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As you might already know, we’re working with the label management system, distribution and promo system of Label Worx. Label Worx offers PromoBox, which is basically the option to dropbox (and other cloud storage services!) all promos you’re interested in. This makes it way easier to manage your promo downloads.

On top of this is the really excellent iOS app for PromoBox! Listen to promos wherever you are, we’d say the mobile app is even more convenient than the web app.

PromoBox is FREE to use but in order to register you must have already received a Promo Campaign from us via the Label Worx system. So, if you’re interested in receiving our promos, drop us a message!

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from L2MSC

Things That Don’t Actually Make You A Better DJ

I thought all has been said about DJing. I was wrong. This is the best article on DJing I have ever read: Things That Don’t Actually Make You A Better DJ |*

This just FYI: I grew up playing vinyl and switched directly from there to laptop — never had a CDJ phase. Today I play with a laptop, FLOW and Controller. If someone likes to think I’m not a real DJ (anymore), I suggest you give me 2 records, 2 turntables and a mixer, and I show you.

*Via Funkagenda.
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