Eurorack emulation VCV Rack V2.0 development update

Andrew Belt of VCV Rack has posted an update on the development of version 2 which includes interesting details on the future of this popular modular platform. VCV Rack 2.0 It’s not an easy job developing something that’s quite so enormous, has so many moving parts and a massive and enthusiastic user base. Since the beta release in 2017 VCV Rack has grown into a ridiculously versatile and comprehensive software modular platform with over 2,500 modules. This thing is immense and the core software and many of the modules are completely free. At the end of last year development on version 2 was continuing apace. The development was along the lines of a conversation between Andrew and the community of users. They’d already been through ideas of bridging the currently standalone software to DAWs but that ended up being discarded in favour of a fully VST plugin version. But that takes time and resources. In the latest development blog update Andrew shares how it’s been difficult both emotionally and mentally to work on the new version which gives us a glimpse at the sort of pressure he must be feeling to get this right. However, he believes that V2 will be an awesome update when it arrives and will solve at least half the criticism of V1. While he apologises for the time it’s taking he really doesn’t need to – he does awesome work and should take all the time he needs. VCV Rack 2 So, what’s new? The new version of VCV Rack will include the standalone version and the VST2 version in a single installer. Previous ideas of having a separate VST version have been discarded. It…

Empress Is A FREE Sample Pack By Slate Digital (Less Than 24 Hours Left)

Slate Digital offers the brand new Empress sample pack for free download. You have to join the waiting list to download the sample pack for free. The offer expires tomorrow (May 5th), so please go grab it quickly. The Empress pack contains over 500 high-quality royalty-free trapsoul samples. I like trapsoul samples because I find […] View post: Empress Is A FREE Sample Pack By Slate Digital (Less Than 24 Hours Left) … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |

Audio Damage Dubstation 2 Is FREE With Any Purchase @ PIB

Plugin Boutique offers the Dubstation 2 (€29 value) delay plugin by Audio Damage for FREE with any purchase. The giveaway will be active throughout the month of May, and all paid purchases qualify. Just make sure that the total amount in your shopping cart exceeds zero. The deal isn’t available for “free checkout” orders. Many […] View post: Audio Damage Dubstation 2 Is FREE With Any Purchase @ PIB … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |

Best free plug-ins this week: SPATIO Light, SideChainer 2 and STR-X

We’ve got a little bit of everything in this week’s collection of free plug-ins: a reverb, a very cool sidechain effect and a guitar amp simulator. Here’s SPATIO Light, SideChainer 2 and STR-X. Check out our archives for many more free plug-ins! ANWIDA Soft SPATIO Light SPATIO Light is a freebie that’s based on ANWIDA Soft’s upcoming SPATIO reverb. Its predecessor is the classic DX Reverb Light. The developer says that SPATIO Light can emulate everything from small rooms with plenty of coloration to large, natural-sounding spaces. The plug-in offers the familiar mix, pre delay and decay parameters, as well as a low pass filter. It’s a true stereo reverb with 64-bit internal processing, which yields “ultra clean and noiseless“ results, according to ANWIDA Soft. As of now, SPATIO Light is available for macOS in VST3 and AU versions. A Windows version is in the works. Get SPATIO Light here RDGAudio SideChainer 2 SideChainer 2 lets you achieve the popular pumping effect without having to deal with an actual sidechain compressor. You can specify the note value and use the mix knob to dial in the desired effect amount. Its best feature, however, is that you can draw your own curve for the effect. This lets you achieve custom pumping effects that are hard to achieve with just the envelope controls of a compressor. SideChainer 2 includes a bunch of presets for common applications. SideChainer 2 is available for Windows and macOS in VST3 and AU formats. Get SideChainer 2 here Strix Audio STR-X STR-X is a guitar amp simulation that isn’t based on any particular analog amp. Instead, it’s designed to be a simple, but powerful amp sim that…

Function Loops Releases Sound Architects 2021 ($27 Intro Price)

Function Loops released Sound Architects 2021, a new multi-format sound library with 1 GB of premium royalty-free sounds. Sound Architects 2021 is Function Loops’ latest sound library for hip-hop, dance, EDM, and pop music production. The company claims that it is their most ambitious release to date. It contains 1 GB of royalty-free sounds, presets, […] View post: Function Loops Releases Sound Architects 2021 ($27 Intro Price) … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |…

Best free plug-ins this week: Pedalboard, Brandulator 2.0 and Blumlein Haas

This weeks collection of free plug-ins includes a free multi-effect for guitar, an update for the popular Brandulator sequenced effect and a fun stereo tool. Here’s Pedalboard, Brandulator 2.0 and Blumlein Haas. As always, you can find many more free plug-ins in our archives. Lostin70s Live Pedalboard We’ve featured several of Lostin70s’ free amp simulations before, including ToneDeluxe v2, Modern Deluxe and Bass Deluxe. But what if you need more sonic flexibility than an amp can offer on its own? Good news: the developer has just released a free virtual pedalboard. It offers six slots, which you can fill with a wide range of effects from distortion and overdrive to modulation to delay, reverb and compressor. Here’s your free virtual guitar studio! Live Pedalboard is available for Windows and macOS in VST, VST3 and AU formats. Get Live Pedalboard here Stone Voices Brandulator v2.0 Brandulator has been around for a while, but the developer has just released a major update. Like the previous version, Brandulator 2 is a ‘complex sound processor’ that delivers effects like trance gates, vocoder, wah, comb-filter and modulation. Brandulator splits the input signal into three channels, each of which offers 16 steps of processing with their own volume and pan controls. You can turn static notes into all sorts of effects and intriguing rhythms. Brandulator 2.0 is a VST plug-in for Windows. Get Brandulator 2.0 here DSPplug Blumlein Haas This is a simple stereo effect based on the stereophonic/binaural research by Helmut Haas and Alan Blumlein. It lets you turn a mono signal into stereo by applying a very short delay to one channel. The delay time is adjustable from 1 to 13 milliseconds. There’s also…

VM2500 Collection: The ARP 2500 modules emulated in Voltage Modular

Cherry Audio brings the ARP 2500 to Voltage Modular with VM2500 Collection. The bundle contains 21 modules based on the vintage modular system. VM2500 ARP continues to be a rich resource of desirable vintage sounds. The ARP 2500 modular synth is one of the rarest and has been brought to life recently by Behringer and their 2500 range of hardware Eurorack modules. Cherry Audio, in collaboration with Mark Barton from MRB Labs, has brought them into the software environment of Voltage Modular. It will be interesting to see how they’ve tackled the conversion from a very unique matrix-based patching system to a Eurorack format of using patch cables. With the Behringer 2500 the work was done by Rob Keeble of AMSynths who had been working on the idea for many years. Cherry Audio says that they’ve recreated all 18 of the original modules in “perfect detail” and added an oscilloscope, spring reverb and mixer. “We’ve eliminated the matrix-switch I/O scheme and replaced all connections with standard CV jacks, and added bi-polar CV attenuators to all modulation inputs for full compatibility with all Voltage Modular modules.” What’s important is that with synth designer Mark Barton they capture the classic sound of this legendary machine. The VM2500 Collection is available now for $49. You’ll need Voltage Modular to run them and the Nucleus bundle is available for Windows and macOS completely free of charge. That’s a done deal I think. The bundle comes with a bunch of presets to get you started and those are essential because old vintage modular is not always that easy to understand. However, one of the problems I have with software modular is that you have a…

Brandulator 2.0 Is A FREE Multi-Effect VST Plugin By Stone Voices

Stone Voices releases Brandulator 2.0, a freeware multi-mode effect in 64-bit VST2 and VST3 plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows. Brandulator 2.0 is a complex sound processor that allows you to combine multiple effects in many interesting ways. The plugin takes the original signal and splits it into 16 steps/intervals based on the […] View post: Brandulator 2.0 Is A FREE Multi-Effect VST Plugin By Stone Voices … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |

Raffle: Win a Harley Benton G212A-FR cabinet worth €298!

Friends of digitally modelled guitar tone won’t want to miss out on this competition, with the chance to win a Harley Benton G212A-FR full range active cabinet worth €298. Full Range, Flat Response So what’s an FRFR cab, anyway? These ultra-neutral guitar cabinets reproduce 1:1 the signal you’ve painstakingly crafted in your modelling amp or multi-fx pedal, with no colouration. They’re designed to be completely linear and only give back the tone that goes in. Create your ideal guitar tone in your Kemper Profiler, Line 6 Helix or Headrush board, then send that signal directly to PA or recording input. The listener will hear exactly the tone you intended. In many scenarios, though, you’ll want to have your own cabinet to reproduce the sound on stage or in your rehearsal space – that’s where FRFR cabs come in. Raffle: Harley Benton G212A-FR We are giving away one G212A-FR active FRFR combo by Harley Benton, worth 298 Euros! It delivers stereo sound via two 12″ speakers and 2x 1″ high frequency drivers. With an output of 2x 100 watts RMS at 8 ohms, you won’t run out of horsepower anytime soon. This cab also has balanced XLR L/R outputs and can be tilted as a floor monitor, making it ideal for tight stage situations. Harley Benton’s G212-A FR Active Cabinet Terms and Conditions of Entry All you have to do to take part is enter one comment under this post, on our Instagram post or on the Facebook post announcing this raffle. Participation is – of course – free of charge. The minimum age for participation is 14 years. Only one entry is allowed – attempted multiple entries per competition will…

2MGT Offers EVOX Limited Version Synthesizer FREE For Windows

Metamusic Generative Tools (2MGT) offers the EVOX Limited Version virtual synthesizer as a free download for Windows. EVOX v1.0 (32-bit) is an experimental synth that works as a standalone application for Windows. The EVOX synth has 2 layers (A/B) that you can use individually or together to create more complex patches. The GUI looks very […] View post: 2MGT Offers EVOX Limited Version Synthesizer FREE For Windows … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |