Achillea – The Seeress Prophecy (Ingo Vogelmann Remix)

The long-time second mastermind behind “Enigma” (the most successful music project in history), Jens Gad, asked me if I would remix a song from his album. Unfortunately the label never released the remix, thus: free download.

Tales From Uranus*

Originally a tribute to “50 Years of the Hagen Planet Model”, this piece was part of an album with various artists, published on Mellowjet Records. Apparently, it’s available on CD here.

*Not to be confused with “Tales From Ur Anus” or an EP title of a different artist.

Angelic Remixes



Bandcamp (high quality lossless file download)

+++ RE-RELEASE! +++ THE AUDIOPHILE EXPERIENCE! +++ 10 Years Special Edition +++

“The concept album “GOD” is Ingo Vogelmann’s most complex release. “GOD” is the compression and the essence of Vogelmann’s total work to date. 4 hours of music to give a monumental statement about “religion” and “faith”.

“GOD” shows all the extraordinary facets and variations of Ingo Vogelmann’s virtuosity and allows the listener a varied, fantastic and thrilling journey through your own imagination. Driving rhythms, dreamy and spheric music, ethnic soundscapes, futuristic electronics and epic orchestral passages become metaphors for the infinite variety of shapes of a spiritual presence in one’s everyday life.

You approach “GOD” playful and uninhibited. The music occurs beyond the limits of their own shape and allows the listener to gain an unconventional way of new and broader perspectives and insights.

Regardless of the contrary topic, Ingo Vogelmann creates a big picture with the best entertainment value possible, once again. The musical representations are a reflection of unbreakable optimism seasoned with a twinkling eye. Evidence of this is the self-deprecating artwork.

Jarre, Vangelis, Oldfield and Marillion are not only cited, Vogelmann continues their oeuvre in his unique way. He thereby remains true to his unique handwriting and embeds his masterful musical creations into a modern high-quality production, which can serve as a reference for any high-end stereo system.

Each part of the composition can be understood as an individual work, but the impressive overall image only unfolds it’s magic by listening to the composition of the sequence. The pieces always lead organically into one another. “GOD” in his complex workmanship blasts things beyond the limits of conventional listening habits and — with its great gesture and the challenging topic — is already a classic of its artistic significance and perfect craftsmanship that has set a benchmark for progressive music.”

— Bernhard Wöstheinrich, 2007

The Machine – Scream (Ingo Vogelmann Remix)

ExOne & Miss Moonlight – Dancin Earth (Ingo Vogelmann Remix)

This is one of the few tunes that are unfortunately no longer available because the label no longer exists.


Bandcamp (high quality lossless file download)

On “Emotizr” Ingo experimented with inverted sounds (“Counterclockwise”), compression, virtual electric guitars and an advanced composition technique. It was the first time that Ingo worked with composing algorithms, which continued to a large extent on “The Great Escape” years later.

“Emotizr” has a ‘gobby’ sound that reminds of rusty nails that you pull over a steel plate.


Hernan Paredes – Fantastic Future (Ingo Vogelmann Remix)

ExOne – Stop 4 a Moment (Ingo Vogelmann Remix)

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