Ingo Vogelmann – Starlit Days (Addliss Twinkling Remix) [Free Download] by Addliss

Some years ago I remixed some of Ingo Vogelmann’s tracks from his GOD-Album “Aquarius”. Over 3 years ago I put out the “Long Road To Self” remix and it got quite a good reaction. I don’t know why, but I somehow forgot to release the “Starlit Days” remix which was in the Chillout genre. The original can be found here: My “Long Road To Self” remix here: Follow Ingo Vogelmann:


A little intro I am the host of two different podcasts. One is the “INGO VOGELMANN Podcast”, a spoken podcast, and the “LIGHTS OUT Podcast” (LIGHTWORKS / TIME OUT = LIGHTS OUT), which combines my two DJ mix shows “LIGHTWORKS” and “TIME OUT” into a single podcast. Everything is available for you below this introduction. While the spoken podcast is (very soon) available on all relevant podcast outlets, the DJ Mix podcast is available on SoundCloud, MIXCLOUD and YouTube for listening and via RSS feed for subscription. The “LIGHTS OUT Podcast” was originally successful on Spotify until they noticed that I use music from other artists and labels and thus promote it. Spotify doesn’t seem to understand underground DJ music culture. The entire point of a DJ set is playing the music of other people in mixed form, to make it one musical experience, and thus promote the music of the respective labels and artists. People then listen to the tunes used in a DJ set and buy or stream those that they like. Simple. This is a win/win/win/win situation, all stake holders (and their spouses, because of the great mood that causes) — artist, label, DJ, fan — participate from this. At MIXCLOUD they not only understand this, they also developed a (track ID) system that lives up to this idea and is their entire business model. The respective artists or labels are paid royalties for their works. Spotify has apparently not yet managed to do this. That’s why Spotify has canceled my show as a podcast on their platform. For me personally, it is incomprehensible why the largest music streaming service in the world has not yet managed…