My favorite music of the week 32/2017

I have discovered a huge number of incredible and great new music this week! Make sure to check all this out.

All of this is gold. Don’t miss!

The shortest review for Steven Wilson’s new album “To The Bone” you’ll find on the internet

Steven Wilson - To The BoneI could write a 24 km long review about Steven Wilson’s new album “To The Bone”, which I’m lucky enough to have a promo copy of. I’ll keep my review as long as necessary. Here’s what I have to say:

It’s a beautiful album containing some of the best song-writing Steven has ever done. The album makes sense to listen to as an album, individual tracks are still amazing but the music only stands out as a whole, and then it’s a mind-blowing work.

Purchase it, here:

My favorite music of the week 27/2017

This is a new series of posts that I will (try to) release every Friday, the best music I heard or discovered for the week. As you might know, curating/finding new great music is part of my job and I always thought it’s a pity when I don’t share the best of this with you. So, here we go with the first recommendations: