Free Kontakt Player Libraries

Free Kontakt Player Libraries

This article features all free Kontakt Player libraries in one place. If you’re entirely new to Native Instruments Kontakt and Kontakt Player, read our Kontakt Player Demo Timeout article first. As explained in that article, the majority of third-party Kontakt libraries will only work in demo mode in the free Kontakt Player plugin. However, there are […]

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Mammoth Audio Releases Free Density Lite Kontakt Library

Density Lite by Mammoth Audio

Mammoth Audio has released Density Lite, a free cinematic sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt (also includes WAV samples). Density Lite is a free Kontakt library for modern media composers. It contains 85 individual SFX samples from the full edition of Mammoth Audio’s premium Density library. The included sound effects were created by processing live […]

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AudioGridder: Turn any Mac into a networked plug-in server for free

AudioGridderIs your main DAW computer struggling to handle all of your plug-ins? AudioGridder by Andreas Pohl is a networked solution that lets you offload DSP processing to another computer, giving your main machine room to breathe. And here’s the kicker: The software is free!

AudioGridder DSP server

If you’re constantly maxing out your DAW computer with plug-ins and virtual instruments, one way to give your CPU a break is to invest in DSP hardware from companies like Universal Audio and Antelope Audio. While these solutions are popular, they tend to limit your choice of plug-ins and force you into closed ecosystems. AudioGridder is a new alternative that lets you turn another computer into a DSP server over the network. And best of all, the Mac software is free and open source.

Like similar commercial solutions such as Vienna Ensemble, AudioGridder consists of a plug-in for your main machine and a server software for the remote computer. The plug-in runs inside your DAW software and serves as a host for VST3 and/or AU plug-ins. It talks to the remote server over the network. Any plug-ins loaded in the AudioGridder host plug-in are processed by the server, which then returns the processed audio to your DAW. While a wired network is obviously the best choice for this setup, the developer says that it’s even possible to pull this off using a wireless network, provided it has low latency and enough bandwidth.


While you can of course invest in a dedicated machine like a Mac mini for your DSP server, AudioGridder also seems like a great way to extend the life of an older computer that you’re not using as your main DAW anymore. According to the developer, it’s also possible to access multiple servers from the plug-in, so if you have several unused computers, you can turn them into a cluster of DSP servers.

If AudioGridder works reliably, it’s sure to give dedicated commercial DSP systems a run for their money. Especially since it’s free, which I still find hard to believe.


AudioGridder only works on Macs and requires macOS 10.14 or higher. The plug-in is available in VST3 and AU formats and hosts VST3 and AU plug-ins in 64 bit.

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God Mode: creative multi-band saturation plug-in by Denise Audio

Denise Audio God ModeEver so colorful, developer Denise Audio released a new saturation plug-in called God Mode. This piece of divine divinity uses a “push-pull” technology to let you saturate specific frequencies in your track.

God Mode

Said technology is inspired by the good old Pultec EQ passive tube equalizer. This 1950’s era equalizer famously pushes gain for the desired frequency range into its tube circuit to pull it back again, smoothing out the frequency reponse and adding tube warmth. God Mode, says Denise, is like a modern plug-in approach to this method.

A graphic parametric equalizer lets you dial in an EQ shape to choose the frequency ranges you want affected. Therefore, God Mode is a multi-band saturation and distortion plug-in. You can follow by adding simulated tape distortion, rectification or fuzz. The tape distortion is borrowed from Denise’s Bad Tape plug-in, more specifically the Tape Analog VM algorithm which emulates the hysteresis of old tape machines.

The EQ filters are all linear phase for purity of sound and can be used in parallel or to dial in a dry/wet balance that’s perfectly in-phase. You can also toy with the dry/wet signals by panning them independently. This is how you can widen the stereo image and also add a high-end boost.

Moreover, any signal can be sidechained to the plug-in to modulate the amount of tape distortion. One track can distort the other, accomplishing rhythmic distortion effects.

Price and availability

All in all, that’s a quite accomplished and fun saturator we have here! God Mode is on sale for EUR 39, down from EUR 69. With the purchase, you also get the Slappy delay plug-in for free. God Mode and all Denise plug-ins can be used on 64-bit Windows and Mac computers in VST, AU, and AAX formats.

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Slam Pup Is A Free Saturation VST3/AU Plugin By Beatskillz

Slam Pup by Beatskillz

Beatskillz has released Slam Pup, a freeware tube saturation and compression effect in VST3 and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstation software on PC and Mac. Slam Pup is a simple two-in-one audio effect designed for quick dynamic processing and tube saturation. It’s not exactly a new release – Beatskillz introduced it back in […]

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Sonuscore Releases FREE Ethnic Flute Phrases For Kontakt

FREE Ethnic Flute Phrases by Sonuscore

Sonuscore has released Free Ethnic Flute Phrases, a freely downloadable ethnic flute sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Free Ethnic Flute Phrases contains a selection of sounds from Sonuscore’s premium Ethnic Flute Phrases ($99 value) sound library for Kontakt. The free pack includes over 100 royalty-free flute recordings from the full version of the library. […]

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Flame Mäander 2.0 update: Wavetable explosion

Flame MaanderFlame has updated their remarkable Mäander desktop synthesizer and live sequencer with a massive wavetable expansion along with FM and a bundle of other tweaks and improvements.

Flame Mäander

We originally saw this at NAMM last year. It looks stunning in the white and red and that 12-band analogue filter bank running along the bottom – hard to miss. Internally it’s a polyphonic wavetable synthesizer with noise and sockets for external processing through the filter bank. It has a polyphonic sequencer track of up to 4 voices, 14 mono tracks for the external input and noise and filtering for each channel.

The 2.0 update adds a further 39 wavetables and more will be coming. They’ve also added in an additional FM sound algorithm and you are now able to detune 8 voices for massively fat chorus effects.

The update is free to all users and should be available soon from the website.

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SoundForce SFC-8: Jupiter-8 style MIDI controller for software and hardware synths

Soundforce SFC-8SoundForce is building up quite a collection of hardware MIDI controllers aimed at specific software instruments. The SFC-8 is everything you need to control a software Jupiter-8 or boutique hardware ones.


Of course you can use any old MIDI controller if you want to control a software synth with more than a mouse but SoundForce offers something far more elegant and engaging to the point where you could fool yourself into thinking it’s a real synth.

The SFC-8 looks great, compact without making everything too small, and it’s immediately “Jupiter”. It’s made of metal with walnut cheeks and all the knobs are on wobble-free metal shafts.

It’s designed to work perfectly with both the Arturia JUP-8V and the RolandCloud Jupiter-8 plug-in. Using a control app you can have complete control over the mapping and layout so you can absolutely control other synths or hardware however you like – it’s just a MIDI controller. And to help with that it’s got MIDI DIN as well as USB and you can use them simultaneously.

Soundforce SFC-8

Soundforce SFC-8

The SFC-8 should be available towards the end of the year and the price is not yet set.

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Deal: get Novation Launchpad MK2 for EUR 90 instead of EUR 140

Novation Launchpad MK2 dealThe well-known and popular Launchpad MK2 from Novation is now available at Thomann with a discount of over EUR 40! While stocks last. If you don’t own a trigger pad controller yet, you should give the Launchpad MK2 a try. It may bring new creativity and control options to your studio.

Launchpad MK2 Controller Deal

The controller features sixty-four backlit RGB trigger pads, 8 freely assignable buttons and another 8 buttons with specified functions. That’s in a size of 24 by 24 centimeters with a height of 25 millimeters. The Launchpad has been available since mid-2015, so you can spot the compact controller time and time again in studios and stages as a music control center.

With this controller, you can control your DAW remotely (full integration in Ableton Live and FL Studio ), play drum racks, remix your song, and more. In addition, with the purchase you will receive a “membership” for the Focusrite Sound Collective after registration. This means you will be treated to free software that Novation offers in collaboration with other manufacturers.

In addition to the hardware and a USB cable, the package includes Ableton Live Lite 10 Launchpad Edition and a free version of Melodics. A user manual is also included.

Prices and availability

Novation Launchpad MK2 is available at (affiliate) at a price of EUR 89 instead of EUR 139.99. The offer will only be active until all units are sold. The hardware runs with Mac OSX 10.9 or higher and Windows 7 or higher and iOS 7 or higher (a camera connection kit is required).

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Free Kontakt Library Demo Mode – Explained

Free Kontakt Library Demo Mode - Explained

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is a deceivingly simple one: “Why is my Kontakt library working in demo mode if it’s free?” The question is simple, but the confusion caused by it can escalate quickly. Is this Kontakt library free? How is it free if it’s a demo? See there… in […]

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