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Music for the history books

I will never get over the fact that they’ve quit: VIBRASPHERE. I’m sure people will listen to this in 400 years, and it will still sound fresh and new:


We are very sorry to inform you that we have decided to close down the Vibrasphere project. This is due to several reasons, but mainly we feel it is time to move on to other projects within the music. After all 12 years is a very long time for any music project. We are very grateful to all the fans, promoters, labels, djs and other people that has supported us in the past 12 years. We have many great memories from these years and sincerely hope that at least some of you will remember our music also in the years to come.

Guys, if you happen to read this post … please, come back. You’re leaving a big emptiness where you’ve once filled it up with wonderful inspiring music.

Cut Knob – WTF (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Cut Knob

Cut Knob – WTF (Original Mix)- RESEÑA

Sonidos elaborados y adultos, música con contenido, con la fuerza que nos caracteriza y con un enfoque absoluto siempre hacia la pista de baile. Este track tiene muchos ingredientes en su receta musical, House y Techno como base principal, fundamentados en un sonido Progressive Vanguardista, obteniendo de este meticuloso experimento un resultado sorprendente, así logramos convertirlo en una perfecta muestra de la evolución de nuestro sonido hacia fronteras que cada día se renuevan y logran establecer más allá de la imaginación. Fue nuestro deseo el no firmarlo bajo ningún sello y simplemente en esta oportunidad dejar a las personas amantes de la Música puedan disfrutar de las cosas por las que a diario vivimos y luchamos.

Cut Knob – WTF (Original Mix) – REVIEW
Elaborated adult sounds, music with content, with the strength that characterizes us and an absolute focus towards the dance floor. This track has many ingredients in its musical recipe, house and techno conform the base founded on vanguard progressive sounds; achieving from this meticulous experiment a surprising sound that we evolved in a perfect sample of our unique sound that breaks borders which are renewed each day and are established further than imagination. It was our desire not to sign the track under any label, this time we simple want for music lovers to








Guy Gerber & Puff Daddy – 11 11 (FREE Download From Beatport!)

9953885Guy Gerber and Puff Daddy did a record together. Well, that’s the official version. When listening to the album — which is really good — I thought “apart from some speaking, differently pitched, what did Puff Daddy contribute?”. It’s almost too good to be a Puff Daddy record.

It’s not secret I don’t like Rap. I can enjoy very few Hip Hop, so Puff Daddy has never been of interest for me, and his version of The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” was offensive to me, since this was the tune I heard when my heart was first broken, a brilliant tune.

So, now Beatport is offering the album for FREE, and I guess for a limited time, and I guess it’s supposed to be a smart PR stunt. They even made it possible to download the high quality and lossless AIFF files (in case you download one by one).

Go grab your copy(ies)! It’s good music. Made by Guy Gerber, most probably. 😉

P.S.: This post is exactly what they intended, people talking about it, a PR stunt, as mentioned earlier.
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