Arturia MiniFuse: Three new affordable USB-C audio interfaces

Arturia MiniFuse 1, MiniFuse 2 and MiniFuse 4Arturia has announced the MiniFuse series of audio interfaces. Designed as a more affordable alternative to the company’s AudioFuse series, the new MiniFuse 1, MiniFuse 2 and MiniFuse 4 offer USB-C connectivity and versatile features for recording, podcasting, and more.

Arturia MiniFuse audio interfaces

All three new Arturia MiniFuse interfaces are available in black or white. They all offer a USB-C connection and are compatible with macOS and Windows. The free Control Centre app provides access to all settings and firmware updates.

The interfaces run on USB-C bus power. The MiniFuse 4 also offers a connection for an optional DC power supply. Arturia is known for providing a USB hub on its interfaces, and the new MiniFuse series are no exception. The MiniFuse 1 and 2 each have one USB-A port for connecting MIDI controllers or other devices, while the MiniFuse 4 offers two.

Another feature is especially useful for podcasting and streaming: All three MiniFuse interfaces offer a virtual loopback channel, which is great for recording phone calls or gaming audio, for example.

The included software package features Ableton Live Lite, Arturia Analog Lab Intro, Arturia FX, Native Instruments Guitar Rig 6 LE and free 3-month subscriptions to Auto-Tune Unlimited and Splice.

Arturia MiniFuse 1

MiniFuse 1

MiniFuse 1, MiniFuse 2 and MiniFuse 4

Now, lets talk about the differences, which lie mainly in the input/output configuration. The MiniFuse 1 offers a single XLR-1/4” combo jack for microphone, instrument or line signals. The MiniFuse 2 has two of these, while the MiniFuse 2 offers two 1/4” line inputs in addition to two XLR-1/4” combo jacks. All MiniFuse interfaces offer phantom power for powering your condenser microphones.

Arturia MiniFuse 2

MiniFuse 2

The MiniFuse 1 and MiniFuse 2 each offer two line outputs, while the MiniFuse 4 has four. The top-of-the-line interface also adds a second headphone output, while the two entry-level models only offer one.

The MiniFuse 1 doesn’t offer MIDI. The MiniFuse 2 and MiniFuse 4 each offer MIDI In/Out on traditional 5-pin DIN connectors.

Arturia MiniFuse 4

MiniFuse 4

Prices and availability

The Arturia MiniFuse 1 and MiniFuse 2 will be available soon for €99 and €149, respectively. The manufacturer says that the MiniFuse 4 will be released early next year. Its price hasn’t been announced yet.

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