Endlesss Studio: Tim Exile’s collab app is coming to the desktop (and your DAW)

Tim Exile Endlesss StudioIt’s only been a couple of weeks since Endlesss for iOS came out, and now it looks like the online collaboration app may be headed for your desktop computer. According to studio.endlesss.fm, there are plans to bring a desktop version named Endlesss Studio to Kickstarter. They’re mentioning things like DAW integration, controller support and an instrument designer – this could be good!

Endlesss Studio

Endlesss came out in late March. The collab app for iOS was developed by Tim Exile, whose other contributions to music tech include many fine creations for NI Reaktor, such as SLOW, FLOWs, SLOO, SLOR, The Finger and The Mouth. Endlesss lets you jam and collaborate online using a simple loop-based interface. It comes with a bunch of onboard sounds, but you can also record your own loops and riffs. Until now, Endlesss was only available on iOS, but it seems like that’s about to change.

According to studio.endlesss.fm, there are plans for a desktop version of Endlesss for Windows and Mac computers. It appears that it’ll come in the form of a stand-alone application, as well as VST and AU plug-ins to integrate with your DAW. If these plans materialize, you’ll be able to use your DAW and studio setup to collaborate via Endlesss, which is a fabulous idea. Collaborate instantly to come up with ideas quickly, and then take it to your DAW for arranging and further production.

The site says that Endlesss Studio will let you “collaborate live directly from DAW to DAW”. They also mention that you’ll be able to drag&drop audio files between your DAW and Endlesss Studio. Another planned feature is controller support for devices like Ableton Push, Novation Launchpad, AKAI MPC, and others. It also looks like Endlesss Studio will sync with the iOS version, so you can create sessions in Studio and continue on the mobile device, and vice versa.

All of this sounds very cool and would turn a fun iOS app into a powerful collab tool for your DAW. Unfortunately, it’ll be a while until Endlesss Studio comes out. The project still seems to be in the early stages, and the developers are planning to set up a Kickstarter campaign to finance the development. Right now, all you can do is sign up for the mailing list, which puts you in a good position to grab some of the Kickstarter early bird specials at 60% off when the campaign launches.

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