Shure Aonic 215 Gen 2: Versatile Rugged Wireless Earphones

Shure Aonic 215 Gen 2 wireless earphones is a redesign of the 215 series with updated features. If you’re looking for earphones you can use in the gym or on-stage, then these could be an ideal choice!

Shure Aonic 215 Gen 2

If you were strolling through Shure’s booth at CES 2020, you’d have noticed the introduction of a new product line. Shure’s AONIC line took the earphone and headphone design from their studio and stage transducers and adapted it to “on the go” wireless tech. The AONIC range is a great choice if you need one set of earphones that can serve double duty; both on stage, in the studio, on the go or in the gym.

18 months on, and Shure has updated the Aonic 215 earphones to Gen 2 specification. So what are the big updates? Well, as far as I can tell the big headline news is that the Aonic 215 Gen 2 are now IPX4 rated for water resistance. Undoubtedly, that could be super handy if you’re looking for a set of high-quality earphones for active and on the go use.

Additionally, Shure appears to have enhanced the Aonic 215 Gen 2 with added functionality through the free ShurePlus PLAY app. For example, you can customize your hardware EQ, configure the touch button controls, customise environment mode and more!

Versatile Connectivity

Undoubtedly, many of the features that made the original Aonic 215 so appealing are still here. I particularly like the clever modular connectivity; the earphones connect to the wireless receivers via the same connector you’ll see on Shure’s professional IEM earphones. Importantly, that means you can also use them with a conventional wired connection.

As a consequence, your wireless, noise-cancelling, mic equipped earphones can become wired IEMs in seconds. Obviously, you have to purchase additional accessories in order to pull off this dual functionality, but that’s much cheaper than having two sets of earphones to switch between the gym and the stage!

Altogether then, the Aonic 215 Gen 2 earphones look like a tempting proposition at a reasonable price. If you’re a musician on the go and you need a versatile set of IEMs, then you could do much worse than taking a closer look!

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IK Multimedia adds virtual X-GEAR pedals to AmpliTube 5

IK Multimedia X-gear virtual pedalsThis new update for IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube 5 software allows users to try every X-GEAR effect pedal in a virtual guitar rig. You can also get a deal if you decide to buy both the virtual and the hardware version of the pedal at the same time.

Virtual X-GEAR pedals

The new update to AmpliTube 5 is free to all owners of the software and gives you a 72 hour trial period with each of the new virtual X-GEAR pedals, so you can see if you like them. Each of the pedals has 16 effects, and you can play with the different controls of each pedal in your virtual rig.

IK Multimedia X-GEAR virtual pedals

IK Multimedia X-GEAR virtual pedals

The Deal

Each virtual pedal will set you back $/€149.99 (plus tax) via the Custom Shop. Or you can get both the hardware pedal and its virtual version from the IK store for $/€299.99. It could be a good way to demo the four new X-GEAR pedals before you decide to lay out any of your hard-earned cash, especially as this is the first generation of this effect from IK Multimedia.

The first effect pedals from IK Multimedia - Amplitube X-GEAR

The first effect pedals from IK Multimedia – Amplitube X-GEAR

You can get virtual versions of the new X-DRIVE, X-VIBE, X-TIME, and the X-SPACE so it may take you a while to try out all four of them. It could get pretty expensive if you bought them all outright blind, so the ability to test them out for 72 hours is going to be useful for any potential buyers.

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IK Multimedia X-GEAR Video

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