Bernhard Wöstheinrich aka. The Redundant Rocker – Nuved (Ingo Vogelmann Remix)

ExOne – Sweet Lullaby (Ingo Vogelmann Remixes)

The original artist (Deep Forest/Eric Mouquet) didn’t like these remixes. He went to great lengths to “promote” the remixes on his website, but also took the opportunity to mention how shitty he thinks they are.

ExOne feat. Kolkhorst – In deinen Augen (Ingo Vogelmann Remix)

The original artist (Kolkhorst) was not very happy with these remixes. But I think he was generally not really happy with anything.



Bandcamp (high quality lossless file download)

“Sheep” was a test balloon for the subsequent “GOD”, in which Ingo tried out certain production and composition techniques that should be used on “GOD”. The test balloon became so much independent material that Ingo decided to make it his own publication. A few months later, work on “GOD” began.

“Sheep” is socio-critical and talks about mendacity, voluntary dependence, mental neglect and careless dealing with fellow human beings.

Ingo Vogelmann – The Shining Light

Centrozoon – Bigger Space (Ingo Vogelmann Remix)

This was part of 2 official remixes I did for Centrozoon’s album “Never Trust The Way You Are“. Here’s the 2nd one:

Centrozoon – Pop Killer (Ingo Vogelmann Remix)


Sunday Club – Healing Dream (Ingo Vogelmann Remix)

Unofficial remix that never got released.

V-Sag – Close To The End (Ingo Vogelmann Remix)

Not available anymore.


Don Aky – Save Music (Ingo Vogelmann’s Hoffnung Mix)

Not available anymore.


Deep Understanding

Bandcamp (high quality lossless file download)

My debut artist album. I was feeling empty, depressed, disappointed, heartbroken, suicidal. This was one of my heaviest depression episodes of my life.

One man asked me to do this album: Markus Reuter. He saved me and kicked it all off (without even knowing it). Thank you Markus.

Before I started working on this album, I never had the confidence to write and produce my own album. I did not feel able to do that.

If suddenly you are asked — out of nowhere — to produce an album, it can give you the necessary boost. It certainly did, in my case.

When the album was finished, things took a strange turn. Suddenly, people who were interested in me and my work sprang up like mushrooms. All of a sudden, I had a manager, the major label EMI signed this album, interviews on the radio, TV and newspaper happend. Photo sessions! Jesus… I did not understand or handle any of this. I felt like an idiot and a rock star at the same time.

EMI never released the album. I had to sue the company after realizing all of the attention was worth nothing. I got the rights back to the material three years later. In the meantime I founded my own label because of this experience, L2 Music. It still exists today!

I hope you like the album. It does not sound like I produce music today, but at least I remastered it, and it sounds much better today than it did back then.

It’s full of pain and love.



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