Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor: Spank and Heat your audio!

Baby Audio Parallel AggressorDeveloper Baby Audio is gaining steam with its modern, thought-through plug-ins. Super VHS, for example, degrades your audio in a nostalgic and vibey way. Magic Switch is a free chorus based on Super VHS, while Comeback Kid is an unorthodox delay. Now, Baby Audio is throwing its hat into parallel processing again. It has followed up its I Heart NY parallel compressor with a new plug-in called Parallel Aggressor – a compressor, filter and saturator!

Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor

Parallel processing is about processing copies of a track individually, rather than piling up all your effects onto a single track. The heavily processed individual tracks are blended with the dry original to form a cohesive, good-sounding whole. The technique works on all kinds of audio, including drum buses, individual tracks and entire mixes.

Parallel Aggressor splits audio in three ways. First comes the dry track. A second copy is run through the Spank compressor, which features four modes – Extra Punch, Extra Smack, Sidechain Filter, and Mono. A third copy goes into the Heat saturator module, which also has four styles – Extra Hot, Tone, HP Filter, LP Filter.

At the end, the three tracks are blended between each other using the provided mixer. Each track can be soloed to hear exactly what the processing is doing. Tracks are also automatically gain-matched to the input signal so you can make your decisions easier.

Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor - 2

As a final touch, Parallel Aggressor has three color schemes for its interface in addition to 25 presets done by name producers that are friends with the developers. All in all, a spankin’ hot release!

Price and availability

Parallel Aggressor is on sale for USD 29 until August 30. The regular price will be USD 49. The plug-in is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats for Windows and macOS computers. A free demo version is available on the website.

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Deal: Grab Pigments 2 and other Arturia software at 50% off!

Arturia saleCelebrating 20 years in the music tech biz, Arturia started off with an exclusive package containing its flagship software releases. But the French are not stopping there! Arturia launched a sale on all its software products, offering them at 50% off!

Arturia 20 Year Anniversary Sale

The Sound Explorers Collection is excellent value, indeed! But it’s a physical product that is acquired from Arturia’s dealers. If you want to get your hands on Arturia’s synths and effects right away, now is a great time to hit up the webshop. The sale covers all synthesizers from Arturia’s V-Collection 7, all effects from the manufacturer’s Effects You Will Actually Use collection, and the Pigments 2 hybrid software synth.


As mentioned, all 50% off discounts are found in Arturia’s webshop. Additionally, the software synthesizer Pigments 2 is also available at Thomann at the special price of EUR 99, down from the regular EUR 199.



The sale runs until August 12, 2020. Arturia’s plug-ins run on macOS 10.11 or higher and Windows 7 or higher. They are available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats for 64-bit systems. They also support the Native Kontrol Standard, which means they come pre-mapped for Native Instruments’ Machine and Komplete Kontrol MIDI controllers. Trial versions and PDF user manuals for all products can be downloaded free of cost.

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OSC/PILOT: deadmau5’s performance controller is now available to everyone

OSC/PILOTOSC/PILOT is a performance software that lets you design your own customized control surfaces for MIDI and OSC-compatible applications. Used by deadmau5 for his live shows since 2013, OSC/PILOT is now officially available to everyone.

OSC/PILOT control system

Many electronic live acts rely on software such as Ableton Live or Bitwig Studio. But the user interfaces of most DAWs are still primarily designed for use with a mouse and keyboard in the studio. On stage, the last thing you want to do is fiddle with tiny on-screen buttons and sliders. Off-the-shelf MIDI controllers can provide some relief, but they have a fixed set of controls that cannot change as your needs evolve. What if you could create your very own control surface that offers exactly what you need, and adapts as your requirements change?

OSC/PILOT is a customizable control surface for touch screens. The software lets you build your own performance interface for DAWs like Ableton Live and Bitwig Studio. It also works with visual applications, including Resolume and VDMX. According to the developer, OSC/PILOT has been in development since 2013 and has been used and refined since that time by no other than electronic artist deadmau5.



The drag&drop interface lets you create sliders, buttons, button matrices, rotary knobs and other controllers, and arrange them any way you like. You can then configure them to send MIDI or OSC data to DAWs, other music software and visual applications. The software can also receive OSC data for visual feedback within the UI.

OSC/PILOT supports multi-touch displays. It also lets you set up multiple workspaces in one project, so you could have dedicated control pages for different software applications or tracks, for example.

If you’re a musical or visual artist who performs live using MIDI- or OSC-controllable software, OSC/PILOT looks like a great way to set up your own control surfaces tailored to your needs.

Price and compatibility

OSC/PILOT is now available for USD 49.99. You can also download a free trial version, which is fully functional except that it cannot load or save projects.

The software runs on Windows 8.1 and 10. As of now, there’s no word whether the developer plans to release a Mac version in the future.

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Steinberg releases VST 3.7 SDK with many feature enhancements

Steinberg VST 3.7 SDKSteinberg has released the VST 3.7 Software Developer Kit (SDK). The new version brings several new features to the plug-in development toolkit, including a VST3 Project Generator and support for the development of plug-ins for ARM-based Macs.

Steinberg VST 3.7 SDK

While this isn’t the release of VST4, the VST 3.7 SDK does bring several enhancements to the SDK interface. This should make it easier for developers to make the most of the platform and adapt their plug-ins to modern standards and technologies.

According to Steinberg, the VST 3.7 SDK allows for new levels of integration between VST 3 hosts and plug-ins. One notable enhancement is the VST 3 Project Generator, which facilitates the entry into the world of VST plug-in development. The Project Generator lets users create a VST plug-in project with just a few clicks, which can then be taken to Xcode or Visual Studio and used as the code skeleton.

The new version also brings MIDI 2.0 compatibility to the SDK. Steinberg says that the MIDI 2.0 standard is already supported by VST 3, but the new SDK comes with enhanced documentation on how to implement it. Let’s hope that this means that more plug-ins will support MIDI 2.0 in the near future.

In light of Apple’s announcement to transition its entire line-up to ARM processors over the next two years, Steinberg has also added ARM support to the VST 3.7 SDK. The company says that this lets developers create plug-ins that are compatible with the new ‘Apple Silicon’ chips.

Finally, the VST SDK documentation has been enhanced and is now accessible online. According to Steinberg, it provides detailed information on how to develop plug-ins, including tutorials for beginners and advanced developers.

While this is by no means a revolution in the world of VST, the new SDK and documentation could lead to the development of many new plug-ins. It’s especially good to hear that ARM support has been added, as it helps plug-in developers prepare for the transition.


The Steinberg VST 3.7 SDK can be used under free license and is available for download on the Steinberg website.

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Sequential Pro 3 synthesizer gets Wavetables created by you

Sequential Pro 3 Wavetable GeneratorThe Sequential Pro 3 is a delicious multi-filter mono and 3-voice paraphonic synth that features 2 analogue VCOs and a Wavetable oscillator and they’ve just opened up that third digital oscillator to user-created wavetables.

Pro 3 Wavetables

Sequential has released a new web-based Wavetable Generator utility that allows users to convert up to 16 single-cycle waveforms into a Pro 3 compatible wavetable. These can be loaded into any of the 32 user wavetable slots on the synth.

These user-wavetables are generated as Sys-Ex files and can be shared and loaded on other Pro 3 synths. All you need to do is update your Pro 3 with the free 1.1 firmware and you’re good to go.

“How do you make an awesome-sounding hybrid synth even better? By letting users import their own wavetables,” said Sequential founder Dave Smith: “It opens up a lot of new sonic territory for the Pro 3. We hope users get crazy with it.” Sequential chose to provide the utility as a web app for easy access and broad support. Added Smith: “We wanted to make getting custom waves into the Pro 3 as simple as possible. Ease of use is always a big priority on our synths.”

Still no sign of that new synthesizer Dave said he was working on back in April.

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Surge FREE Synthesizer Plugin Gets An EPIC Update

Surge Synthesizer

Surge Synth Team updated the Surge synthesizer plugin (VST3) to v1.7.0 with hundreds of new features and a brand new user interface design. Surge is a versatile hybrid virtual synthesizer in the VST3 plugin format for digital audio workstations on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It was initially priced at €99 before being discontinued in the […]

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iConnectivity mioXC: The world’s first MIDI USB-C interface?

iconnectivity miOXCUSB-C is becoming ubiquitous among computers and smart gadgets. Nowadays, almost all new devices, especially smartphones and tablets, generally have a USB-C connection and hardly anything else. The plugs are reversible and easy to use. Good reasons why the new iConnectivity mioXC not only has a USB-C port, but is also compatible with mobile devices. However, this is nothing new for iConnectivity, as the company made a name for itself with interfaces compatible with both tablets and computers. Previously, this type of interface was rare, and either somewhat compromised, or a bit expensive.

The smallest class-compliant MIDI interface?

So far, iConnectivity has offered medium and large solutions with several MIDI ports. But what about a very simple MIDI interface that’s absolutely sufficient for a Live session on the go? This means a MIDI in and a MIDI out connection, with no need to install any drivers because the device is Class Compliant.

The new iConnectivity mioXC seems to cover this ground pretty well. The company says it’s the world’s first MIDI USB-C interface. MIDI clock delay is supposedly a non-issue, as the interface employs a dedicated 32-bit ARM processor. It can also handle SysEx data, so preset ‘dumps’ and MIDI data transfer (oh, the pain!) are a given. The prospect of simple, hassle-free connection for your MIDI controllers or instruments to whatever computer you have is pretty alluring. More time for creativity!

The interface supports all major platforms – macOS, Windows, Android and iOS. There’s also a USB-C to USB-A adapter included. The price is a very fair USD 50.

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Accusonus ERA 4 “Buy 1 – Get 1 FREE” Sale (3 Days Left)

Accusonus ERA 4 "Buy 1 - Get 1 FREE" Sale (3 Days Left)

Accusonus is running a Buy 1 – Get Another 1 For FREE deal on the ERA 4  audio repair plugin bundle until July 31st, 2020. Plug-in innovator Accusonus specializes in creating some of the easiest-to-use software in the audio post-production world. They are currently offering a buy one, get one free deal on their unique […]

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denise God Mode Review (Includes FREE Slappy Delay)

denise God Mode Review

This review focuses on God Mode (€69), a distortion plugin released earlier this year by denise. The plugin is currently on sale for €32 and includes a FREE copy of the Slappy delay plugin. We’re in an industry where emulation plugins are readily produced, and a developer’s idea of an upgrade is to add functionalities […]

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KSHMR Essentials Kick Is A FREE Plugin For Epic Bass Drums!

KSHMR Essentials Kick by Dharma Worldwide

Dharma Worldwide has released KSHMR Essentials Kick, a free sound design plugin (VST/VST3/AU/AAX) that is suitable for enhancing the kick drum. KSHMR Essentials Kick is the freeware “lite” edition of the popular KSHMR Essentials audio plugin. It is a set of eight sound design tools for processing bass drums. The software is available in VST, […]

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