Tracktion Collective Sample/Synth hybrid virtual instrument now available as a plugin

Tracktion CollectivePreviously only available within Tracktion’s Waveform DAW, Collective is a diverse sound source using sampled and synthesized sounds and is now available as a VST, AU and AAX plugin.


It’s a workhorse of a virtual instrument with a good chunk of wide-ranging sounds and textures. It’s the sort of instrument that every DAW needs for everyday music production and sound design. The sample library includes over 600 real-world and electronica instruments curated by vastly experienced sample capture and voicing artist Klaus Peter Rausch who has worked with Korg, Yamaha, Alesis, Clavia and many more. You can also load your own samples and build your own instruments if you prefer.

Alongside the sample engine is a deep synthesis platform that pulls together virtual analog, 4 operator FM, filters, LFOs and a wide range of effects.

Sounds can be layered up as much as you like and pushed towards 256 notes of polyphony. Each sound can handle unison up to 16 voices and each voice takes in 4 oscillators of synthesis or sampled sources with sync and Ring Modulation. There are 2 filters connected in series with an interconnected and nicely configurable distortion stage. The 4 LFOs are wired directly to the things that matter and you have some macro controls to simplify the sound design.

The interface doesn’t look immediately innovative but it’s very clear, colourful, detailed and animated. Very familiar to anyone who has used Tracktion instruments before.

Tracktion Collective

Tracktion Collective

Collective is available now for $60 or you can bundle it up with additional content. The promotional video below is a little underwhelming which is a shame because there’s some great stuff in here. I’d recommend downloading the free trial and having a go yourself.

More information

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