Tracktion Waveform Free 2021: the free DAW gets even better

Tracktion Waveform Free 2021Tracktion Waveform Free is a free DAW that offers few restrictions and many features. For zero financial outlay. With the new functions that the manufacturer has put into the Waveform Free 2021 update that’s just become available, this free DAW is getting even better.

Tracktion Waveform Free 2021

In contrast to many other free DAWs and ‘light’ versions, Waveform Free does not have any major restrictions – most importantly, you can use an unlimited number of tracks and plug-ins. As many as your setup can handle, anyway. The software is also notable for running on platforms such as Linux and the Raspberry Pi.

With the update, Tracktion is bringing new functionality and performance improvements. For example, the new welcome screen lets you access and configure audio devices, project templates, and tutorials at a glance. Tracktion also shows the latest product information there. The editing of clips is aided by features such as Range Selection, Ripple Delete, and Heal (Consolidate) Silence. The Dedicated Step Clip Editor also simplifies programming.

Meanwhile, Action panels let you save the most frequently used editing operations to fire them up at any time with a click of the mouse. That sounds very practical. Further along, MIDI typing enables note input from your computer keyboard. That was overdue and is of course particularly helpful if you don’t have a MIDI controller.

In addition, there are the usual performance improvements and bug fixes as well as delay compensation. This meaningful update shows Tracktion is going strong. It’s quite amazing what you can accomplish without paying a penny for software these days.

Waveform Free 2021 runs on Windows 8 and 10, macOS (11.11 or newer), Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) and Raspberry Pi (Raspbian 10).

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