Great article about the Manila nightlife. This is just how things are … ever had a MASSAGE (standing upright) after peeing in the restroom of a dance club? More fun in the Philippines! 😀

“What sets the Filipino nightlife apart from other countries? The nightlife in the Philippines is an extension of the world-famous Philippine brand of hospitality. Being a third-world country, the Philippines holds a lot of collectivist values such as pakikisama,which hardly has any direct English translation. It has a deeper meaning of ‘getting along well with others’, which involves endearing qualities such as friendliness, sharing, respect and empathy. Integrating the nightlife culture to this context, the clubbing scene in Manila offers nothing but warmth, genuine sincerity, and a sea of good vibes that is distinctly Filipino.”

Clubbing in Manila, The Philippines | The Daily Roar

Clubbing in Manila, The Philippines


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