Best Times to Post to Social Media

Today I want to share something with you, which works very well (for me!) for some time now. I’ve done a lot of research on this and I think I’m now able to put the best possible results together here for you.

I’m talking about the best times to post on social media. That sounds a bit general, and it is, so please, just take this as a guideline, but not as a 100 percent truth. Depending on what content you share it may work differently for you, and there are certainly many other factors that relativize my results.

I suggest that you always consult your own experiences and your gut feeling before you follow my (or anyone else’s) advice, especially when it comes to something as complicated as the one being talked about here.

However, here are my suggestions (all times in 24h format):


  • Any day
  • Between 13:00 an 15:00, 20:00



  • Go here: Followerwonk
  • Fill in your Twitter name, click “Do it”
  • Scroll a bit down to “Most active hours for users [your_twitter_name] follows”
  • Check the results, or even add those to a Buffer schedule automatically!
  • Done.


  • Mondays, Thursdays
  • Between 8:00 and 9:00, 17:00


  • Weekdays only
  • Between 9:00 and 13:00

You can really skip weekends entirely.


  • All week, although weekends, especially Sundays, are stronger
  • Between 17:00 and 1:00 (next day)

Tumblr folks are active at nights!


  • Weekdays only
  • Between 7:00 and 8:00, 12:00, between 17:00 and 18:00

That’s it. Make sure to leave at least 15 minutes between posts. Happy posting! 🙂

I just leave that here for you

Click for bigger version

I took this picture, yesterday, in a highly populated and wealthy “Barangay” (district) of Manila, Philippines, called “Bonifacio Global City“. 2 young girls were lying on the sidewalk, having a nap, just next to an upper-class condominium building, opposite of a huge shopping mall. Just like that. Hundreds of wealthy people passed by, clean and good-looking. The weather was perfectly sunny with a few funny clouds in the sky.

When I approached those kids, I took the photo first. Then I bowed down to ask them if they were okay. They just said: “Thank you, Sir. Just sleepy.”

I gave them a few bucks (I think it was around 100 Pesos, because I gave them all my 20 Peso notes, which looked live 5 or 6, didn’t count = US$2.25 = 2€), and went my way. That’s enough for some food, but it doesn’t feel like enough at all. I didn’t have much cash on hand. With a bitter taste in my mouth, with the feeling of guilt and shame in my heart. I, the well-off westerner, felt responsible.

For your information: actually, and sadly, this picture doesn’t show anything unusual. You see that everywhere here, every day. Those kids roam around with no real purpose, other than hunting opportunities to get something to eat, drink or a few bucks. And when it doesn’t work out, they sniff glue.

They don’t loose any dignity in living this way, because they have no idea what dignity is, they never experienced that. They’re not ashamed, they have nothing to loose. For them, this is normal.

It’s just me who’s haunted by this.

No One Murdered Because Of This Image. But Blocked On Facebook For 24 Hours.

Yes, really. Shortly after the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris, I shared this article on Facebook. They deleted the post and blocked me from posting anything for 24 hours. Me and 233.7k other users on Facebook, 18.1k on Twitter and 3.9k on Google+. They blocked ME. Also, I had to re-authorize all Facebook connections with other apps. Maybe, one of the prophets knows why this was necessary.

It’s from 13th September 2012, and the cartoon in it shows the Hebrew prophet Moses high-fiving Jesus Christ as both are having their erect penises vigorously masturbated by Ganesha, all while the Hindu deity anally penetrates Buddha with his fist.

It’s satire. Probably, a user reported that post as “offensive” (or so). My advice: get over the fact that religion is subject to criticism, also in form of satire. This was not meant to be pornographic or anything like that. While you’re at it, get over the idea of free speech. It’s also for you, and lots of people fought and died for that, for your right to speak freely and publicize your opinions. As weird as someone may find them.

Hence …

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

— Francois Voltaire