Best free plug-ins this week: Wave Destroyer, V-Dist Classic and Ideal

Best free plug-ins this weekThis week’s collection of free plug-ins gives you a choice of two distortion plug-ins: one with plenty of tweakability and another one with just one big knob. We’ve also got an experimental drum and percussion synthesizer. Introducing Wave Destroyer, V-Dist Classic and Ideal!

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GMH Audio Wave Destroyer

GMH Audio Wave DestroyerWave Destroyer by GMH Audio is a distortion plug-in capable of a wide range of tones. It offers three distortion modes (Saturate, Distort and DESTROY) and an additional Turbo button for extra drive. You can further adjust the distortion with the Asym and Bias knobs. Wave Destroyer also has extensive pre and post EQ sections with high and low cut filters and 3-band equalizers. The plug-in is available for free, but you can also name your own price to support the developer.

Wave Destroyer is available for Windows and macOS (excluding Catalina) in VST and AU formats (64 bit).

Get Wave Destroyer here

Violin Melody V-Dist Classic

Violin Melody V-Dist ClassicAccording to the developer, the quirky V-Dist Classic is an “amazing one-knob distortion VST plug-in that will make a true sausage from your audio spectrum”. Sounds tasty! Violin Melody says that it’s backwards compatible to the original V-Dist. The plug-in is available with three colourful skins. There’s also a pro version coming soon, which adds input and output knobs, oversampling and a “banana mode”. Like Wave Destroyer, V-Dist Classic lets you name your own price.

V-Dist Classic is a VST plug-in for Windows.

Xoxos Ideal

Xoxos IdealJust last week, we wrote about Universe by xoxos. Now, the developer has released yet another synth plug-in that looks almost identical, but is a different beast altogether. Information is sparse, but Ideal is a drum and percussion synthesizer that uses 2D circular membrane modeling. You can adjust parameters like position, radial and diameter. Like Universe, Ideal also offers a filter, two envelopes, two LFOs and a modulation matrix to tie it all together.

Ideal is a VST plug-in for Windows.

Get Ideal here (direct download)

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PreFET Is A FREE Transistor Preamp VST3/AU Plugin By Accentize

PreFET by Accentize

Accentize has introduced PreFET, a freeware saturation plugin that uses machine learning to emulate a 70s tabletop cassette recorder’s transistor preamp. PreFET uses an artificial neural network algorithm that has simulates the transistor preamp found in an audio cassette recorder from the 1970s. The plugin takes advantage of the same technology that was used for […]

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Samplr for Touchbar: Turn your MacBook Pro Touch Bar into a sampler ‚Äď for free!

Samplr for TouchbarDo you own a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar? Now you can finally put it to good use! The creator of the awesome Samplr app for iPad has released Samplr for Touchbar, which turns the weird touch-sensitive ribbon into a surprisingly capable sampler. And it’s free!

Samplr for Touchbar

Do you own a recent MacBook Pro? And if you do, how much do you actually use its Touch Bar? While Apple may have had reasons for not putting a full-on touch screen on the MacBook Pro (mostly related to the OS and its touch usability), the Touch Bar always seemed like an odd stopgap solution. I don’t think I know anyone who uses it for much more than volume and brightness control, let alone professional applications.

So what can you do with it? Marcos Alonso, creator of the wonderful Samplr app for iPad, has decided that it’s time to finally put the Touch Bar to good use. His new app Samplr for Touchbar¬†is like a mini version of Samplr that runs in your Touch Bar. It’s fun to play with and surprisingly capable, and it’s free.

Four play modes

Samplr for Touchbar can record audio using your computer’s internal microphone. It offers four play modes: slicer, looper, bow and tape. Slicer lets you play sample fragments like individual hits by tapping on them. Looper mode loops sections of audio. In bow mode, you can use granular synthesis to turn a small fragment of audio into something new. And tape mode lets you play audio at -200 to +200 % of the original speed.

You can choose the play mode in the play controls, where you’ll also find an envelope and a transposition option. To round things off, Samplr for Touchbar offers integrated filter and delay effects.

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use the Touch Bar for something meaningful, I suggest that you give Samplr a try. It looks like a whole lot of fun!

Price and compatibility

Samplr for Touchbar is available as a free download from the developer’s page. He says that it’s distributed “as is” and that no future updates are planned. If you like the workflow, you can always upgrade to the full Samplr app for iPad.

The app requires a 2016 or later Apple MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar.

More information


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TC Electronic introduces Midas Heritage 3000 plug-ins and controllers

TC Electronic Midas Heritage 3000 plug-insTC Electronic has released the PEQ 3000 and DYN 3000 EQ and compressor plug-ins inspired by the Midas Heritage 3000 console. Like other recent plug-ins by TC Electronic, the PEQ 3000 and DYN 3000 can be combined with optional hardware controllers. Will your studio desk soon be covered in TC controllers?

TC Electronic Midas Heritage 3000 plug-ins

Only a couple of weeks after releasing Master X HD and Brickwall HD, TC Electronic presents two more plug-in/controller combos. The PEQ 3000 and DYN 3000 plug-ins are inspired by the Midas Heritage 3000, a widely used console from the early 2000s. The company claims that they bring the “true tone and feel” of the mixing desk to your DAW. And if you’re a die-hard fan, you can spring for the optional hardware controllers, which put the plug-ins at your fingertips.

Two things should be noted. Firstly, the Midas Heritage 3000 is a live console, yet TC Electronic markets the PEQ 3000 and DYN 3000 as mixing and mastering plug-ins for studio use. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing (lots of great live gear sounds good in the studio, too), but it’s something to keep in mind. Secondly, TC Electronic makes it sound like both plug-ins are modeled after the Midas Heritage 3000 console, but as far as I can tell, that particular desk didn’t feature integrated dynamics. This makes me wonder which hardware (if any) the DYN 3000 is really based on. Just some food for thought.

PEQ 3000

The PEQ 3000 parametric equalizer offers up to 12 bands, as opposed to the 4 bands found on the console. It can operate in mono, stereo, M/S and L/R modes. Each band offers controls for frequency, gain and width (Q). Cut and shelf filters are of course also available, as is a phase EQ option for multi-mic recordings.

DYN 3000

DYN 3000 is a compressor and gate plug-in for channel, bus and master use. It offers four compressor types and three gate types. With parallel and upward compression options, an external sidechain input, sidechain filtering and a presence control, DYN 3000 looks like a versatile dynamics plug-in. It operates in mono and stereo.

Hardware controllers

Both plug-ins can be combined with optional Icon series hardware controllers. This is probably only worth it if you really love these plug-ins and use them all the time, but the controllers do look nice and even feature colour displays. They connect via USB.

Price and compatibility

The TC Electronic Heritage 3000 plug-ins are now available on the company’s website. EQ 3000 is USD 149, DYN 3000 costs USD 129. You can get free 14-day demo licences, which require an iLok dongle or account. TC Electronic hasn’t announced the prices of the controllers yet.

The plug-ins run on macOS 10.13 or higher and Windows 7 or higher in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats (64 bit).

More information


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Modal Skulpt V2.0 Firmware brings MPE support and more

Modal SkulptModal’s compact 4-voice Skulpt virtual-analogue synthesizer gets a firmware upgrade that brings MPE support, Sustain/Arp Latch mode, Global Tuning Setting and MIDI-In Offset.

Skulpt V2.0

Modal’s funny looking synthesizer has a remarkable amount of power and sophistication within it’s strangely aligned form. It’s a fun place to root around amongst the 32-oscillator virtual analogue sound engine. It’s both familiar and surprising with some innovative features and a just about usable touch keyboard. It really comes alive when it’s paired with the Modal App which pulls out all the parameters into a comprehensive editor that, for me at least, cleans up some of the strange lines and shift functions.

V2.0 brings in that wonderfully expressive MPE mode and elevates Skulpt into an instrument with polyphonic control and expression. You are going to want to get yourself an MPE compatible controller keyboard or sequencer because that little touch keyboard is not going to cut it. They’ve also fixed the Arpeggiator because some joker left out the ability to latch the Arp. They’ve also added a Global Tuning function and the ability to octave transpose incoming MIDI.

There are lots of other improvements to things like stability in MIDI loops, sync options, merging from USB and MIDI inputs and a bunch of other fixes.

The Modal App has also been updated to reflect the changes and both the App and the firmware are free downloads.

The Skulpt is a decent little polyphonic synth for £245 and this updates rewards existing users and should attract anyone looking for a cost-effective way into expressive polyphonic performance.

More information


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Initial Audio IA-LA1 compressor: How much colouration would you like?

Initial Audio IA-LA1Initial Audio has released the IA-LA1 compressor. No, it isn’t a carbon copy of the LA-2A, although it does borrow some ideas from the classic. With very few controls, IA-LA1 seems easy to use and promises quick results. And here’s a nifty feature: you can dial in the amount of total harmonic distortion (THD) and control how much the compressor colours the signal.

Initial Audio IA-LA1

Only a few days after Dynamic Delay, Initial Audio has already released the next plug-in. With a limited number of knobs, the IA-LA1 compressor plug-in is designed for ease of use. It’s not quite a one-knob compressor, but it takes a cue from the famous LA-2A and offers two simple controls for adjusting the compression: threshold and makeup. The other parameters like ratio, attack and release are either fixed or determined automatically; Initial Audio hasn’t shared the details. This means that IA-LA1 is not a surgical precision tool, but rather a compressor/limiter designed for quick, musical results. It also offers input, output and gain reduction meters, as well as an input gain control and a compress/limit switch, another detail inspired by the LA-2A.

According to Initial Audio, the IA-LA1 uses a transparent algorithm that doesn’t colour the signal. But sometimes a bit of colouration might be what you want. That’s where the THD knob comes in. It lets you dial in the desired amount of total harmonic distortion for adding warmth and depth to the sound. That’s a nice feature that opens up new sonic possibilities.

If IA-LA1 sounds as good and behaves as musically as its LA-2A heritage suggests, it’ll be an interesting alternative to other simplified compressors. Especially for the USD 19 intro price!

Price and compatibility

IA-LA1 is now available from the Initial Audio website for USD 19. The regular price will be USD 79.

The plug-in runs on macOS and Windows in VST and AU formats (64 bit only). A free demo is available.

More information


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The Brainworx Rockergain 100 plugin: An Orange Rockerverb for your DAW

Brainworx Rockergain 100The new¬†Brainworx Rockergain 100 is a software emulation of¬†the 100 Watt monster that is the Orange Rockerverb valve head. And thankfully, as it is a plugin, you don’t have to go deaf to hear it in all its glory. Read on to find out more.

Brainworx Rockergain 100

The Brainworx Rockergain 100 is a new virtual amp based on the hugely popular¬†Orange Rockerverb¬†head. The plugin has two channels, and emulates the four¬†EL34 tubes of the¬†power section and the four¬†12AX7s of the preamp section of the amp that it’s based on. Its clean channel¬†offers controls over BASS and TREBLE, while the¬†dirty channel adds an extra one for MID.¬†The plugin¬†looks¬†simple enough to use,¬†and has some neat extra features that you can use to further tweak your sound.

Brainworx Rockergain 100

Brainworx Rockergain 100 a viral Orange Rockerverb for your DAW


Extra features include a LoFi delay, noise gate, filter (tight/smooth), power soak, and a bypass for pre- and power-amp sections. There are also 120 recording chains on offer, that are based on impulse responses produced on a Neve desk.

Brainworx Rockergain 100

Brainworx Rockergain 100 for your DAW

The plugin runs on¬†macOS 10.9, or higher¬†and¬†Windows 7, or higher¬†in¬†AAX, AU, VST,¬†and¬†VST3¬†formats. There doesn’t appear to be a¬†standalone¬†version, which is a pity. Looks like you’ll have to fire up your DAW to use this software.

Introductory Pricing

Currently, it has an introductory price tag of $129.99 after which it will got up to the regular¬†$149.99. In case you’d like to try it out first, there’s a free 14 day trial of the plugin for you to play with. Click the link below for more information.

RRP – USD 149.99

More Information



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Neural DSP Archetype Cory Wong plug-in: Get your funk on!

Neural DSP Archetype Cory WongWhen Neural DSP announced a new Archtype plug-in, we were expecting another module designed for hard rock or metal. After all, most of Neural’s recent offerings – like the Fortin Cali Suite, the Granophyre and Nolly Archetype plug-in – have been tailored to heavier styles. But refreshingly, the new Archetype is geared toward an altogether different sound, namely that of Vulfpeck’s Cory Wong.¬†

Archetype Cory Wong

Each product in Neural DSP’s Archetype series contains emulations of amps, cabs and favourite effects. The Cory Wong edition includes three amps called D.I Funk Console, The Clean Machine and The Amp Snob. As you’d expect, all three provide clean, tight, transparent funk guitar tones.

Neural DSP Archetype Cory Wong

Neural DSP Archetype Cory Wong

The D.I Funk Console is based on an analogue channel strip from a mixing desk, with a Tube Saturation that has selectable frequencies on the EQ section, High Pass and Low Pass filters.

The Clean Machine is described as “an amalgamation of the best clean amps in the industry” that delivers “crisp, clean tones with a beautifully warm top end.” Finally, the amusingly titled The Amp Snob is modelled on “one of the rarest amplifiers in history”, which we take as an allusion to a Dumble-style boutique amp. By the way, if you need some help getting some D-style tones, you should check out some of these pedals.

But the Archetype conceot also includes built-in cab sims, and the Cory Wong edition provides 108 IRs per cab for you a total of 324 IRs at your disposal. That gives you a lot of choice in tailoring your final guitar tone. Nice!


The plug-in also throws in some pre-effects, too. The Postal Service is a complex envelope filter with a stylish but user-friendly interface, while the 4th Position Compressor provides Cory‚Äôs signature clean guitar tone. There’s also a modded booster called The Tuber as well as an effect called The Big Rig Overdrive. Two post-effects are also available: the analogue-style Delay-y-y and a reverb called The Wash. Oh and a Wah pedal, too.

Virtual Tower Of Power

Clean Machine

It’s good to see Neural DSP take the Archetype concept in a new direction that contrasts nicely to previous signature bundles aimed at heavier, high-gain tones.¬†You can run the Cory Wong bundle as either 64-bit VST, AU, AAX or Standalone on both Mac and Windows. They both require a free¬†iLok License Manager and iLok account to run on your system.

You can download a free trial from the link below. This bundle is currently on an introductory pricing of £85.99 instead of the usual £107.99, so early adopters can save a few quid on the package.

RRP РGBP 107.99 

More Information


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Nils Schneider Releases FREE Kawai K1 Emulation Plugin

Nils K1v by Nils Schneider

Nils Schneider has released Nils K1v, a freeware VST plugin that faithfully emulates the Kawai K1 digital synthesizer. Nils K1v is a sample-based instrument that recreates the sounds and the functionality of the Kawai K1 synthesizer. The plugin includes K1’s original factory bank and all ROM cards, adding up to 768 presets in total. The […]

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Best Sample Packs This Week: 80s cassette sounds, colorful Clavinets and a dubstep collection

The Best New Sample Packages This WeekThis week’s best sample packs includes the next installment of SampleScience’ popular Vaporwaves series, Clavinets run through a variety of guitar amps, a free pack of great sounding instruments for creating chillstep and lo-fi productions, and some of the best dubstep samples available.

SampleScience Vaporwaves 3

samplescience vaporwaves 3 sample pack GUI

Following up on the positive reception of the second edition of the Vaporwaves series is number 3. The 52 sounds were once again recording on audio and video cassettes to lend to the 80s motif. This time around they focused more on pads, synthesizers, and bass sounds.

It comes with control over the envelope, in-app preamp, filter controls, and multiple LFOs. The GUI will be entirely familiar if you’ve used SampleScience products before. The application runs on Windows and Mac VST/3 and AU plug-in standards. All SampleScience applications are unique and sound great. And at just $30 you won’t break the bank.

IK Multimedia Clavitube

ik multimedia clavitube sample pack GUI

Furthering the capabilities of SampleTank 4, IK Multimedia introduces Clavitube ‚Äď an immense sample pack with over 4GB of sounds and 252 different instruments. The sounds were created by taking different models of clavinets and running them through guitar amplifiers. There are an insane number of amps used including Marshall, Fender, Roland. The sounds are definitely vibey and unique and considering the total size of the library $79 is a steal for adding this level of tonal options.

Reflekt Audio DFR-76

reflekt audio gfr-76 sample pack GUI

This is a free plug-in containing 27 diverse, high-quality instrument samples including leads, keys, bass, and pads. The plug-in is compatible with almost every DAW for Windows and Mac but does not work with Pro Tools at this time. For freeware the sounds are remarkably high-quality, with a distinct lo-fi vibe to them.

Thick Sounds Dubstep Outlaws VS Riddim Gangsters 2

thick sounds dubstep outlaws vs riddim gangstas 2 sample pack cover art

The second volume in Thick Sounds’ dubstep series is an additional collection of one shots, loops, and synth presets inspired by several popular producers in the genre. The almost 2GB of 24-bit/44.1kHz source material includes 167 total loops of percussion, drums, synths, and bass. Thick Sounds also provides midi in addition to the audio to complement your preferred workflow. All samples range in tempo of 140-150bpm. The pack is compatible with Xfer Serum and Native Instruments Massive as available from Loopmasters for $37.50, but can also be purchased piecemeal.

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