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Best free plug-ins this week: BUSTERse, Wizard and MackEQ

Best free plug-ins this weekWe’ve got a bunch of useful tools in this week’s collection of free plug-ins: A stereo bus compressor with extras, a stereo widener and a funky 90s lo-fi EQ/distortion. Here’s BUSTERse, Wizard and MackEQ.

Check out the huge collection of free plug-ins in our archives!

Analog Obsession BUSTERse

Analog Obsession BUSTERseAnalog Obsession has updated his emulation of this classic console compressor. BUSTERse is a stereo compressor with the essential threshold, ratio, attack, release and make-up parameters and a mix control. The plug-in also includes a comprehensive sidechain filter with HF and mid bands and a low cut filter, as well as a transient shaper with an attack boost, tilt EQ and mix knob. The latest version features improved DSP code and adds 4x oversampling and Retina/HiDPI support.

BUSTERse is available for Windows and macOS in VST, VST3 and AU formats.

Get BUSTERse here

AudioFusion:Bureau Wizard

AudioFusion:Bureau Wizard Wizard by AudioFusion:Bureau takes the one-knob concept to the extreme. This simplistic plug-in is a stereo widener for mono and stereo signals. Its only knob lets you adjust the intensity of the effect from 0% to 200%. AudioFusion:Bureau says that the plug-in is mono compatible, so you won’t run into phasing problems when using it on a mono signal. If you need a simple solution for turning mono into stereo or making stereo tracks wider, let Wizard do its magic.

Wizard is available for Windows and macOS in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats.

Get Wizard here

Airwindows MackEQ

Airwindows MackEQHere’s the sequel to Mackity, which Airwindows had released a few weeks ago. That one gave you the input section of the classic pre-VLZ Mackie 1202 mixer. MackEQ adds the 2-band equalizer section of the budget desk, or as Airwindows puts it: “Mackie distortion but with treble and bass controls added”. Chris continues: “Nothing about this sounds nice. You might want to pad down the output if you try: it’s pretty horrifying.” Just what you need for authentic 90s underground.

MackEQ is available for Windows and macOS in VST and AU formats.

Get MackEQ here


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Rift Filter Lite Is A FREE Morphing Filter Plugin By Minimal Audio

Rift Filter Lite by Minimal Audio

Minimal Audio releases Rift Filter Lite, a freeware morphing filter plugin for macOS and Windows. Rift Filter Lite is available in 64-bit AU, VST, and VST 3 formats. The plugin is listed as free for early adopters with a value of $49, so check it out while it’s free. Rift Filter Lite is a next-gen […]

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May 2021 Deals & Freebies For Music Producers

May 2021 Deals & Freebies For Music Producers

May is usually not a very busy month when it comes to music production software offers and discounts. But the situation is a bit different this year, as there are quite a few exclusive sales and freebie offers going on right now. The first week of May is almost behind us, so let’s summarize the […]

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FREE Movie Dialogue Sample Pack Released By GrowlerMusic

Movie Dialogue Vol.2 by GowlerMusic

GowlerMusic has released Movie Dialogue Vol.2, the second installment of their free movie dialogue sample pack. One thing that kept me sane during childhood and then later the high school was watching super old horror, sci-fi, and kung fu b-movies. Something about the terrible absurdity and campiness just spelled peak human condition to me. Anyway, […]

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FREE Klon Centaur Guitar Pedal VST Plugin By Nembrini Audio

Klon Centaur Guitar Pedal by Nembrini Audio

Nembrini Audio offers the Clon Minotaur Transparent Overdrive plugin, a freeware emulation of the Klon Centaur guitar distortion effect. Clon Minotaur isn’t just a clever name; it’s, of course, based on the iconic Klon Centaur overdrive pedal. The appeal of the Klon Centaur is the promise of overdrive without coloring the tone. It’s something that […]

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Ableton Loop Create: Free online music summit event on 26 and 27 June 2021

Ableton Loop 2021Ableton is making the best out of the pandemic situation by spinning off its yearly Loop event into a new online event called Loop Create. Taking place on June 26 and 27 2021, Loop Create will be about celebrating and learning about music. The schedule offers a line-up of musicians, artists, technologists, and intermediaries from the audio and music sector. Ableton would like to bring these people together on these two days and connect viewers with creators. A very nice goal, and admission is free.

Ableton Loop Create

Loop Create is the further development of the well-known musical event Loop, hosted by the hardware and software company Ableton. The event has the motto Creativity and Community. As online content such as live streaming, video casting, and podcasting has become ubiquitous, even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ableton is taking advantage to recreate some of Loop’s magic virtually.

Loop Create will connect interested viewers with the acts on the virtual stages of the multimedia show. It will show how musicians make music (workshops), perform live, and share insights from the music scene in question and answer sessions in which the community can participate (likely via chat). Ableton promises a large and diverse lineup of people that will do the pre-pandemic Loop events justice.

Ableton Loop Create will take place as an online event on June 26th and 27th, 2021. You can register for the event online from 26 May, 2021. Participation is free of charge. You can also sign up for a newsletter on the Loop Blog website to stay informed. Ableton says Loop Create is the beginning of a period of experimentation for Loop as the experience from previous years is reshaped and developed into new events. It will be interesting to see the experiments unfold.

More information


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Arturia KeyStep Pro 2.0 Firmware update

Arturia KeyStep ProArturia’s colourful 4-track polyphonic sequencer and MIDI controller gets a firmware update with oodles of adjustments and added extras.

KeyStep Pro 2.0

Arturia has given it a good going over finding all sorts of things to improve upon which either means it needed a lot of fixing or they’ve been working hard on developing existing ideas. By the looks of it this is more about the latter.

The arpeggiator has come in for some special attention with the first key improvement (for me anyway) which is that you can now use the arpeggiator while the sequencer is stopped. Arpeggios can now be recorded into the sequences, you can give them some swing and the range of the randomness has been improved. Arp velocity can also now be expressed as a bipolar offset.

As with the arpeggios Chord mode can now be recorded in the sequences and they’ve added the possibility to release both shift + tie and keep editing the chord until all the keys are released.

Arturia KeyStep Pro

Arturia KeyStep Pro

One killer feature that’s been sorely missing is the ability to preview the content of a step when editing. You can now do this (once enabled) by holding the step. Another one is the ability to quickly recall the saved state of a project after you’ve messed it around too much.

Other extra include being able to set MIDI port 2 as a MIDI Thru, being able to disable the Looper Touch Strip and the ability to offset all steps by holding shift and turning an encoder.

Improvements can be found in a reworked Mono Mode, better handling of overlapping in when overdubbing, more accurate Tap Tempo and an improved Quick Edit workflow.

Version 2.0 is free and a decent update with a number of useful improvements that add a bit more power to an already competent MIDI and CV/Gate sequencer.

More information


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Magix Samplitude Pro X6: New features and improved workflow

Magix Samplitude Pro X6Magix Samplitude Pro X6 brings fresh new features for an optimized and individualized workflow. A plug-in browser with search function, advanced automation, and tools such as a dynamic EQ are included. Let’s take a closer look!

Magix Samplitude Pro X6

Let’s start with the dynamic EQ, wbich offers a variety of filter options for the individual bands with precise editing options. But it’s the workflow that has a central role in this new version of Samplitude. It’s not only optimized, but also designed to be more individual. For example, if you use a lot of plug-ins, you can sometimes lose track of things. This is exactly where Samplitude Pro X6 wants to help with the new plug-in browser. You can mark favorites, you can find them faster using keywords (tags) and filter categories. Very nice!

The central automation control in the Automation Panel provides an overview of mix automation, which benefits complex arrangements. Another workflow component is the dockable track editor which enables access to all important functions of a track, including audio and AUX settings, plug-ins and/or mixer settings. The track editor also adapts to your preferred view, be it on a second monitor or when viewing in portrait or landscape format.

Samplitude Pro X6 dynamic EQ

Samplitude Pro X6’s new dynamic EQ

Other new features include track output recording which is useful for saving and editing stems. Editing should work very smoothly during playback, seeing that you can cut and rearrange audio while playing without wasting time. The new Aux level control puts the level control from an aux channel strip onto the faders, promising more precise work and quick switching between aux channels. Additionally, the resampling engine has been revised and now enables different sample rates within a project.

Overall, you can expect optimizations that will benefit your work with the DAW and make everything a little smoother alongside the new dynamic EQ.

Price and availability

Samplitude Pro X6 is available in two versions. The “normal” version bundles coreFX Volume shaper, iZotope Ozone 9 Elements, Celemony Melodyne 5 Essential, and MAGIX Independence Pro Plus. If you buy using this affiliate link, you will pay EUR 279 (the regular price is EUR 399). The offer is valid until 26 May, 2021.

The Pro X Suite includes Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 7 (plus update to version 8), Sound Forge Pro 14, colorFX Suite, coreFX Suite, iZotope RX 8 Elements, iZotope Ozone 9 Elements, the Convology XT Complete reverb plug-in, and the 70 GB Independence Library. If you buy via this affiliate link, you will pay EUR 419 (the regular price is EUR 599). The offer is valid until May 26, 2021.

Both versions are also available on a subscription basis. The prices are EUR 23/mo for Samplitude Pro X365 and EUR 30/mo for Samplitude Pro X Suite 365. You can find a free trial version for download on the manufacturer’s website. Magix Samplitude Pro X6 runs under Windows 8 and 10.

More information


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Minimal Audio Rift Filter Lite: Get this awesome filter plug-in for free!

Minimal Audio Rift Filter LiteMinimal Audio has released Rift Filter Lite, a unique creative morphing filter plug-in. And even if you already have a bunch of filters, this one’s a no-brainer: For a limited time, it’s completely free!

Minimal Audio Rift Filter Lite

Yes, you’ve heard that right: Minimal Audio is giving away their new Rift Filter Lite for free for a limited time. But that’s not the only reason why you should grab this plug-in even if you thought that you had enough filters. Rift Filter Lite is also a unique morphing filter that lets you do all sorts of fun stuff to your audio tracks.

The plug-in offers a selection of 24 different filter types in four categories: basic, morph, peaking and harmonic. The list includes your basic low pass, high pass, band pass and notch filters and a huge variety of unique morphing and peaking styles, including vowel filters, phasers and other fun things. That in itself makes Rift Filter Lite a very useful plug-in and a worthwhile addition to any plug-in folder – especially while it’s free.

But there’s more. For the cutoff knob, you can choose from Hz, Tune or MIDI. Tune allows you to set the cutoff to specific note values. In MIDI mode, the plug-in responds to MIDI notes, which means that you can play the filter frequency on a keyboard or control it using a sequencer. Great stuff.

In addition to the cutoff and resonance controls, Rift Filter Lite offers a Morph knob that lets you morph through different filter settings, depending on the style of filter selected. This knob can of course be automated in your DAW, which creates interesting motion effects. They really should’ve included an internal LFO and/or envelope to control this, but maybe they’re saving that for an upcoming “full” version (non-Lite).

Rift Filter Lite is also a stereo tool. By adjusting the cutoff offset between the two channels using the Spread knob, you can create wide stereo effects. Needless to say, this can also be automated, so you can make your morphing filters move around in space.

Bottom line is, this is one of the coolest free filter plug-ins I’ve seen in a while. I did encounter a bug that forces me to re-enter my user account data in the plug-in every time I open it in Logic Pro, but I’m sure they’ll sort that out soon.

Price and compatibility

Minimal Audio Rift Filter Lite is available for free for a limited time. All you need to do is create a user account on their website. The regular price will be USD 49. They haven’t said how long it’ll be free, so grab it while it lasts.

Rift Filter Lite requires macOS 10.9 or higher or Windows 10. It comes in VST, VST3 and AU formats (64 bit).

More information


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Eurorack emulation VCV Rack V2.0 development update

VCV Rack 2Andrew Belt of VCV Rack has posted an update on the development of version 2 which includes interesting details on the future of this popular modular platform.

VCV Rack 2.0

It’s not an easy job developing something that’s quite so enormous, has so many moving parts and a massive and enthusiastic user base. Since the beta release in 2017 VCV Rack has grown into a ridiculously versatile and comprehensive software modular platform with over 2,500 modules. This thing is immense and the core software and many of the modules are completely free.

At the end of last year development on version 2 was continuing apace. The development was along the lines of a conversation between Andrew and the community of users. They’d already been through ideas of bridging the currently standalone software to DAWs but that ended up being discarded in favour of a fully VST plugin version. But that takes time and resources.

In the latest development blog update Andrew shares how it’s been difficult both emotionally and mentally to work on the new version which gives us a glimpse at the sort of pressure he must be feeling to get this right. However, he believes that V2 will be an awesome update when it arrives and will solve at least half the criticism of V1. While he apologises for the time it’s taking he really doesn’t need to – he does awesome work and should take all the time he needs.

VCV Rack 2

VCV Rack 2

So, what’s new?

The new version of VCV Rack will include the standalone version and the VST2 version in a single installer. Previous ideas of having a separate VST version have been discarded. It also comes with a price for the first time. The VCV Rack bundle will be $99 on release and $149 later on. The pricing may come as a shock but I believe it’s the best way to ensure continued development and support going into the future. Besides, there will still be a fully free version.

Rack CE (Community Edition) is a standalone version that will continue the tradition of a completely free open source version that anyone can enjoy. If you need the VST version and professional support then you’ll need to invest in the bundle version. That all seems fair enough to me.

The development blog lists all sorts of milestones in the development of version 2 from interface tweaks, to browser development, MPE support, tooltips and much more besides.

VCV Rack is an amazing piece of software right now. The music being made, the modules being developed, the expanding of modular minds all pay tribute to this fantastic piece of software. It’s every bit as important and creatively empowering as the rise of hardware modular and I have every confidence that Andrew will get to V2 when he’s good and ready.

More information

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