News on “Elegy For The Living”

This is the 1st album teaser for “Elegy For The Living” which contains 9 x 1 minute snippets from the first half of the album (a 2nd one will follow soon):

Note: The footage is not what’s going to be the full length music video which will be done for the full length of the album (approx. 70 minutes, 4K).


This is the first Q&A video, more coming:

My favorite music of the week 32/2017

I have discovered a huge number of incredible and great new music this week! Make sure to check all this out.

All of this is gold. Don’t miss!

Elegy For The Living

“Elegy For The Living” is the title of my forthcoming new album. This page will be the feature page for the album when it’s released, which will most probably happen in December 2017 spring 2018 summer 2018.

I’m sorry for the delay on the release. There are certain stages of the final production that require updated technology that needs to get set up and running. New gear has arrived! I started finishing the album, to be released early summer 2018!

Album Teaser – Part 1