It’s always a time of sadness when the world loses a true innovator, a great teacher and a great mind. I’m known for disliking the Apple policy, not the products themselves, they’re good, but not good enough for my taste and needs. That’s not important now.

I’m sad about Steve Jobs’ death. He definitely changed the world to a better place. Without him this world wouldn’t be that connected and inspired. His ideas led to even better ideas. He’s been a true pioneer. Pioneers earn my respect. Steve Jobs was able to see things way beyond everything else, and had the strength to get it done.

I still dislike Apple. But my love goes out to Steve and his loved ones. Besides all the politics: He had a private life as a human being like everyone else. This is a hard time for everyone, and — as far as I got it — Steve was a great father and and family man. I deeply feel and respect that.

Rest in peace, Steve.

I’m sure you won’t rest, though. I’m sure you’ll invent something great in heaven, or wherever you are now. 😉

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