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Less noise, more meaning.

Ingo Vogelmann is a musical alchemist, but his most potent ingredient is authenticity. In a world obsessed with staged happiness and curated lives, Ingo finds his truest self in the depths of melancholy. With over three decades in the music industry, he’s become a master at channeling this authentic emotion into sonic experiences that touch the soul.

Ingo Portrait

“There’s a raw, unfiltered beauty in sadness that you can’t get from the superficial highs society often chases.”

For Ingo, music isn’t just a universal language; it’s an emotional dialect, a way to communicate the complexities of human feelings that words often fail to capture.

“In my music, you won’t find the sugar-coated happiness that’s sold to us daily. You’ll find a mirror reflecting real emotions, including the ones we’re told not to feel.”

From his groundbreaking role as the Executive Director and resident DJ at FRISKY, to founding L2 Music, Ingo has consistently defied norms. His innovative techniques in mixing and composing have not just earned him recognition but have also opened up new dialogues about what music can be – raw, real, and profoundly moving.

“I don’t compose to fit into a mold; I compose to break it, to challenge our emotional boundaries.”

In a world that often confuses happiness with a well-filtered Instagram post, Ingo invites us to embrace the full spectrum of human emotion.

“There’s a liberating kind of happiness in facing your sadness, in turning it into something beautiful that others can connect with”.

As he continues to explore the uncharted territories of human emotion through his music, Ingo invites us all to reject the staged happiness we’re sold and to find solace in authentic feeling. It’s a conviction so strong that it led him to abandon all social media platforms in 2021, choosing to live and create without the noise and distractions. Stay tuned for the next chapter in his epic musical journey, where the only filter is raw emotion.