Loopcloud Offers FREE 1GB #StayInspired Vocals Pack

Loopcloud Offers FREE 1GB Stay Inspired Vocals Pack

Loopcloud is offering the #StayInspired Vocals Pack to all current members and new users who start a free 30-day trial of the Loopcloud Studio plan. This offer is one part of the #StayInspired bundle launched by Plugin Boutique, Loopmasters, Loopcloud, and Producertech. We already covered the #StayInspired Plugin Bundle, which includes three audio plugins worth […]

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Plugin Boutique Offers FREE #StayInspired Plugin Bundle ($89 value)

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Plugin Boutique is giving away the #StayInspired Plugin Bundle ($89 value), which contains three premium audio plugins from Baby Audio, Pulsar Audio, and W.A. Production. #StayInspired Plugin Bundle is a follow up to Plugin Boutique’s recent #StayInCreate bundle, which was offered back in April. Plugin Boutique, Loopmasters, Producertech, and Loopcloud have joined forces once again […]

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TYXIT T.ONE promises a wireless live sound revolution

TYXIT is a Swiss company aiming to revolutionise the way you connect your instruments. The Kickstarter campaign promises quick setups, freedom from cables and ease of use. Is this the beginning of a connectivity revolution? Or is it just another Kickstarter destined to disappear without a trace?

TYXIT: A Wireless Revolution?

When TYXIT’s press release dropped into our inbox we were, admittedly, sceptical. We hear words and phrases such as “revolutionary” and the cringeworthy “game-changer” bandied around on a daily basis. It’s not the first time we’ve been promised a revolution in wireless technology; do you remember Audiofusion? No? We didn’t think you would…

Why should you care about TYXIT then? Well, we think that this technology might actually deliver. TYXIT’s aim is to free you from endless cables, expensive wireless systems and monitoring and recording problems. It’s a nice idea, isn’t it? All you need is to plug in one of TYXIT’s transmitters, use a receiver pack for your monitoring and mix yourself using an app on your phone.

So What’s The Catch?

Importantly the TYXIT T.ONE system works on the ISM frequency band; this is much more robust than other cheap systems which use domestic Wi-Fi. It’s affordably priced and appears well-engineered, so what’s the catch? If you’re in a band with only a few input sources, we can see this working well for you. If you play in a traditional rock band, with multiple mic sources, it may become financially prohibitive.

We also have reservations over the ability to interface multiple channels with a front of house system. It should be noted that you’ll probably need an additional computer; we can’t see much info on multichannel audio outputs. Obviously, that’s all additional cost and complexity you’ll have to deal with. You might well feel that defeats many of the advantages of the TYXIT system.

If you’re interested in getting on-board with TYXIT, then there’s good news for you. If you head over to their Kickstarter page, you can take advantage of various early bird perks.

Let us know if you decide to take the plunge! We’re eager to see how the TYXIT system plays out in the real world…

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IK Multimedia Offers FREE AmpliTube Metal To All Subscribers

AmpliTube Metal by IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia is giving away the AmpliTube Metal (€99.99 value) expansion for AmpliTube Custom Shop to all new and existing newsletter subscribers until July 15th, 2020. AmpliTube Metal is a popular virtual gear add-on for the freely downloadable AmpliTube Custom Shop guitar amp suite. The collection features 48 gear models for heavy metal and similar […]

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Get Reason Lite Rack Plugin For FREE With Any Purchase!

Get Reason Lite Rack Plugin For FREE With Any Purchase!

Plugin Boutique is including a free copy of the Reason Lite Rack Plugin with any purchase in their online store until July 31st, 2020. Reason Lite Rack Plugin is a lightweight modular plugin that includes nineteen legendary Reason devices. The modular rack comes with five virtual instruments, eight effects, and six MIDI utilities that can […]

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Get A FREE Plugin Alliance Product Of Your Choice! (24 Hours Left)

Get A FREE Plugin Alliance Product Of Your Choice! (24 Hours Left)

Plugin Alliance is offering a $20 voucher to all registered users, and there is no minimum spend. This means that you can get a free Plugin Alliance product of your choice (as long as it costs less than $20), but there are less than 24 hours left to redeem the coupon code! The company is […]

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