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Artist Biography

Ingo Portrait

Less noise, more meaning.

To Ingo, music is being alive, not only as a part of his daily routine but as the driving force behind his mere existence. Be it discovering music, writing, and recording his own material, editing and mastering for others, or just enjoying the sounds that surround him, Ingo’s life is one with the music he loves. Music to him is being one with the world, a venue to find mankind’s place on this planet, and to tell stories that crave to be told.

“Artists feel the natural world in ways different from the rest of us and that’s why they’re artists. Yes, we all can feel it but to express it, that’s a whole other talent.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Ingo is a classically trained musician and produces and performs music that comes in whatever form, genre, or style. He deals with the entire process of production, from writing to performing to mastering, with care and attention to the minutest details of both the music and its message.

Despite having produced numerous albums, singles and remixes, Ingo constantly thrives towards new sounds. His passion has excelled in countless DJ booths as well, where Ingo went for deep beats and melodies, creating an encounter with the crowd that went beyond being the sum of their parts. From the moment he got behind the decks, it was, “Come with me, I have something to show you, a story to tell.” These stories evolved throughout the night, based on response from the audience and the journey they wanted to go on, and Ingo was always ready to take them wherever that may have led.

“It’s not a normal life. We, as musicians, are not good life partners in the normal sense, mainly because the first love is always music.”

Hans Zimmer

Born in Germany and having been a global traveler who has lived across Europe and Asia, Ingo has taken music with him wherever he went. Stay tuned to experience the next part of his epic musical journey — we may not know where the path will lead us, but it will surely sound good along the way.

Short profile

  • Composer, producer, recording, mixing and mastering engineer, instrumentalist
  • Composer and producer for media, film, TV, and commissioned work for other people.
  • Founder, owner, CEO and Head of A&R at L2 Music since 2003.
  • Co-founder, Executive Director and show host/resident DJ at FRISKY, Inc. from 2005 to 2018, a groundbreaking electronic music internet radio and subscription service.
  • Inventor of The Ultimate Harmonic Mixing & Composing Chart.
  • Inventor of harmoodizr, a system to mix the right music for each purpose, based on psychology and algorithms.