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Jon V Audio Releases FREE FirComp VST3/AU Plugin

FirComp by Jon V Audio

Jon V Audio released FirComp, a freeware compressor effect in VST3 and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows, macOS, and Linux. FirComp is a zero-latency compressor designed to sign musical and transparent. The plugin can handle fast attack settings (down to zero milliseconds!) with a high compression ratio. It sounds clean at […]

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Fender giving away the Fender Tune Player Pack for free

Fender giving away the Fender Tune Player PackFender has a nice treat for Android or iPhone users for the New Year. For a limited time you can download the Fender Tune app and get the Player Pack, which normally retails for £4.99 as an in-app purchase, for free. A sweet freebie and not a bad way to start the year.

Fender Tune Player Pack

The Fender Tune app contains all manner of useful tools for players, and you pay an optional fee to access the Player Pack within the app. This add-on normally costs £4.99 and gets you access to the Pro Tuner along with thousands of chord charts, scales, Find A Beat (with 65 Drum Beats to play along to) and a Metronome. But now you can have it for free!

I’ve just downloaded it onto my iPhone and the offer was waiting on the splash screen of my device, and now I have access to all these extras within the Player Pack. The deal works on both Android and iOS devices, so if you own either of these smartphones, you can benefit from this sweet free upgrade straight away.Fender giving away the Fender Tune Player Pack for free

Fender giving away the Fender Tune Player Pack for free

The Perfect Pocket Companion

Having some drumbeats to play along with is always a winner in my book. It’s also nice to have the chords available to look up on my phone, as I can always do with learning more shapes. Plus, the Pro Tuner itself is pretty accurate and covers Guitar, Bass and Ukulele.

Free Player Pack upgrade with drums, chords and Pro Tuner

Well Laid Out

Nice one Fender! A little goes a long way and this free update has a lot on offer. It’s great having all these very useful guitar tools in your pocket and in one place. I also think the app layout is very clear and concise, without any fuss or bother. And the quality here is high, as you would expect with Fender behind it.

You can follow the link below to the Fender Tune main page, where you can download the app for free. Then, once it is opened on your smartphone, it will offer you the free Player Pack upgrade.

More Information

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Caelum Audio Schlap: A cool, aggressive hardware-inspired compressor plug-in

Caelum Audio Schlap featuredIn 2020, developer Caelum Audio threw a pleasant surprise at us with its Tape Pro plug-in – a very in-depth tape saturation plug-in with really cool features. The same guys are starting 2021 on the right note with the release of Schlap – a hardware-inspired compressor plug-in.

Caelum Audio Schlap

Caelum describes Schlap as a “characterful, colorful and aggressive-sounding” compressor. It’s a modern take on vintage program-dependent compressors with a user interface that looks unabashedly “digital” yet hides an analog soul. A program-dependent compressor automatically adjusts its attack and release settings through RMS peak detection of the input audio’s average loudness level. This way, sudden short peaks and early transients are left uncompressed and make up for a punchy, hard-hitting sound.

Schlap’s clean-cut GUI features Input level, Threshold, Ratio, and Knee controls for the compressor section. Another set of controls is dedicated to the sidechain signal – you can choose the internal filter or feed external audio, then apply variable high and low-pass filters. Auto-Gain and Stereo Link options are available above the sidechain section. An output level knob and three visualizers complete the interface.

The Ratio control operates in four ranges: 0.1:1 to 0.9:1 for expansion and gate effects; 1:1 to 20:1 for standard compression; ∞:1 for infinite limiting compression and -20:1 to -1:1 for characterful over-compression. Better know what you’re going for in there!

All in all, this is an interesting compressor with a fresh take on old concepts and plenty of versatility. It probably won’t be your thing if you are looking for a transparent compressor or an identical emulation of a particular unit, but Schlap does aggression and does it well!

Caelum Audio Schlap GUI

Price and availability

Normally GBP 15 on desktop and GBP 3 on iOS, Schlap is being sold for GBP 12 (desktop) and GBP 3 (iOS) until Jan 15. A free demo version and user manual are available for download – a Caelum Audio account is required. The plug-in is available in AU, AUv3 and VST3 formats for Windows, macOS and iOS devices.

More information


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Free TLS 1295 LEA Compressor VST Plugin Goes 64-bit

Free TLS 1295 LEA Compressor VST Plugin Goes 64-bit

Tin Brook Tales released an updated version of TLS 1295 LEA, a freeware LA-2A compressor effect in VST plugin format for Windows and Linux. So, the new year begins with a blast from the past. Tin Brook Tales released multiple freeware VST plugins in the early 2010s. These plugins weren’t really mainstream, but those in […]

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Antelope Audio deals at Thomann on audio interfaces with free FX and modeling mic!

Antelope Audio deals at ThomannAntelope Audio and Thomann are running nice deals on four top-notch audio interfaces with integrated real-time effects. Up for sale are the Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Synergy Core, priced EUR 958 down from EUR 1095; Antelope Audio Discrete 8 Synergy Core, priced EUR 1395 down from EUR 1495; Antelope Audio Orion Studio Synergy Core, priced EUR 2433 down from EUR 2795, and the Antelope Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core – priced EUR 1777 down from EUR 1995.

Antelope Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core

Antelope Audio’s Zen Tour Synergy Core

Sweetening the deals is an offer where Antelope throws in a full copy of the Bitwig Studio DAW, along with a bunch of Synergy Core-driven analog gear emulations: Reel-To-Reel (tape machine), Blonder Tongue Audio Baton (cult 50’s tube EQ), RD 47 (mic preamp), Impresser (Distressor compressor emulation), and COMP-4K-BUS (SSL 4K series console channel strip’s dynamics section). The frosting on the cake is a free Antelope Audio Edge Solo modeling condenser microphone, which the company will send to you 30 days after activating your new audio interface. It works with a respectable collection of vintage and contemporary studio microphone emulations built right into the interfaces.

The offer stands until January 31, 2021. All interfaces are Windows and Mac-compatible with both USB and Thunderbolt connections available simultaneously.

More information

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MOK Filtryg: Creative multimode dual filter with modulation and MIDI

Filtryg filter plug-inCreative filtering can add welcome animation and movement to your tracks. For this, a basic LP/HP filter knob won’t quite cut it. You’d have to go with something like Filtryg – a new multimode filter plug-in from MOK.

MOK Filtryg multimode filter plug-in

Filtryg is a feature-rich dual filter effect plug-in with many possibilities for expression. The dual multimode filters are tied to a comprehensive modulation section with built-in envelope follower, LFOs, and MIDI keyboard tracking. This way, you can adjust, modulate, and even play the filters like instrument/effect hybrids. You can also automate any parameter from your DAW.

The filter section offers three tried-and-true filter models – multimode 12dB State Variable Filter, 24dB Ladder filter (think Moog), and a Biquad filter. Each sounds quite different – for example, the State Variable filter can morph between lowpass and highpass with bandpass and notch options in-between. The Ladder and Biquad filters have a Drive control for adding saturation. The dual filters can run in series, parallel, or mixed combination for further variety of sound.

More interesting possibilities come from the audio rate filter FM generator, which creates unusual harmonics alongside the filter action. Having a quick look at the modulation options, we get an envelope follower capable of creating sidechain pumping and volume change effects, alongside free or tempo-sync LFOs and threshold-triggered envelopes for rhythmic or chaotic modulation.

What already seems like a really fun filter plug-in is augmented by a striking user interface with multiple color schemes that’s quite something to look at. The layout will instantly feel familiar to anyone dabbling in synthesis and getting around isn’t much trouble. Parameters and routings are clearly visible and invite experimentation.

Filtryg GUI

Price and availability

Filtryg is on an introductory sale at USD 34, down from USD 49. A free trial version and user manual are available for download. The plug-in is available in AAX, AU, and VST formats for 64-bit Mac, 32/64-bit Windows (7, 8, 10), and 64-bit Linux (tested on Ubuntu) operating systems.

More information


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Top 5 Live Gear Releases of 2020: Our Favourites Rated!

Best Live Gear 2020Our pick of the Top 5 Live Gear Releases of 2020 is here. And whilst it’s undoubtedly been a bad year for live music, it’s been a surprisingly good one for live music gear! From mixing desks to microphones, portable recorders to podcasting: it’s all here in our pick of the year’s best live gear.

1.Behringer Wing

Yes, we can hear the cries of derision from here and the eye-rolling from certain members of the live community: “But there have been much better, more exciting mixing desks released this year”. And yes, you’re right, there’s little in terms of paper specifications that are especially groundbreaking with the Behringer Wing. So why is it here then? Well, had the brakes not been solidly applied to live shows this year, I think it’s fair to say that you’d have seen this desk appear everywhere

Behringer’s X32, and the Midas equivalent, the M32 have become the de-facto mid-size venue digital mixing desks. They’re the desks most techs and most bands end up working with and so that particular market niche is a massive and important one. It seems inevitable to us, that the Wing will end up supplanting the X32/M32 overtime and becoming the new de-facto. In doing so, it also has the ability to bring new features and workflows to that arena. Dante networking and customisable control surface workflows are all part of the Wing experience.

Behringer WING

Behringer WING

2.Zoom H8

It’s been an amazing year for Zoom who have given us time and again interesting, innovative, useful and accessible products. The Zoom H8, for us, is the standout of all of those products for one reason alone: versatility. It’s true that the Zoom H8 absolutely excels as a portable audio recorder, but it’s also an ‘audio swiss-army-knife’ of a product. A tap of its full-colour touchscreen transforms it from a portable recorder to a podcasting interface and more! Check out our hands-on review of the Zoom H8 to find out what we really thought of it!

2020 has been a year where we’ve all had to adapt to changes in the way we work and approach “live” performances. The Zoom H8 feels like a near-perfect product for an imperfect time, and so for that reason, it gets a very deserved spot on our list of Top 5 Live Gear Releases of 2020

3.Bandcamp Live

Can an online service count as “live gear”? We think so, and of all the online services that have appeared in 2020, it’s Bandcamp Live which gets a deserved spot on this list. Bandcamp has an enviable reputation for being one of the most “ethical” of online platforms for artists. Bandcamp has offered a low commission, open and transparent virtual store front for artists for some years now. If you want to buy merch, downloads, or even physical releases, Bandcamp is great for fans and artists alike.

We were over the moon to see Bandcamp introduce a ticketed, live event streaming solution in the form of Bandcamp Live. As many artists moved to live-streaming as a necessary income stream, so too did existing platforms look to cash-in. In contrast to this, Bandcamp only charges a 10% commission and is waiving all fees until March 2021! We take our hats off to Bandcamp for doing something genuinely positive to help artists at this turbulent time.


4.Tyxit T.One

In our position, it’s rare to have a press release in our inbox that’s truly innovative; even rarer is to have a new idea which has been well thought out… So, imagine our surprise when we received news of a new Kickstarter project from Tyxit. The Tyxit T.One aimed to free you from endless cables, expensive wireless systems and monitoring and recording problems. All you need is to plug in one of TYXIT’s transmitters, use a receiver pack for your monitoring and mix yourself using an app on your phone.

We were initially sceptical, as we’ve heard about so-called “revolutionary wireless systems” before (Audiofusion anyone? No?). The difference with the Tyxit T.One system is that the technology behind it all stands a good chance of actually working. Obviously, it’s not going to be a wireless solution for every use case, but the Tyxit system is innovative and exciting enough to earn a spot on our Top 5 Live Gear Releases of 2020.

5. Beyerdynamic TGD70

2020 has undoubtedly been a year where “reinvention” has been a key theme for all of us in the live music world. It’s therefore entirely fitting that our last entry on our list features the reinvention of a legendary microphone: The Beyer M88. Originally introduced as a very high quality, high-fidelity dynamic vocal microphone, the M88 sound found a home inside kick drums and on guitar amps too. Recognising this, Beyer took the M88 capsule and created the TGD70.

Finally, we have a dedicated kick drum microphone utilising that legendary M88 capsule but with a slightly tweaked frequency response. Along with that, the TGD70 offers a much more practical and durable industrial design in keeping with a dedicated instrument microphone. We can’t wait to get our hands on one and see if the kick-drum classics like the Shure Beta 52 and Audix D6 now have a serious contender.

Manufacturer Links:

This article contains affiliate links and/or widgets. If you use them to buy a product through our affiliate partner, we receive a small commission that supports what we do, but you pay the same price you would have anyway.

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Best Free VST Plugins Of 2020

Best Free VST Plugins Of 2020

Bedroom Producers Blog announces the best free VST plugins of 2020. Instead of writing a massive article with 20+ freebies, I had to do something different year (click here to learn why). This year, BPB selected the five best entries in five different categories: Best Free VST Synthesizer 2020 Best Free VST Effect 2020 Best […]

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Giant Verb Is A FREE Reverb Plugin By Digital Systemic Emulations

Giant Verb by Digital Systemic Emulations

Digital Systemic Emulations released Giant Verb, a freeware reverb effect in VST and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. Giant Verb is an analog-inspired reverb effect optimized for low CPU consumption. The plugin emulates the behavior of analog hardware reverbs, in the sense that the input stage can be overdrive […]

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Best free plug-ins this year: Top 10 free effects and synths of 2020

Best free plug-ins this yearOn the last Sunday of the year, it’s time to look back at the best freeware plug-ins of 2020. We’ve gone through all of our Sunday freeware collections and hand-picked ten effects and synths that stood out from the rest. Here’s our list of the 10 best free plug-ins of 2020.

You can look back at all of our Sunday freeware posts in the archives.

Valhalla Supermassive

Valhalla SupermassiveLet’s begin this list with an awesome freebie from Valhalla DSP. Supermassive is a huge reverb based on feedback delay networks. This is no reverb that pretends to sound like actual, physical spaces. Instead, Supermassive takes you on a journey through super lush, modulated, otherworldly reverbs and other effects. With now 12 different modes and plenty of parameters to adjust, this is a beast of a free reverb plug-in that just keeps getting better.

Valhalla Supermassive runs on Windows and macOS in VST, AU and AAX formats (32/64 bit).

Get Supermassive here

Matt Tytel Vital

Matt Tytel VitalMatt Tytel (the guy behind the wonderful Helm software synth) released this stunning wavetable synth this year. And if you thought you knew wavetables, prepare to be blown away. Vital lets you do things like create wavetables from scratch, modulate them in every imaginable way and even generate wavetables from text. It’s pretty rad. There’s a free basic version which qualifies Vital for this list, but the Plus ($25) and Pro ($80) versions with more wavetables are where it’s really at.

Vital runs on Windows 10 or higher, macOS 10.12 or higher and Ubuntu Linux 18.04 and above. It comes in VST, VST3, AU and LV2 formats.

Get Vital here

Audiomodern Filterstep

Audiomodern FilterstepFilterstep by Audiomodern is a resonant multi-mode filter paired with a modulation sequencer. It lets you create rhythmic filtering sequences with up to 32 steps and run them in sync with your host tempo in various modes like forward, backward and ping-pong. There are also a couple of randomization features to spark your creativity, and you can save and recall presets on the fly. It’s a great way to add motion to a track! For more stuff like this, check out our list of the 10 best creative filtering plug-ins.

Audiomodern Filterstep runs on macOS, Windows and iOS.

Get Filterstep for macOS and Windows here

Get Filterstep for iOS from the App Store

The Wave Warden Odin 2

TheWaveWarden Odin 2Odin 2 is a huge software synthesizer with tons of different oscillator and filter models. It does many different kinds of synthesis, including virtual analog, wavetable, vector, FM and several others. You can even draw your own waveforms. The list of filters includes Oberheim, Moog and Korg emulations. Odin 2 also offers a good selection of envelopes and LFOs and a massive modulation matrix to bring it all together. It’s quite remarkable for a freeware synthesizer!

Odin 2 is available for macOS, Windows and Linux in VST3, AU and LV2 formats.

Get Odin 2 here

Analog Obsession LOADED

Analog Obsession LOADEDAnalog Obsession has become a regular guest in our Sunday freeware columns, because they consistently keep releasing very fine free plug-ins. LOADED is a virtual 500-series channel strip that came out step by step over several beta releases last summer. The final version offers a preamp, de-esser, gate, EQ and compressor, alongside a main control unit. Great stuff! Please consider supporting the developer on Patreon if you enjoy his plug-ins.

LOADED is available for Windows and macOS in VST, VST3 and AU formats.

Get LOADED here

SyS Audio Research Ton-Geraet 1

Sys Audio Research Ton-Geraet 1Sound designers developed some creative tricks to get a wider variety of timbres out of the C64’s SID chip back in the 80s. The synthesis model used in this one-of-a-kind software synth is based on some of these ideas. Ton-Geraet 1 isn’t a SID clone, but it uses similar concepts like wave morphing and sequentially switching basic waveforms a very fast rate. The plug-ins was originally released in 2016 and became freeware this year. One more reason to check this one out!

Ton-Geraet 1 is a VST plug-in for Windows 7 or higher (32/64 bit).

Get Ton-Geraet 1 here

GSi Varispeed

GSi VarispeedVarispeed is a free simulation of the WEM Copicat IC-400 tape delay. The original featured a DC capstan motor capable of changing speed, which enabled users to change the delay time in real time. Varispeed models the analog device in great detail, with the added benefit of MIDI control. You can shape the effect with the swell, repeat and echo tone knobs, as well as the Varispeed control and independent volume knobs for the three playback heads.

Varispeed is available for Windows, macOS and Linux in VST, VST3, AU and stand-alone formats.

Get Varispeed here

Tokyo Dawn Records Molotok

TDR MolotokMolotok is the free sibling of the more advanced Molot GE dynamics plug-in inspired by the freeware classic Molot by VladG. Although not a clone, it’s designed to do the sort of thing that the legendary Fairchild compressor is famous for: musical compression with tons of character and overall sonic enhancement. Compared to the full version, Molotok is missing a couple of parameters, but it’s nonetheless one of the most interesting free dynamics processors to come out of 2020.

TDR Molotok is available for Windows and macOS in VST, AU and AAX formats.

Get Molotok here

Full Bucket Music Tricent MKIII

Full Bucket Music Tricent MkIIIWith Tricent MKIII, Full Bucket Music continues its long streak of excellent freeware synths. The emulation of the classic Korg Trident analog synthesizer recreates the original’s three sections for synthesizer, brass and strings, each with its own set of controls. Just like on the original, you can split the keyboard and assign sections to the lower or upper parts, or blend them together. Also included is the flanger effect, which was arguably the best feature of the Trident.

Full Bucket Music Tricent MkIII is available for Windows and macOS in VST and AU formats (32/64 bit).

Get Tricent MKIII here


CHOW Tape ModelThis emulation of an analog tape recorder began as a class project at Stanford University. It was originally modeled after the Sony TC-260, but offers many adjustable parameters like hysteresis, loss and degradation, so you can dial in a wide variety of sounds. The developer continues to improve it, so be sure to check for updates once in a while. Also check out Chow’s other plug-ins like ChowMatrix and the pedal emulations ChowPhaser and ChowCentaur, which are just as good.

CHOW Tape Model is available for Windows, macOS and Linux in VST, VST3, AU, LV2 and stand-alone formats.

Get CHOW Tape Model here


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