Most of the time I’m pretty good at not pouring personal antipathy out in the public. So I won’t today. Haha.

It’s just worth a mention how many cowards who pretended to stand close to me in the past are now kind of “united” and best friends … who hated each other back then. But sure, when there’s an occasion to unite forces *against* someone (who’s life is cool and who’s happy most of the time) it’s easy for cheap cowards to act as if they liked each other for ages, and they pretend they have no idea why they didn’t unite earlier. Question is: How many “friends” did everyone of those have *before* they came into my life?

What more to say … well, all this is actually good. A huge mountain of garbage at once. So they might not come into other people’s way who have a life, which also is my recommendation.

That strange thing called “character” is something to be found very seldom these days. Stop making people who are the opposite of you responsible for all this drama you’re into on a daily basis. Fuck you, precious little, stinking princesses and get a fucking own life with fucking own values and fucking own real people. You’re not worth breathing the same air than ticks on a straying cat. Maybe you just try and do something RIGHT.

(I’m sorry when one or the other feels offended by strong language. I love it.)

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