Vollume Control: a new media manager designed for online collaboration

Vollume ControlTired of losing track of your audio files when sending them back and forth to collaborate with your friends or bandmates? Vollume Control is a new cross-platform media manager app that can help to keep things organized.

Vollume Control

At first glance, Vollume Control looks similar to many other media management and streaming apps like iTunes, Spotify or Tidal. That’s because it lets you do many of the same things: You can listen to your audio files by artist, album and other criteria, create playlists and share them with your friends.

But Vollume Control isn’t just for listening to your music library. The app has a bunch of features designed to make life easier for those of us who like to collaborate online. Writing songs together remotely and collaborating on productions, mixes and scoring projects over the internet is something that many musicians have learned to embrace during this pandemic, and like working from home, some of that is probably here to stay. The folks behind Vollume Control say that they’ve designed the app with online collaboration in mind.

Vollume Control

Vollume Control lets you drag&drop audio to and from your DAW

You can share your files online with your collaborators, manage access permissions and share private links. Whenever someone else uploads something or posts a comment, you receive a notification. And Vollume Control lets you drag and drop audio to and from your DAW, so the export and import processes should be simple and straight-forward. The makers say that Vollume Control can also be used to share samples with your collaborators.

You can also use Vollume Control to back up and sync your projects across several computers and mobile devices. Your uploads are secured with 128 bit AES encrpytion, the developer says. The app currently runs on macOS, iOS and Android. A Windows version isn’t currently available, but Vollume says that they’re working on it.

All of this looks pretty slick, and while Vollume Control doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it does have a couple of nice features that could make sharing audio files and collaborating online quite a bit easier.

Prices and subscription options

Vollume Control is available in several subscription tiers. The main differences are in the amount of audio data you can upload, and the number of collaborators. The free basic plan gives you one hour of uploads and two collaborators. Paid plans are available for $1.99/month (50 hours/10 collaborators), $4.99/month (200 hours/50 collaborators) and $9.99/month (2000 hours/200 collaborators). The top-of-the-line Pro Max plan costs $14.99/month and gets you unlimited audio uploads and 500 collaborators.

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