Interview with myself

Today I sat down with myself to have an interview with myself. I thought I’d share this one, you might be interested. I encourage everyone to do the same.

1. What Do You Do For A Living?
Officially I’m a Music Producer, DJ and such. People seem to need that kind of labels. In fact I’m a transporter for emotions through music. There are people who really appreciate what I’m doing. I think we should all be aware that each and everyone of us is not selling anything but his time. This is what we all do every day in our entire life. With selling our time we’re selling our life.
2. Who Do You Love?
I can’t really say this, because I have no real idea what is just dependence or real unconditional love in my life. Of course, I’d say I love my mom, my kids, my friends etc. … but love isn’t something measurable. I can’t see who I really love (or not) at this very moment.
3. Do You Have Enough Money?
Always and never. Enough yes, because I have food, a warm ass and such — never because … fuck, you know why.
4. Are You Healthy?
Well, my body is quite healthy, yes. I have problems with back pain and some other little shit but generally my doctor always says something like “don’t steal my time, go home and go on living your unhealthy life”. Mentally I’d say I have just as many wounds and scars like everyone, and I try to deal with it as good as I can. I tend to have a “dark phase” like once a year for one or more weeks. I’m really depressed then and I can’t really figure why I’m so sad then. I still have no idea how this happens and how to get rid of that.
5. Do You Think You Are a Good Person?
Of course. I don’t believe in the fairytale that there’s someone out there entirely bad. We all have the same flame in our hearts.
6. How Old Are You?
My ID card says I’m 37. I feel older (currently, that changes).
7. Who’s Your Best Friend?
Everyone who I learn from. But I know what you mean. I have a handful of really good (“best”) friends, it’s not only one person. The following list is created in no particular order:
  • Josh Abrams. We have so much in common, yet we even love the little between us that’s different.
  • Dirk Vogelmann (yes, he’s my brother in real life, but also a best friend). We match like 99.99³ %. There’s no human being in this world understanding me better than him.
  • My Mom. Really more a best friend than a Mom. She’s funny, you can talk with her about everything and she’s never judging.
  • My dog Wilma, actually she’d be #1 if I had to rank that. This is the ultimative unconditional love.
  • Actually also Faisal Sultan (Chief of friskyRadio). He’s complicated, very intelligent and carries his heart on the right (left) side. I love his sense of humour, especially when he’s upset. He’s a strong character — just like me — and we understand each other’s intentions.
  • There are a couple others. They’d want me to be silent about that in the public. Or I want that.
8. What’s Your Childhood Dream?
Definitely to hurting to talk about that. Only thing that became reality: Being a musician. Rest: fail.
9. How Often Do You Laugh?
Multiple times every day. I couldn’t (imagine to) live without that.
10. What Makes You Smile?
  1. Fan feedback.
  2. Wilma, my dog. What a funny guy!
  3. Myself. You have no idea how much bullshit I do every day.
  4. When I get awake and sun is shining into my face.
  5. Really good music.
  6. Good food.
  7. Laughing kids.
  8. Playing animals.
  9. Overwhelming nature.
  10. Messages from God.
11. Who’s Your Most Dangerous Enemy?
One of the two wolves in my chest.
12. Where Do You Live?
At a place I don’t want to be at. Dortmund, Germany. I’m done with Germany completely. I want to live at a place where people are tolerant, laid back, caring about others and not each and every second after money.
13. Do You Think You’re Strong?
Very. Too much for some people.
14. What Was The Most Important Thing You’ve Done So Far?
Facing myself.
15. What Was The Most Stupid Thing You’ve Done So Far?
Not facing myself.
16. Do You Love Yourself?
Pretty much, yes. Maybe not completely but I’m making good progress on the the final few %.
17. What Do You Fear The Most?
We had that already: One of the two wolves in my chest.
18. What Is Your Favorite Word?
Fuck. It’s all about fuck.
19. When Was The Last Time You Cried?
Oh, that’s a couple days ago when I watched a really touching movie. I’ve been alone, so no problem.
20. What Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To You Right Now?
It already happens.
21. What Is The Worst Thing That Could Happen To You Right Now?
That the worst doesn’t happen.
22. Picture Yourself In 5 Years From Now
I have no fucking idea and I don’t care, either.
23. Do You Regret Anything?
Not really, but yes, there are some things I would have done another way from a today’s perspective.
24. What’s The First Thing You Do In The Morning?
Cigarette, Coffee, emails. In this exact order.
25. Similarly, before you go to bed, you do have preferred thought. What is it? What makes your transition to the sleeping world without any major frictions? What’s your password to the dream realm? What if you would lose this thought suddenly?
Holy crap, are you serious? I need more time to reply to this question. Later, my friend.
26. What Was The Highest Point You’ve Ever Been To?
I think it was some mountain in the Swiss Alps. Or was it one in Southern France? Dunno exactly.
27. If There’s One Thing In Your Life You Want To Change Right Now, What Is It?
Not only in my life. I want an unconditional basic income for everyone in the world.
28. What Are You Proud Of?
Oy! Too much to mention here, really.
29. Sum Up Your Life In One Sentence
I even need only one word: Learning.
30. Name The Thing That Annoys You The Most
31. What Is Your No 1 Question To God?
32. Do You Have Secrets?
Of course I have. But I think secrets are totally useless. I keep them until I’ve found another way to handle the stuff I think I have to protect.
33. Are you happy?
Most of the time, yes. Of course, not always. If I were you I would have asked another question: Are you happy what is given to you? Always, yes.

$50’000 — For Sale

Today I had a funny conversation with Andrew. No, Mike. Well, I sent this email to the “owners” of, and yes, I like it short and simple:

How much do you want?

Then Mike — who’s actually Andrew — replied:

AndrewMiller to me

Dear Sir,

We would like to thank you for your email.

We have owned the domain since we started a business in the USA.
We have been using this since we started out several years ago.
Therefore,we had no plans of selling it.

But we have changed our mind recently,we are willing to sell it at $50,000USD if you want to purchase it eagerly.
If you agree to this,please log in to start the transaction.
Please take a note that incidental fees shall be shouldered by the buyer.
Upon receipt of the final notice from regarding the transaction,
we shall immediately transfer the domain name to you.

Please be informed that we have received other offers from the USA and we shall attend to the earliest buyer.

Best regards,


I don’t know why Mike, who’s actually Andrew, breaks the line after each sentence. I also don’t know what kind of business Mike aka. Andrew started with my surname. Mike aka. Andrew has others offers? He may be lucky.

I replied:

Mike aka. Andrew,

what planet do you live on? Can I visit you there? Any cheap flight rates you know about? In other words: There is “making money” and “earning money”. Get the difference some day.

Karma is a bitch, dude …



I’m insightful

When you google “vogelmann lightworks” — not mentioning TIME OUT and all the live gig recordings — you’ll get slain by downloads of my sets. Take any filehosting service on the net, you’ll end up with a set of mine. There are more blogs sharing those links than there are actually blogs on the complete internet. Same goes for dance music forums, pregnancy and dog communities and the Yellow Pages of each and every country.

Now I could think “Awesome! They really love what I do”. I don’t think so. I think there are people really appreciating and respecting what I do — we have the best fans on Earth, no doubt about that … and then there are people “consuming” my work like having coffee or going to the toilet. They don’t know what I do, neither they know what we do at friskyRadio. No clue about our hard work and efforts, no respect for that. We have streaming and file servers up and running 24/7/365, eating money, money, money. We sacrifice immense loads of time and love into what we do. They don’t even post links to the friskyRadio site or my homepage when they post the mostly ripped-from-stream sets.

Of course, it’s a matter of course that everyone should feel free to take what we do, stamp your own label on it and gain your amount of followers from what we do. No problem at all, we’re nice guys. A bit stupid but always nice. Wait, not always …

Now they complain about Ingo Vogelmann not posting public tracklistings. (One of this people who recently tried to discredit me in the public was the same guy with that shitty label who asked me for a remix some months ago … we didn’t get along because I wanted to have a remixer fee. Now, take a deep breath and think.) Wow, I’m such an asshole. I don’t even provide a tracklisting service for the people who receive fame and roses completely from our work? Uhhh, I’m not a nice guy, no I’m not. I’m not paying any respect to the artists of the records I play … actually, I’m destroying the dance music industry. I get it now. I’m really insightful.

For the future I swear to post tracklistings every time. There. Only.

Never bite the hand that feeds. Give a little, move the world with it and get much, that’s the formula.

Stöckchen: Mobile Social-Media-Nutzung

Das erste Stöckchen in diesem Blögchen. Von Sven, aber eigentlich von Micha. Hallo Micha.

Und das geht so:

Welches Handy benutzt Du?
HTC Hero in weiß (ich weiß …). Bin aber langsam abgefuckt, weil Android 2.1 immer noch nicht raus ist. Riecht nach Verarschung.

Benutzt Du privat und beruflich unterschiedlich Handys? Wenn ja, warum?
Ich bin mein Job und er ist ich. Einen Job, der eine Spaltung meiner Person verlangt, mache ich nicht. Wie war die Frage nochmal? Achso: Nein.

Warum hast Du Dich beim Kauf für genau dieses/diese Handy/s entschieden?
Das HTC Hero kann (für meine Anforderungen) mehr als ein iPhone, und Android ist das innovativere OS. HTC Sense ist das Sahnehäubchen. Aber siehe erste Antwort auf erste Frage, das relativiert die Freude gerade etwas.

Was gefällt dir besonders gut an deinem / deinen Handys?
Die Individualisierbarkeit, und die Tatsache, das ich nicht immer mein Notebook in der Hosentasche habe. Das sah allmählich albern aus.

Auf welches Feature willst oder kannst Du auf keinen Fall verzichten?
Viele coole und kostenlose Apps. Ich bin ein LBA (Location Based Services) Geek. Wenn ich irgendwo stehe und mein Telefon erzählt mir, in 150 Metern ist ein McDonald’s, dann könnte ich mir einen … ihr wisst schon (BigMac kaufen). Zum McDonald’s gehe ich dann aber trotzdem nicht. Geek-Logik halt.

Nutzt Du Social-Media Dienste (Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, etc.) auf deinem Handy? Welche?
Ja. Alle. Auch die, die es noch gar nicht gibt. Echt.

Welche Software nutzt Du als Zugang zu den Social-Media Diensten?
TwitterRide für Twitter, Browser für Facebook (, die ganzen GoogleApps, die Youtube-App für Youtube, fourquare-App, Nimbuzz (selten), Skype und whatnot …

Aus welchem Grund ist gerade die mobile Nutzung der Social-Media Dienste für Dich wichtig oder unwichtig?
Überall all das machen zu können, was sonst nur am Rechner geht, finde ich sexy. Ich habe gerne Kontakt zu meinen Fans — nicht nur, weil sie mich auf einen Sockel heben, auf den ich nicht gehöre sondern insbesondere, weil es viele Dinge gibt, die uns (automatisch) verbinden. Ich liebe dieses Wir-Gefühl, es gibt einem was von Sicherheit, nicht alleine zu sein, selbst wenn man alleine ist. Ich weiß, das war gar nicht die Frage, also: “Echtzeit” ist für mich ein erstrebenswertes Dings, ich stehe auf sowas. Ich kann zum Beispiel (Achtung, Anekdötchen!) zum Beispiel 1 Stunde nach einem Gig mein Set irgendwo hochladen, theoretisch sogar früher. Das ist fast, als wäre man dabei gewesen! Was natürlich Blödsinn ist. Ich nehme es zurück, alles andere aber nicht.

Welchen Handytarif hast Du gebucht und was für ein Datenpaket bzw. was für eine mobile Datenflat benutzt Du?
Ich glaube alles 9 ct. die Minute. Egal was. Eine Minute mit dem heißen Akku bügeln: 9 ct. Nutze ich aber so gut wie nie, weil ich auch sonst nie bügele. Ansonsten habe ich eine 1 GB Datenflat für weniger als zwei Schachteln Kippen, die ich meist nicht mal zu einem Drittel ausgeschöpft bekomme. Die Kippen schon.

Dein Fazit? Hast Du weitere Anmerkungen?
Dieses ganze Mobildings ist und bleibt — wie alles Technische — immer ein Stück weit unausgereift. Das ist bisweilen frustrierend, liegt jedoch an marketingtechnischen Hintergründen. Das macht es nicht besser, ist aber so. Möglich wäre viel mehr, und dieser Gedanke nervt mich, seit ich denken kann. Also vielleicht bald. 🙂

Wer Bock hat: Nur zu!