IK Multimedia tease X: The finest tones ever finally break free

IK Multimedia X teaserIK Multimedia has released a teaser video entitled “The finest tones ever finally break free” which features an X and little else.

IK Multimedia tease X

IK Multimedia’s big Summer NAMM announcement looks like it could well be a new piece of modeling hardware aimed specifically at guitar players. Just their teaser video doesn’t exactly give much away.

IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia X?

“The finest tones ever finally break free”

The above statement is certainly a bold one and that big X sort of hints that it could be something special. Potentially a new guitar amplifier or perhaps even a floor-based modelling unit which I would guess would be equipped with their in-house AmpliTube software.

I’d be more than happy to have some of those Amplitube tones contained within a hardware unit, as I have been using their Amplitube software forever and so know my way around it fairly well. Therefore, a hardware solution would be great for me, and I suspect, for many other guitar players too.

15 July 2021

With a release date of 15 July 2021 that obviously coincides with Summer NAMM, we don’t exactly have very long to wait to find out what X is all about. Summer NAMM 2021 is in Nashville and IK Multimedia is attending and will be at booth 821, so you can check it out in person or online during the show.

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IK Multimedia Teaser Video

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