It all began with  this one:

Helene writing lyrics[/caption]

What a great experience! There are those moments with a collaborator when you feel the artistical connection between you and the other one, when you don’t need to say much because everything is kind of said already. It’s pure pleasure working like this. Also one or the other laughing fit was involved, after a long day working on the music, still trying to record some vocals.

I’m so thankful to have the privilege to be surrounded by such talented people like Helene who’s also become a friend during those days. Her voice is the most amazing one I’ve had the pleasure to listen to and work with, plus she’s a hell of a guy to have good talks and fun with. 🙂

Helene fine-tuning the wordsWhat’s the result? Well, as mentioned earlier we wrote, recorded and produced on 3 songs that really KICK ASS! Of course it isn’t all done … we need some more time to do some additional work on it, but we’re totally thrilled and excited to deliver those babys straight to your ears! Helene and I are very sure you will love them as we loved creating them.

We don’t have samples for you at this stage of things, but at least some (working) titles:

  • Shadows Of You
  • Random Victim
  • Ashes Of Your Kiss

Stay tuned, we have more stuff in the pipeline. To be continued …

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