UVI Falcon 2.5: New presets, sequencers, effects and modulators

UVI Falcon 2.5UVI’s Falcon hybrid synthesizer and massive multisample instrument get a decent update that expands the synthesis engine and widens the palette of processing and manipulation.

Falcon 2.5

If you’re not familiar with Falcon from UVI then you can think of it as a combination of software instrument environments like Native Instruments Kontakt, Vienna Ensemble and Serum, Reaktor and Arturia Pigments. It brings together massive libraries of sampled instruments with virtual analog synthesis, wavetables, phase distortion, FM, physical modelling and additive forms. It pushes things around with a large modulation engine of envelopes, LFOs and stepped and scripted sequences and events, and then wraps it all up in a huge world of effects. It’s a massive and expanding universe of sound that can also run all of UVI’s other instruments and content. Got it? Good.

New sequencers and utilities

Falcon has a comprehensive scripting engine that can manipulate MIDI events in the form of inbuilt sequencers and processing. In version 2.5 UVI has added a Cartesian Sequencer, Rain Sequencer, Euclidean Keys, Wave Sequencer, Warp Sequencer, Probability Arp, and Note Pan. There’s a MIDI Record function, MIDI Pitch Delay and Event Delay with pitch drift and MIDI monitoring.

These things look fascinating and a bit baffling in the video.

Effects and Modulators

There are 2 new effects to add to the overloaded effects engine. These are the TS Overdrive Tube Screamer emulation and the VCF-20 filter based on the Korg MS-20.

For modulation, there’s now a Multi-LFO with multiple wave shapes and a Smooth Random LFO which can do all sorts of unexpected things.


There are over 100 new factory presets using all the standard content.


Until the 18th October Falcon 2.5 is available for €244.00 with 2 free expansions of your choice.

More information from UVI


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