I often get asked something like

Ingo, can you teach me producing?

Can you show me how to DJ right?

or even

Can you show me how to mix like you?

And then I ask myself: What do this people really want? Do they want to give people music or is it their ego they want to polish? Do they want to become popular?

Exactly 6 years ago a good friend said to me “it will take 6 to 8 years until you have become someone remarkable”.

I always have the same answer for the people who keep asking me about my “secrets”: No. If there were a recipe or manual how to become a popular musician I guess I would have done it myself. And it wouldn’t work, it would have been a mistake. Nobody can walk the same way someone else did already, everyone has to go his own way, a way that’s just for him. Sasha, Digweed, Seaman, Warren, van Dyk, whoever there is at the top of the Dance Music Olymp … they’re all very individual — well — individuals. Each of them has his very own way of doing things or avoiding doing them.

And then, am I popular? Well, I guess I’m known. Known for very unpopular anti-mainstream productions and for quite popular live gigs and radio DJ sets. Plus, for very unpopular attitude and opinions. Especially the last mentioned isn’t very good for a musician who wants to make a “career”. God knows how much I hate this word.

If I were about to give any advice it would be simply nothing. The best advisor always doesn’t advise. He lets you have the experience I went through.

Vogelmann – Miami

Vogelmann - Miami
Vogelmann - Miami

Get the mix here:


01 Dosem – Beach Kisses (Sendo Edit)
02 Kassey Voorn – Out On A Limb (Lank Remix)
03 Tundra – Organs of Youth (Gatzigristos Post Adolescence Phase)
04 D.Deluxer & Nico Sparvieri – Dreaming In Darkness (Guido Sava & Matias Larrosa Remix)
05 Sweet & Sour – Thinking Of You
06 16 Bit Lolitas – Personal Space
07 Luke Porter – Metropolis (Khainz Remix)
08 Paronator – Baikal Morning
09 Bollo – Universe (Umut Anacoglu & Miroslav Terzin Remix)
10 Mike Griego – Purple Mountains
11 Drip – Morning After (Xplore Night Watch Mix)
12 Kaftan & Weepee – 365 Days
13 Soundprank – Sand
14 Aqua and Arctic – The First Symphony (Aqualtis Remix)
15 Gaetano & Shabu Vibes – Back Then
16 Gaetano & Shabu Vibes – Running Water
17 Jairus Miller – Close Encounter
18 Hypnotic Duo – Memory Lights
19 Hada & Rhombus – Voyager (Dave Ferol Remix)
20 Shane Robinson – The Dawn
21 Python feat. Cream Sound – Dont Save Me (Windy Version)
22 Eelke Kleijn – The Way That You Are (DAVI Remix)
23 Maetrik & Maceo Plex – Fabrick
24 Egorythm – Ego Etc.
25 Kaftan & Weepee – 365 Days (Daiquiri Remix)
26 Dan Syndrome – Cat People (Mikalogic Mix)
27 Alaa – Kerala
28 D.Deluxer & Nico Sparvieri – Dreaming In Darkness (Dockoff Remix)
29 Vadim Zhukov – Revolution
30 Vogelmann – Telescopia

Wenn sich zwei Menschen nicht kennen, jedoch jeden der Beiden das gleiche Schicksal ereilte

Dann kann sich Folgendes zutragen:


Ich verfüge über eine Narbe an meinem linken Zeigefinger, direkt vorne. Sie rührt von einem dämlichen Ereignis her, bei dem ich die Schärfe eines Messers an einer Spielkarte testen wollte. Es war übrigens scharf. Sehr scharf. Jedenfalls scharf genug, um mir fast den Finger abzuhacken. Man billige mir jedoch Milde zu, denn ich war erst 12 oder so.


Ich habe ja letzte Woche mein Notebook reparieren lassen, und hierbei vergaß der Chirurg die Zange im Patienten Notebooktechniker, ein Kabel im Innern wieder anzuschließen. Dadurch funktionierte das im Laptopdeckel eingebaute Mikrofon nicht mehr. Also hat er es gefixt. Zum Testen der Funktion startete ich ein Audioprogramm und wir machten einige Aufnahmetests. Dann fiel ihm meine Narbe am Finger auf, denn er hatte eine nahezu identische, und wir begannen ein fröhliches Gespräch über unsere Mißgeschicke. Er hat sich übrigens mit einer Eisensäge beim Absägen eines Motorradauspuffs … versägt. Und er war nicht 12.

Das die Aufnahme noch lief, hatten wir darüber völlig vergessen.


Und so klang das (Veröffentlichung mit Halbgenehmigung des Technikers):

Smalltalk mit dem Notebook-Techniker

Interview with FlyByNight in Brasil

Lovely Leila of FlyByNight did an interview with me. Here is the original Portuguese interview. This is the (not 100% proper but from heart) translated version:

Interview with Ingo Vogelmann


“When I make music I feel like fish in the water.” DJ and producer, Ingo Vogelmann was born to create and play music and that is what he loves to do every day. In his sets it’s obvious your taste and preference for house progressivo, tech house and ambient, yet does not relate much to genre. According to him, good music is good music and he plays what fits. He loves all kinds of music, as long as it comes from the heart, so if you can travel and walk between the styles without fear. He’s know for his epic sets and was born in Germany, is a master when it comes to how the music flows and work with people. He is currently a resident DJ and head of the most famous internet radio, the firskyRadio in Europe. Established himself as onde of the most influential figures in the fielf progressive eletronic music over the past years. We talk to Ingo to know of his plans for 2010. See:

How was your first contact with music?

Oh, I started playing and making music at the age of seven when I played the drums! I started DJing around the age of 20. I’ve been at a friend’s place, he was a DJ already and he had a lot of records. I asked him if I could try to spin some records and it worked very well immediately. This was how I got the DJ virus.

You spend more time in the studio or on tour? Prefer production or DJing?

Sometimes when I have an album or EP in the pipeline I tend to avoid too many bookings to have enough time for the studio. Usually I spend weekdays in the studio and weekends in the clubs to play music for the people. I love both sides of my job, the nights in the clubs and the daytimes in the studio. Of course, bathing in emotions when I play live is a special and priceless experience always.

How are your shows? What technologies do you use?

Each show is very different wich depends on the venue and the people to name a few. My live setup is pretty simple. I play with my laptop, mixing software and a bit of external hardware, and I’m happy that the days are over when I had to carry a 30 kilos case full of vinyls with me. The mixing software also alolows me to kind of remix live and on-the-fly whilst my gigs. I love playing with effects but always take care not to destroy the original idea of the respective producer of a tune.

When you are producing, do you have a secret?

Well, I have some production secrets but when I tell you now they’re no secrets anymore, hahaha! What I can say is that you can only learn the technical side of producing, the creative part is pure talent, which is something given with birth. I always try to keep a tune interesting by using own sound design and few preset sounds. A very proper mastering is important to me, too. Nowadays a produecer doesn’t need much gear, you can do it with a laptop and a couple of good speakers.

Talk about your work on friskyRadio. How are your radio shows?

I’m a resident DJ and show host on friskyRadio since 2005. Recently someone called me a friskyDinosaur, hehe. Besides my 8 hour Progressive House show LIGHTWORKS and my Ambient/Chillout show TIME OUT I do everything I can to showcase new talents, getting also the best DJ’s in the world together and getting the friskyVibes out into the world. I’m proud and grateful that both my shows gained a lot of fans worldwide and frisky gave me the opportunity to do what I love the most.

What does music mean to you and how much space it occupies in your life?

Music is like everything to me. It only gives and never takes. The business side of it is a bitch but music itself is something like unconditional love. It doesn’t occupy any space of my life, it is my life.

How do you see electronic music in Brazil?

I know that dance music is traditionally very popular in Brazil and whole South America. I mean, where does Samba, Rumba and Bossanova come from? This is quite similar to electronic dance music, both genres excite masses and bring a lot of joy into people’s lifes. This is what it’s all about. I see a huge potential for electronic music in Brazil, and I can’t wait to play for you guys!

What are your latest works and what the most successful in your career?

My latest work is the TELESCOPIA EP on friskyRecords, has seen the light of the world at the end of December 2009. Success is very relative. For me a record is successful when it touched the people out there. So I can say almost every release was a great success for me personally because it always moved the hearts of people.

Who is Ingo? Where will he be in 2010?

I’m a hopeless optimistic visionary who dreams of a world of free culture and music for everyone. For 2010 I hope to play more in South America since I really love the people there who are so passionated about my music and electronic dance music in general. I’m also in the midst of production work for my next album and hope to release it as soon as possible. And — of course — I hope to play in Brazil very soon!

Ein guter Tag

Heute eine zwei tolle Erfahrungen gemacht. Der Author des Buches “Das goldene Kondom” ist ein feiner, aufrechter und ehrlicher Mitmensch. Kurzes, aber tolles Gespräch. Origineller Witz.

Leseprobe aus dem Buch:

Interessant finde ich eine Überlegung, die in eine ganz andere Richtung geht. Ich stell mir gerade vor, das solche Typen die beim Thema Geld über Leichen gehen, Kinder haben. Was für Werte werden dem Nachwuchs wohl vermittelt? Kann man überhaupt etwas vermitteln, was man selber gar nicht kennt? Ich denke da an so unwichtige Dinge wie Moral und Anstand.

Es gibt noch IT-Firmen, die nicht ausschließlich über sozial behinderte Mitarbeiter und schlechtes Auftreten verfügen. Ich kenne nur eine, und die heißt NBDO. Ich kann nicht umhin: Ich möchte JEDEM diesen Laden empfehlen, der mal ein Notebook-Problem hat. Meines wurde sowas von angenehm gelöst, und dazu auch noch schnell, günstig und schnell. Und günstig. Ausserdem hat man mit Menschen zu tun, die ihren Job gerne machen und Kunden gerne haben. Mein Notebook feiert heute seine Wiedergeburt.

HP kann mich zwar mit seinem Verarschungs-Support — nicht mal mehr — am Arsch lecken (obiges war an sich ein Garantiefall, aber ich habe mir den Shizzle mal geschenkt, weil ich so Nerven schone und Zeit spare), aber ich habe mich heute trotzdem mit dem neuen HP ProBook verlobt. Heirat bald.

Mal was Anderes: Soziale Verantwortung. Finde ich sowas von wichtig. Es nervt, anzusehen, wie Menschen aneinander vorbei leben und sich nicht um das Wohl anderer kümmern. Es schmerzt auch irgendwie. Ich kann gerade jemandem helfen, und das tut wirklich gut. Nein, keine Gewissensberuhigung sondern einfach zuhören, verstehen und den eigenen Horizont erweitern. Super. Nachmachen, bitte.