen, Fracture XT, and Convex for around the EUR 4.50 mark. Talk about a bargain! Here’s more about the plug-ins:

Subvert is a complex distortion processor with multimode functionality, an FM ring modulator, digitizer, metalizer, and multimode filter. Each effects chain has three parallel channels in addition to modulation and routing options. There’s also a global EQ and a randomizer.

Cryogen is a modular buffer effects processor with dual multimode filters and dual bit crushers. A modular drag and drop modulation matrix lets you mutate the audio to an unrecognisable extent.

Fracture XT is a granular glitch processor based on Glitchmachines’ free Fracture plug-in. It features granular, buffer, and delay effects on top of a patch-able modulation matrix, 4 modulation LFOs with sync, 6 randomizers, and hundreds of presets.

Convex is a multi-effects processor based around a multimode filter, pitch shifter and delay. There’s two of each, in addition to a pair of envelope followers, 4 flexible LFOs with sync, dual mixers/mults/inverters, and 70+ factory presets.

More information


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Deal: get GBP 269 off the Dell XPS 13, a great production laptop

Dell XPS 13 deal

Prime Day is coming next week, which means it’s time for preemptive deal strikes. Dell is jumping the gun by taking as much as GBP 269 off its Dell XPS 13 laptop. The XPS 13 is among the top choices for Windows music production laptops. It is powerful, sleek, and has a battery that lasts a long while.

Dell XPS 13 Deal

The latest Dell XPS 13 is usually priced around GBP 1569, but the discount slashes the price to a much nicer GBP 1299. That is, complete with free shipping. In terms of specs, you get that mammoth 10th-gen Core i7 CPU with integrated Iris Plus graphics, along with 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage.

That’s plenty of music production muscle, unless you are heavily into sampled instruments. In which case, I’d bump the RAM to at least 16GB, and the SSD storage to 1TB.

In addition to music projects, the laptop should handle video editing rather swiftly. The Iris chips are capable enough for the kind of light 4K video editing one does while cutting a vlog or performance video.

All in all, nice one, Dell! The deal can be found here on the manufacturer’s website.

Dell XPS 13

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