Tonetta Blue Is A FREE Semi-Modular Synthesizer By Flanders Tech

Tonetta Blue by Flanders Tech

Flanders Tech has introduced Tonetta Blue, a freeware semi-modular subtractive synthesizer in VST3 (64-bit only) plugin format for compatible DAW software on Windows. Tonetta Blue is a virtual eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer. The plugin features a semi-modular synthesis engine with dual oscillator modules, a pair of multimode filters, four envelopes, and multiple LFO modules. Another standout […]

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Best Sample Packs This Week: Led Zep drums, winter atmospheres, Manga melodies

The Best New Sample Packages This WeekThe best sample packs this week include Led Zeppelin drums recorded by Eddie Kramer at one of London’s most famous studios, winter in surround sound, melodies inspired by the world of Manga, and retro pack that brings back the glory days of 80s synth tones.

Toontrack Classic Rock EZX

toontrack classic rock ezx sample pack GUI

This is an expansion set for EZdrummer 2 that offers two kits and a few extras for creating the grandest, in-your-face rock tracks. All samples were recorded by legendary engineer Eddie Kramer at the famous AIR Studios in London. Both kits are based off of John Bonham’s (Led Zeppelin), each with their own character. All samples include sticks, snares off, and mallet variations, and some of the extras include a gong, timpani, and other various kit pieces. At only $89 there is no reason not to add these legendary sounds to your toolset.

BOOM Library Seasons of Earth: Winter

boom library seasons of earth winter sample pack artwork

This is the kickoff installment of BOOM Library’s Seasons of Earth series displays the sonic majesty of our planet. Sounds include wind textures, water, storms, animals, and snow all recorded at various distances. Everything was captured in 24-bit/96kHz using the Schoeps ORTF3D Surround Set making this ideal for surround sound formats. Included are 8-channel recordings built for surround sound, but the stereo versions are available at a reduced price. It’s on sale for $281 until October 1st, normally retailing for $351.

Prime Loops TAKESHIDO: Manga Melodies

prime loops manga melodies sample pack artwork

Directly inspired by manga’s dark side, this pack includes more than 320MB of melancholy melodies. There are instruments like pianos, pads, analog basslines, synths, even a Fender Rhodes electric piano! Once captured, all sounds were then run through analog hardware to add additional character and grit. With 13 construction kits across 56 loops, as well as 52 MIDI loops, so you can customize your sounds even further. All tempos range from 90-160bpm. It’s on sale right now for $10.95, but normally retails for $22.95. All sounds come in 24-bit WAV format and are royalty-free, well worth it for this distinctly unique library.

ADSR Sounds Retrowave for Serum & Cthulhu

adsr sounds retrowave sample pack cover art

Drawing inspiration from classic cinema and television, this sample pack brings the glory days of 80s synth to your library. There are 60 Serum and 40 Cthulhu items including presets, MIDI, loops, and one shots. The Serum presets offer basses, chords, leads, and pads and the Cthulhu presets include major and minor progressions as well as a number of other harmonic items. It requires the latest versions of both software to run, but at just $24 it’s an interesting set of sounds to have in your arsenal.

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GIVEAWAY: Sonimus SonEQ Pro (2 FREE Copies Inside)

GIVEAWAY: Sonimus SonEQ Pro (2 FREE Copies Inside)

Sonimus is kindly giving away two free copies of the SonEQ Pro ($59) equalizer plugin to two lucky BPB readers. Learn more about the plugin in our SonEQ Pro review and enter the giveaway to win a free copy of the software. A decade ago, Sonimus released a freeware analog-inspired equalizer plugin called SonEQ. It […]

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SynthFest UK 2020 goes virtual with a 48 hour online event

SynthFest 2020The UK’s largest synthesizer show SynthFest has announced that they are planning a 48 hour weekend of content and happenings from the 10th to the 12th of October.

SynthFest UK

SynthFest is usually held at the Sheffield Octagon Centre for a day in October and pulls in manufacturers, modular makers, retail stores and of course loads of synthesizer enthusiasts. They usually also run a series of seminars and and performances throughout the day. It’s an awesome day of synthiness and is certainly an annual pilgrimage for me. This year, of course, it can’t be done.

However, don’t despair, Sound On Sound (the people behind SynthFest) has decided to throw something together online to give us a taste of what it might have been to go along. SFUK will set itself up as a portal for a kind of self-service event. The idea is that manufacturers and content makers can send in demonstrations, articles and videos about their latest releases and it will all be available to watch over the weekend. Retailers are invited to offer up some special deals and promotions for the event. They also hope that the synth community will generate some Fringe Events in terms of performances, discussions and live streams to tie in with SynthFest and get featured on the site.

If you want to get involved in any capacity then you need to get in touch by the 1st October.

The event is completely free because it’s essentially a hub for other people’s content. Hopefully, if manufacturers and the community jumps on board then it could be a great weekend of new and interesting products to see and content to enjoy in one convenient place.

More information

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SOUND7 Releases 20 FREE Dub Techno Loops For BPB Readers

BPB Dub Techno by SOUND7

SOUND7 is kindly offering the exclusive free BPB S7 Dub Techno loop library for Bedroom Producers Blog readers. BPB Dub Techno is a free techno loop library crafted by SOUND7 and available exclusively at Bedroom Producers Blog. The library contains 20 loops in 24-bit WAV format. All filenames are labeled with BPM info for convenience. […]

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UVI Shade: a creative filter with massive amounts of modulation

UVI ShadeUVI has released Shade, a new creative filter and EQ plug-in with a massive modulation engine. Combine dozens of filter types with a bunch of modulators for all sorts of swirling, rhythmic filtering effects.

UVI Shade

UVI calls Shade a “Swiss Army knife filtering tool”, and looking at the plug-in’s features, I think they may be onto something. If you’re into creative, rhythmic filtering and modulation, you definitely need to check this one out. But let’s take it from the beginning.

Shade offers a total of 35 filter shapes. You can choose from various high pass, low pass, shelving, peak and notch filters with different options like resonant, multi-resonant and EQ-ing. There’s also a bunch of comb filters and phasers for more experimental stuff. This alone makes Shade a very capable filter and EQ plug-in.

UVI Shade

Shade offers a total of 35 filter types

Modulate any parameter

But the modulation engine is where the fun really starts. There are nine modulators, including XY, Macro, Spread, Random, LFO, Envelope, Figure (an XY LFO), Multi-step Envelope Generator, and Follower. You can map these to any parameter by dragging and dropping. In addition, modulators can be routed and cross-modulated in a couple of different ways. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that this opens the door to pretty much any kind of rhythmic, modulated filtering you can imagine.

Shade can also react to the input signal and/or controllers in a number of ways. The Follower modulator can follow the input, an external sidechain signal or the spectral band of individual filters. By using the Follower, any parameter in Shade can react to the dynamics of the input signal, which makes the plug-in a powerful dynamic EQ, as well. The envelope offers host sync interval, audio threshold and MIDI triggering options. The Macro modulator lets you set up macros for controlling several things at once. And the X/Y modulator can be controlled with an external joystick.

That’s a lot of possibilities, and to me it seems like UVI Shade is a must-have for anyone into creative filter effects. If you like rhythmic, modulated effects like Output Movement or Cableguys Shaperbox, this one looks like it’ll fit in nicely.

UVI Shade

You can modulate any parameter

Price and compatibility

UVI Shade is now available from the developer’s website for USD 79 / EUR 79. This introductory offer expires on October 31st, 2020. The regular price will be USD 129 / EUR 129.

The plug-in runs on macOS 10.9 or higher and Windows 8 or higher in VST, AU and AAX formats. You need a free iLok account for activation (dongle not required).

More information


Audio demos

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Saša Dukić Releases FREE Heartbroken Kalimba For NI Kontakt

Heartbroken Kalimba by Saša Dukić

Saša Dukić has released Heartbroken Kalimba, a free kalimba sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt (requires the full version of Kontakt 6). Heartbroken Kalimba features a multi-sampled kalimba with two dynamic layers per sampled note. The library contains 54 samples, although the user can’t access these sounds outside of Kontakt (they are included as compressed […]

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Fix Phasing Issues With The FREE Arx One Plugin By VSTzOne

Arx One by VSTzOne

VSTzOne has released Arx One, a freeware audio utility for correcting phase issues in a mix. Arx One is a multi-band tool for correcting phasing issues. It offers four adjustable frequency bands, with L/R and Stereo controls for each band. The bands can be previewed in solo for easier finetuning. The interface features a clean design […]

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Sonniss Offers 50 GB Of FREE Sound Effects (GDC 2020 Bundle)

GDC 2020 Audio Bundle by Sonniss

Sonniss has released the GDC 2020 Audio Bundle, a free sound library containing 50 GB of royalty-free sound effects and field recordings. Every year during the Game Developer Convention, the kind folks at Sonniss release a massive free collection of sound effects. This all started with a 10 GB freebie back called the GDC 2015 […]

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