Had a thought that captured me all day: We tend to not live the moment, the “here and now”. We rather stick with the past or future plans — even yesterday or tomorrow — than to breathe that one moment we’re in, especially when we’re together with someone talking about something. We talk about what happened or what we think will happen. We seem to just accept (because we have no choice) to exist here and now but really live somewhere else in time. Bio mass with traveling minds.

Not that I’m an exception. I’m just wondering: Why so? Anyone?

Footnote: I believe animals don’t do so.


  1. it is just because we like to keep our minds busy.
    Thinking thinking thinking… talking in or to ourselves or to someone else.

    In order to be fully in the now, you have to be able to silent yourself.
    Just experience the moment and yourself 🙂

  2. Definitely something I try to understand and apply to my life… living in the now… but it is a very difficult task! I think we are programmed (not sure by who/what) to always think that there is something better in the past or future, so that we are never fully happy or satisfied. There is so much power in living in the now, in experiencing the moment… I think artists and athletes and similar can agree that when they really “experience the moment”, that there is an energy and a flow that you can fall into and become a part of. When we can silence the chatter and fall into the flow, amazing things can happen. It is sad that it is something that is so difficult for us humans to do. I think you are right that animals live this way.

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